Musical Monday: Paolo Nutini’s “Iron Sky”

I’m just going to leave this here for y'all to enjoy as I am attempting to get some serious work done on my thesis. This song may or may not be about Scottish independence, but either way it’s pretty rousing.

Oh, that’s life
That’s dripping down the walls
Of a dream that cannot breathe
In this harsh reality
Mass confusion spoon fed to the blind
Serves now to define our cold society

From which we’ll rise
Over love
Over hate
Through this iron sky that’s fast becoming our mind
Over fear and into freedom

My Week With Marilyn (2011)

About this movie

Marilyn Monroe is considered to be an icon in my generation. Millions of people know her name very well but only few know her story. She was told to be the most beautiful and sought after actress in the 50’s. Beauty was like her middle name. She was every man’s fantasy and every woman’s aspirations. As a person brought up in the world seventy years after her, at least that’s what I have come to know about her.

I was quite intrigued by her but I never really bothered to know who Marilyn Monroe really was and how was she back in her days until I saw My Week with Marilyn while I was browsing over the net for some movies. The poster was quite inviting; it looked scandalous with all the then-paparazzi surrounding her, holding cameras with huge light bulbs on top of it, so I thought it may be worth a watch. At first I thought it would be a bit boring because the setting’s on the 50’s but the movie proved me wrong right from the very first statement that appeared on the screen telling who Marilyn was and before there were any pictures on the screen, I thought, who played Marilyn in this film?  And then she’s there, Michelle Williams. I wasn’t really disappointed and all, I think Michelle Williams is a lovely actress but I also think that they could have gotten someone that looks closer, maybe not a total look-alike because that might be impossible, but at least someone a bit closer to the actual Marilyn than Michelle Williams. Eddie Redmayne was, as always, so astonishing in films maybe it’s the accent, but surely there’s nothing to hate about him. Emma Roberts was also a plus.

So, the story was based on Collin Clark’s (Redmayne) book, The Prince, the Showgirl and Me. It tells about his week with Marilyn Monroe in England. It showed a lot about Marilyn and it was a pretty good way to get an hour and a half glimpse of her famed life. People loved her; that is one thing for sure might it be men or women, they all loved to see her. Everyone around her seemed to be stunned by her presence. And what’s actually admiring about her is that she doesn’t even have to do anything good, in fact she was stubborn and does things her way and she drives the people around her crazy, like literally! But for some reason, there’s just something about her that people would rather lose their minds just to get her. It’s like everything about her comes from within and all of it comes out naturally. She was just simply stunning. But, despite all these utter perfections, she was rather with bits of imperfections in her life that some people failed to understand. In the movie, Marilyn said: ‘All people ever see is Marilyn Monroe. As soon as they realize I’m not her, they run.’ It was a single line, yet told a lot about her. Clearly, she was more than just a symbol of sexuality and most people weren’t able to see pass through it. They knew Marilyn Monroe but never took the time to know Norma Jeane Mortenson. And I think that is what made Marilyn Monroe extra special. She was flawed deep inside yet she was a model of perfection.

It is unfortunate not to be able to witness such character and personality, Marilyn Monroe was. She was deeply fascinating of a woman and I can only imagine how people, who got to see her during the heights of her career, felt watching her and seeing her. She IS ‘the beauty in all the imperfections’ and she absolutely deserves and should rightfully be considered as an icon of such womanhood.

I loved the movie, all for the reason that it was about her.

Monday Music and Musings

“The Fear” by Ben Howard

I’ve been worryin’ that my time is a little unclear
I’ve been worryin’ that I’m losing the ones I hold dear
I’ve been worryin’ that we all, live our lives, in the confines of fear

This week’s song might be a bit depressing but I’m so obsessed with Ben Howard right now. It also kind of explains why I’m starting this blog, or at least attempting to start this blog.

I came back to the US after 1.5 years abroad and am now in limbo waiting to move abroad again (in 3 months and 24 days, not that I’m counting). On top of that, I’m pretty sure I (and everyone around me) is in the midst of a quarter life crisis brought on by being about to graduate from college. Basically, I’m having a crisis brought on by the fact that I am incredibly blessed to travel a lot and to get a great education.

Sometimes when I’m not traveling or happy with life, it can be hard to remember that I’m surrounded by gorgeous beautiful things. It can feel constricting to constantly be waiting to move, waiting to be content. So I’m hoping to be content right now, to break out of the slump I’ve been in and to just appreciate what life has given me in the last 22 years, now, and in the future.

