She put it down at the Spreadluv Missy Tribute Concert. Thought i was listening to Aailyah for a second
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A Vision

I think the #bot2bot Twitter artbot community is super cool, and I imagine a similar bot ecosystem for short musical snippets. My initial contribution to get the juices flowing is the MDB web API at However, I don’t have the server nor the programming ability needed to scale things up. If you are interested, here are a few bot-ideas:

  • MDN -> staff notation using LilyPond (This link in the chain could allow bots to interface with the artbot-community. Furthermore, it would provide a useful service to ordinary Twitter users who want to tweet their short musical ideas.) 
  • Algorithmic composition in MDN
  • Various low-level transformations of MDN as utilities: transposition, retrograde, inversion
  • Swing eighths bot
  • Harmonize-bot
  • Splicing and juxtaposition of MDN tunes
  • MDN -> mp3 or ogg, or MIDI -> mp3 or ogg (this link in the chain allows note-level musicbots to interact with signal-level musicbots.)

What will make or break this idea (at the note-level, at least), is the suitability of the language. If MDN is too rigid, it will limit the universe of potential outputs to a boring few songs. However, with flexibility and expressivity come length. If a short musical phrase requires too many characters to express in language X, then X loses suitability for the twitterbot task, i.e. processing 140-character commands into interesting things. Your thoughts and suggestions on the MDN spec (current version below) are appreciated.