canon: the moonlight butterfly is one of seath’s creations

canon: the moonlight butterfly boss music is the same as gwyndolin’s boss music

common metaphorical symbolism: butterflies symbolise change!

baseless theory #36: seath has an enduring fondness for gwyndolin, the last of gwyn’s children and runt of the litter

like seath, gwyndolin is the smallest and weakest of his siblings.

like seath, gwyndolin’s physical deformities make him a familial reject.

like seath, gwyndolin has no legs.

like seath, gwyndolin finds solace in magical arts and studies.

like seath, gwyndolin has an “affinity to the moon” (SEE MOONLIGHT GREATSWORD AKA SEATH’S TAIL). 

so in a gesture of solidarity, seath creates for gwyndolin a gift a monstrous butterfly – a demonstration of magical power and a symbol of metamorphosis – in the hopes that gwyndolin, too, might some day find change