Here’s to living outside the confines of fear and sharing that journey with you.

These are the years you consume music and movies like oxygen, as if nothing else will ever be as important again. Every note and lyric on every album you own at that age is etched into your memory forever.

Here at Rip It Up we still remember that time and that feeling - it’s at the very core of why we do what we do. With this special edition we want to pay attention to younger readers, providing them with in-depth interviews with the artists and personalities they love, as well as giving them a whole heap of different, fun stuff to read and discover.

We want to rock out with them to a great soundtrack and raise our middle fingers to the world of adult worry and responsibility.

Be apart, get in touch with us over here >

Yours Tonight
  • Yours Tonight
  • The 88
  • This Must Be Love

Yours Tonight by The 88

If I could, I’d probably have The 88 singing live on my wedding day… in the future.

Their song No One Here is my top favorite and now I’ve just gone to appreciate another of theirs. If I imagine myself dancing with my person in No One Here; this song makes me think of my walk, down the aisle to the promise of my forever.

Happy thoughts… this song gives me nothing but happy thoughts.

The 88 is surely a blessing to my ear.



This week (and every week) I fed my own sweet tooth and had some great baked goods. I made those strawberries and cream biscuits I mentioned last week and although mine didn’t turn out as nice looking they were super soft and buttery. I substituted half and half for the cream and doubled the strawberries because, healthy right? More fruit made them a little messy but more strawberry is worth that. 

I also made sour cream pancakes…twice. Because I was busy and when I’m busy I like to take time for breakfast. Sour cream pancakes help one savor the day.


My completed thesis! 68 pages of words that I wrote. This is still blowing my mind. I do, however, have to actually read over it and edit it which is in itself a mission. 


I am teaching myself how to be an adult. Well, not really. Rather, I am procrastinating and trying to be more creative with my look. Which means that this weekend I’m going shopping for a new lip color (I will let you know what I get!) and I have been learning what to do with my new hair curler. Here’s the before and after, with the before on the left and two afters on the right…


That sneaky devil Netflix suggested that I watch The Office again and I’ve begun from the first season. Netflix always knows what I like. Although I basically remember the plot, that doesn’t make it less funny. I think one of my favorite episodes is Diversity Day (Season 1, Episode 2). It’s so irreverent which is just about my favorite kind of comedy. See this, for evidence of said irreverence:


I created a Bastille themed Pandora station which has pretty fantastically succeeded. It’s turned up lots of happy, anthemic hipster soft rock. Basically a lot of Bastille, Of Monsters and Men, The Kooks, etc. Here’s my favorite find of the week. It’s “San Francisco” by the Mowgli’s:

I’ve been in love with love
And the idea of something binding us together
You know that love is strong enough
I’ve seen time tell tales about that systematic drug,
Yeah that heart that beats as one
It’s collectively unconsciously composed

On that happy note, I hope you all have the most amazing weekends!

Man of Steel (2013)

About this movie.

The much awaited movie of the year, Man of Steel!

I remember way back 2006, right after the Superman Returns movie, hearsays about another superman movie, to be entitled Man of Steel, have already been laid out and I have been waiting for it years after years until it was finally made official! I could just imagine the excitement I have felt when I’ve already seen the leaked photos of Henry Cavill wearing the suit and the rumors about Anne Hathaway being the new Lois Lane (unfortunately it was all just rumors.) And all the more when they started showing the trailers and the casts’ interviews giving an overview of how the movie would be way different from all the Superman movies ever created and I thought the concept was genius!

And so the movie was out in the theaters. My brother and I watched it together. I couldn’t sit still on my seat while waiting for the movie to start until it went on. I must say, Zack Snyder’s probably the best thing that ever happened to Superman. He’s idea of Superman was superb! The movie was great but I thought it could still be done better. Maybe it’s one disadvantage of knowing the previous stories of Superman, like the ones in comic books. I thought the movie have gotten a bit far from “re-imagining” Superman that I almost felt like I wasn’t watching a Superman movie. It felt more like watching 300/Dark Knight/Transformers/Avengers all at once. It was a bit hard to actually fall in love with the characters because the exposures were pretty fast, like you’re always gonna want some more of them but then nothing. I was kind of expecting more from Jor-El and Laura since they’re actually the characters that don’t usually get much attention. They’re almost always ‘JUST’ a back story so I was kind of looking forward for a good scene between them. The same thing with the Kent’s played by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane. Also, with General Zod and Faora, Faora could’ve been a real badass character in the movie and it was almost there but still didn’t get there. It could’ve helped if the fight scene between her and Superman was a bit more kick-ass or perhaps her fight with Col. Hardy.

