☄️33/100 days of productivity: Revising my Ancient Greek notes! Then I’m testing myself on them so I can move to other subjects. Let’s make the last day of 2017 count!


⚫️69/100 days of productivity:

Good god, I haven’t studied as much has I have this week during the entire year! Exam month is running me to the ground, but the fact that there’s only one month left is keeping me kicking. I liked my workspace today✔️👌🏼

classical-carp’s guide to the string instruments


less important violin

fancy violin

big violin

biggest violin

long story short, the only string instrument is the violin. thank you and goodnight.

Worst Things to Hear From a Practice room
  • “Reed knives shouldn’t go there.”
  • “OW.”
  • *sound of an exploding piano*
  • R-rated noises.
  • The sound of a double-bass string breaking.
  • The sound of a double-bass breaking.
  • Clarinets squeaking.
  • The hollow doomp noise and clatter of a flute falling off of a music stand.
  • Tearing noises coming from the percussion room.
  • Someone “preparing” a Steinway to perform a John Cage piece.
  • Crying.
  • Three separate people, in three separate rooms, all practicing the same Piano Skills piece, at three separate tempos.
  • The above, only with Aural Skills vocal pieces instead.
  • An alto attempting that high C.
  • A tenor attempting that high C.
  • A piccolo cruising past that high C and ascending into the stratosphere.
  • Snoring.
  • Heart and Soul.
  • Someone playing a piece you’ve already spent a semester working on, but doing it better.
  • “I spilled my coffee!”
  • “…ON THE PIANO!!”
  • Chopsticks.
  • Complete and utter silence.

october 14, 2017 - a music major’s flatlay

midterms are finally over, so i thought i’d try making today’s post a little more creative! it’s been a while since the last time i featured my violin on here. :)

currently listening to: “starry night” - standing egg

you: Little Shop of Horrors is a clever metaphor for how greed can be our downfall. Seymour keeps telling himself “just one more” but it’s never just one more. He gets caught in a vicious cycle that ends with his demise. The story demonstrates how coveting things you can’t have can lead to you losing everything you didn’t know you had all ready.

me, an intellectual: haha singing leaf


⚫️71/100 days of productivity:

Finals starting tomorrow and history is the first subject! God I actually need to try for this one. Wish me luck guys🙌🏼✍🏼 I’m lowkey nervous 👀


today i did some intense music theory studying because exams are coming up and i literally passed out in the library for a solid 45 minutes. shows how much i’m lacking sleep. music majors am i right?