On another note, I loved how the new story opened up for Lois and Clark, because usually their story begins at the Daily Planet already, but now it started way before. Anne Hathaway was my number one choice to play Lois Lane. I never really thought of Amy Adams. But when they said that Lois Lane will be her, I actually thought that she was a good choice, like how come I didn’t think of her? And she was good, only if she could have just gotten more scenes with Clark or Superman because things kind of happen quite fast for the both of them. Actually, the whole movie seemed to have happened pretty fast, like for one second Clark’s hitching for a ride on a high way and then the next he’s already working as a baggage guy? (I don’t know what he was for sure but he was asked to carry Lois’s baggage so I just thought he was a baggage guy.) And then for another second, Lois already found him going into his fortress, like how the hell did he know it was there? And he didn’t even look surprised about it being there, like as if he had known it for quite some time. I thought the fortress part should have been the most critical part in the movie –apart from the revelation of his identity when he was younger which was shown in flashback and the fact that he’s the one that Zod was looking for which comes second to the most critical part of the movie. The fortress part should have made to be the major turning point for Clark. I mean, it was the part where he actually learns about himself after his long search for his real identity, the part where everything should start to make sense and I was kind of looking for that ‘resentment and realization part’ wherein Clark gets into a phase of denial and eventually realize and accept who he really was and man up to face his fate, his destiny for greatness. I thought the movie kind of failed in the fortress part. Also, the part where Lois was taken out to the outer space with Superman was kind of way off for me. Clark could have learned how to defeat Zod’s army by himself, no need for Lois to be there. And I thought that Superman and Zod could have brought a lot more action during their fight scene. I was kind of hoping for a part where Zod got really beat up by Superman or the other way around since Zod was “bred to be a warrior” while Clark’s been trained in “farm”. I was hoping for some real hard man to man (kryptonian to kryptonian) punches and bloody actions and not just what seemed to be two man flying and jumping all over the city, buildings to buildings and in the end all that ever Superman has to do was to break Zod’s neck. It was a kind of bummer that it ended that way. Also that torture part wherein Zod was about to burn a family of human beings in a museum, I thought he’d get more than just his neck snapped if it was Lois Lane in there-not just some random people.

I think the movie fell short from its plot structure. The mood during the whole movie was kind of erratic, going up and down and the next thing I knew, it was already hitting the climax and then it’s already ending. I think that the story should have ran a bit slower, dragging the audience down from Clark’s struggle in finding his self, and way down to his denial, and then up to his realization, and acceptance, and then the action, towards the climax and down to his resolution.

Well, yeah, Man of Steel may not be as good as it was in my head but STILL, it was a great movie! It totally redefined and re-imaged Superman in the most radical way. Zack Snyder was a genius! He knew Superman has good story to tell and he told it, he showed it and he killed it! SUPERMAN IS THE BEST EVER! I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT MOVIE!

p.s. If there’s one thing that I loved the most about Man of Steel, that would be the man of steel himself, HENRY CAVILL! He’s like the hottest and the most perfect Superman ever… probably for a very long time!


Triangle (2009)

About this movie

*Spoilers ahead.

I have never invested too much time trying to process a movie like I did on this one. The first time I’ve seen Triangle, I was like “what the hell was that?” I was able to get some of the cues and analogies like the one with the Greek god, Sysiphus, the seagulls and also the cab driver who said he was ‘just a driver’. I knew I missed something but I wasn’t really that interested at all until I’ve read a number of theories about what the movie could be about and that was when I thought that the movie was actually interesting and there’s definitely something more to the film that was worth knowing. So, I watched it again for a couple of times more and here’s what I’ve came up from it.

Basically, the point of the story was that the protagonist, Jess, died and was being punished to do something over and over for eternity just like the punishment given to Sysiphus for cheating death. Taking from the number of dead Sally in the deck and the dead seagull on the beach, it was obvious that the movie picked up somewhere in the middle of Jess’s eternal punishment. For instance, in a car race where in the racer have to take a hundred laps before finishing; the movie started over the 52nd lap covering the entire race up to the 53rd. The movie wasn’t actually about Jess’s actual life but rather her life in the afterlife.

Jess’s death
On the way to the harbor, with her son, Jess had an accident and it was when she ‘died’. It explains the change in the ambiance-from sunny to gloomy-which may easily indicate another dimension, telling that Jess had already crossed into the world of the dead.


The driver wasn't ‘just a driver’.
Well, he is a driver, but definitely not just a cab driver. He was rather the driver of the dead like the ‘Angel of Death’ or the ‘Grimm Reaper’ who were known to escort the dead in their journey to the afterlife. In the movie, the driver took Jess to the harbor and before Jess gets away, she made her promise to come back. Jess promised but she didn’t come back. It was the reason why she was being punished at the first place. “She made a promise to death but she didn’t keep it.”-just like what Sysiphus did.

Jess didn't cheat death.
Or at least, it wasn’t her intention to. Every time she goes to the harbor, it’s like nothing terrible happened to her. She told Victor that her son was in school. It may seem that she was lying about what happened to her son but it was more likely that she was in the state of denial. She died and she couldn’t accept it so she went on doing what she was supposed to be doing that day and that was to go on a sail with her friends. She was in denial of her son’s death and more so, her own. That’s why when she made a promise to the driver; she didn’t know she was promising death, because in her mind-she was NOT dead. Probably in her mind, she was alive and she was just not really planning on paying the cab driver so she went on sailing.


The storm
The storm can somehow be the “start” of each lap of Jess’s punishment. After the storm everything starts anew. Jess somehow ‘loses’ her memory and full knowledge that she has been there before. Everything gets blurry after the storm and then she boards the ship; she goes through everything and learns that she has to kill everyone for her to get home. Things slowly start to make sense while she’s on the ship and by the time she got home, she’s still aware of what happened, up until the accident and the moment she gets on to the yacht. She knows she’s been there before until the storm hits again.

The yacht ride never happened.
In fact, after the accident, none of the succeeding events actually happened; nobody sailed, there’s never a storm, no one ever boarded the ship and nobody ever died-except for Jess and his son. All of it was indeed all in Jess’s head. There was no way of telling what really happened to the others because Jess died even before she got to them in the harbor. Everything and everyone in the movie was just a mere part of Jess’s punishment like props and decoys. They were the boulder that Sysiphus was told to push up onto the hill or in this case, Jess’s boulder. They all act in the same way and only with accordance to what Jess does.


There’s only ONE Jess.
There’s only one Jess who died in the car crash, and that is the only Jess whose soul is being punished. That Jess, was the one in which the movie revolves around with. It may seem that there were three of Jess in the ship, but just like the other characters, the other two are just part of the actual Jess’s punishment. Notice how everyone does the same thing and acts the same way except for the actual Jess. The pattern only changes if she changes her course of actions.


Jess will always end up doing the same thing.
Jess may be able to change the pattern of the event she’s on but it will always head to the part where she died, at least it can be inferred from the movie. Like, again, being in a car race, she may change directions, or change the way she drives but she will always be in the same race track. No matter what Jess does, things will always end up the same.


There was NO way out of everything.
Jess was already dead and her soul was already being punished and the punishment was to be stuck in that state for eternity. She was to feel everything; all the guilt, the denial, the pain, and all the frustrations over and over. As stated, everything in the movie was a part of her punishment, even the actions and decisions she makes and the changes she’s been doing. All of it was to make her feel and emphasize the burden some more. Imagine feeling like you’re stuck into something and you found a way to get out of it but after everything you’ve done you realize you’re still stuck in it. Jess doesn’t have any control of it anymore. Her soul was bound for that eternity already.


Triangle was definitely a one twisted movie. It’ll definitely mess with your mind the first time. It takes one’s enthusiasm in trying to understand what’s underneath everything to enjoy this kind of film and since I’m a sucker for this kinds, I enjoyed every bit of it.

Basic Instinct (1992)

About this movie

I was looking for good psychologically-themed movies when I came across with this title, Basic Instinct. I read the summary and I sure did get intrigued with it right away so I took the liberty of watching it. I love it when my mind gets blown from all the mystery and games orchestrated by a highly intellectual person. I love seeing how they get away with their crimes and stuffs; playing with the people around them and screwing their heads off. It gives intelligence a whole lot of different notion.

Catherine Tramell (Stone) is my new fetish. Boy, I loved the character! She was pretty, smart and sensual all at the same time and I love how she made use of it all to her own indulgence.  She doesn’t play the games, instead, she creates them and she is way ahead of everyone around her. It’s amazing how she lures her ‘players’ into her game and unconsciously make them do exactly what she has in mind. She has such a strong character and I just love her. Sharon Stone was perfect! If there’d be a flip in reality where Catherine Tramell gets to live in the real world and she gets to take the form of Sharon Stone; I’d say I would be pretty convinced. I mean, for a person to be as beautiful and undoubtedly sexy as Sharon Stone in the movie with her strong, steady eyes and her powerful voice that doesn’t seems to crack, not to mention her perfectly sensuous body- it is not impossible for her to get people under her spell. Michael Douglas played the role of the detective in the movie and many others were there too, but I just couldn’t care any less about them. It’s as if they could all suck, as long as Sharon Stone is there, the movie would still be good to go. I loved every part that has Sharon Stone in it and that infamous “leg cross” scene was definitely the kicker. The way she did it in front of men and doesn’t mind at all like she was pretty confident of what she has down there. I never thought showing such thing could look as classy as Sharon Stone did it. It made me liked the character more. I just wished she did kill Nick (Douglas) at the end of the movie though. That would have given the film a more monumental reveal than just simply showing the ice peak on the floor but who cares. Maybe there’s more of it on the sequel-which I’m about to watch too, still starring Sharon Stone, just a little older but still Sharon Stone and she’s still Catherine so IT WILL STILL BE DEFINITELY WORTH THE WATCH.

Like Crazy (2011)

About this movie

I am a very impatient person, I easily get bored at something and I hate it when things take too long so as when I watch movies. I like stories that are fast-pacing and go through a perfect flow. I rarely enjoy mellow dramas and silent-type kind of movie; the ones with a few scores in it. It’s those kinds of movies that I kept forwarding on and would rather just scan the scenes for every ten seconds and read the plot on the internet.

Well, “Like Crazy” is pretty much like one of those. After like a minute or two playing the movie, I hit stop and looked it up on the net. Then I saw that Jennifer Lawrence was in the movie and so I thought maybe it can be worth the while. (I like Jennifer Lawrence since the Hunger Games. I don’t know, there is something about her that I just like seeing her on screen.) Also, I found the name Felicity Jones familiar and I realized that she was the one from the movie, Chalet Girl, with Ed Westwick and I loved her there so I decided to play back the movie and finish it. And I thought it was OK, it’s just that it was too quiet for me so I wasn’t able to really enjoy. Good thing Felicity was so lovely that I didn’t want to stop watching her and then came Jennifer Lawrence which helped me become more tolerant about the film.

One thing that I do love about this movie were those physical touches that the characters made that even without words, still I was able to see how passionate they were to one another. The way they held each other’s faces, their hands caressing and sliding in their bodies, the way their arms wrap around each other, the way they linger and cling on- it tells so much about the love they have. And I think that it’s one thing that the film made perfectly. It was natural and very much convincing. It brought the film closer to reality. And I think I would have love it even more if they cast some other good-looking guy, someone people would actually fall in love with and would make them do the exact same thing that Ana (Felicity Jones) did in the film. It would have been more appealing to have the guy as equally beautiful as the girls. It was a good story though so I’m just gonna rate it 7 out of 10.

I Should Go
  • I Should Go
  • Levi Kreis
  • One of the Ones

I Should Go by Levi Kreis

Yet another song that hit close to home. It reminds of those days when I felt so bad that I just wanted to be with someone who used to make me feel better and how I have tried so hard to keep myself from telling her what I have really been feeling- which I have failed to do in so many times, BTW- because the only reason I came to her was because I was still in love with her. And in those days, I just needed to be with someone I love.

This song tells how I felt those days; how I literally tell myself to go before things get… awkward and stuffs. I could imagine this song playing in the background as I think of those days.

Skinny Love
  • Skinny Love
  • Birdy
  • Birdy

Skinny Love by Birdy

This song is such a riddle. It’s so deep  I can drown from every line. And I guess that is just what I love about this song. It’s written in such poetry that every line meant something more that what the words are simply saying. I’ve always wanted to make something like this, write something that would make people wonder what is it that I’m really meaning to say.

On another note, I think this song is about a perfect love gone wrong, like there were too much love given that it gone way out of hand and it ended badly. This song puts me in a deep state of melancholia, most especially this version of Birdy. I’ve heard some of the other versions and the original by Bon Iver but this was the one I fell in love with. 

The Girl (Acoustic)
  • The Girl (Acoustic)
  • City and colour

The Girl by City and Colour

Ever since One Tree Hill, I fell in love with folk music, the kind of music they usually play in the series and since then I knew most of this kind of music by watching American drama just like how I knew about this song.

This is the kind of music that could literally lull me into a good sleep. His voice is holy, the music is so soothing and his words were so sincere, like he just pour his heart out while making this song-a music with a heart. That is GOOD MUSIC and I just love it.