Just got back from my gig, I didn’t play too awfully (I think) and for the first time I actually played where there was a photographer, though I’m convinced he didn’t get a good angle on me (it’s a very specific angle) and my shoulders and arms and neck are going to hurt like a botch tomorrow from all the lifting. Don’t get me wrong though, I had a good time, I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people to make music with. Also we got a rider (!?!) Like tonight I had a couple of drinks because they were free. Hopefully my mood will be okay tomorrow.


March 14th, 2017 -  Jane Asher (as Madame Baurel) and Leanne Cope (as Lise Dassin) on stage during the An American in Paris photocall at the Dominion Theatre, London.

An American in Paris is a Tony Award-winning musican by George and Ira Gershwin on a book by Craig Lucas. Directed and choreographed by Stephen Wheeldon; Set and costumes designed by Bob Crowley.

Photos 1 & 2)  David Jensen/EMPICS Entertainment via PAimages.

Photos 3 & 4)  Nigel Norrington / ArenaPAL via belgaimage.

Photos 5 & 6)  Bettina Strenske / Alamy Stock Photo.


“Shell with a golden pearl” by bAnE on every streaming service (#edm #electronicmusic #housemusic #progressivehouse #techouse #futurehouse #dance #musican #music #trance #rave #dj #deejay #producer #producerlife #entrepreneur #fashion #deephouse #ibiza #miami)

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Musican Creates Fairytale Story Through MIDI

Musician Mari Lesteberg decided to try her hand at MIDI drawings and the results are captivating.

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) allows the user to use a number of electronic musical instruments to create pieces through computers or similar devices. Mari has been using the program from an early age and after seeing one YouTuber create a MIDI drawing telling a story she wanted to try it herself. The result is a fairytale about a little girl who lives in the woods and comes across a dark cave. Credit: Mari Lesteberg via Storyful

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                   Hello! I just found out there’s some kind of…                

   Hahaha, freestyle is one word for it    

I couldn’t think of a better description, TBH… The roles are put in settings and with characteristics no-one ever saw coming.

I mean, fierce Christine allowing Mr. Y to grab her son and threaten to kill him, and she just STANDS THERE, accepting it? And she doesn’t leave the place right afterwards? Who IS that woman?

Making Raoul an abusive alcoholic because that’s apparently the only way they can imagine Christine choosing Mr. Y? And also, making Raoul snappy towards Gustave cause he always suspected Gustave was not his son… cause he has a musical talent (MUST BE FROM HIS FATHER! It’s not like his mother and grandfather was famous musicans or anything)… and he was born NINE MONTHS after the wedding….! Alarm! Alarm!

Raoul singing in mirrors for no apparent reason. Is it a drunk hallusination? Was he the Phantom all along? We’ll never know.

Making Mme Giry a raging, bitter woman for no apparent reason? Why is she so ANGRY throughout the show? We’re never really explained.

And last, but certainly not least. Prostitute loco Meg. Cause… why not?

It’s all so beautiful. So very beautiful.


“You Show Great Spirit” by Prurient from ‘Through The Window’’ [2013]
“I found you
With driftwood
Tamped inside you
You show great spirit”
#prurient #dominickfernow #amarican #musican #artist #composer #songwriter #producer #ambient #darkwave #electroindustrial #industrial #electro #electronicmusic #techno #alt #experimental  #electronica #dark #beats #synths #songs #albums #tunes #musiclovers #instamusic #musicislife #musicmonday #MusicMondays

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Otp Domestic AU's

Random Domestic Otp AU’s

-Adopting pets AU
-Adopting too many pets but loving them all AU
-Adopting Child/Children AU
-Finding the cringiest memes and sending them to one another AU
-Seeing wildlife together and both being in awe AU
-Hiking AU
-Sledding AU
-Snowball fight AU
-Buying their first house AU
-Babysitting together AU
-Meeting at the local pub AU
-Meeting on a dating app AU
-Getting caught streaking AU
-Getting drunk together AU
-Playing MarioKart AU
-Honeymoon AU
-Musicans AU
-Annoying neighbors AU
-Annoying pet AU
-Cooking together AU
-Waking up in each others arms AU
-Losing sleep loving each other AU
-University AU
-Teachers AU
-Minimum wage job AU
-Fender bender AU
-Flat tire AU
-Going to Disneyland AU
-Movies Date AU
-Meeting the inlaws AU
-Tattoo AU

anonymous asked:

5'3 cubby male. im sanadre/blond but my beard goes ginger tinted when its long enugh. my eyes are a mix of green and brown. my style probably goes from grunge to hobocore and back. im a musican and ive played bass since i was 13 back in 2010, ive played in 3 bands in the genres grindcore, folkpunk, and ska-punk. i also make chiptune and noise. i also like video games and books (sci-fi and fantasy A+) on a date i would probably take you to the movies and then go for food, or go to a local show


that sounds like fun!!! :-0 idk what those genres are but they seem cool!!

throughmilesofcloudedhell  asked:

kade for the character profile? o:

eee thank you!

Full Name: Kaiden Finley O'Flaherty
Gender and Sexuality: Trans gay dude
Pronouns: He/His
Ethicity/Species: Irish/English and for fantasy stuff he’s usally a siren or empath
Birthplace and Birthdate: depends on the setting, March 17th (also my sister’s and also tommorow!)
Guilty Pleasures: Expensive scotch, probably facemasks idk
Phobias: definity getting jumped/assulted, he doesn’t like spiders
What Would They Be Famous For: He’s a decent musican
What Would They Get Arrested For: Let’s just say he’s a “fun” drunk, so probably passing out half naked on some old woman’s lawn
OC You Ship Them With: Probably Chance or Eli, just because the rest don’t have any chemistry that stands out as a good romantic pairing to me.
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Luca is most likely to muder everyone
Favorite Book/Movie Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi, Horror, he’s a book nerd
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: He doesn’t like sad endings
Talants and/or Powers: Dude’s crazy good at music composure, other than that he’s just kind of an anti-social college student with low self-esteem
Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s very funny and fairly sweet once he opens up to someone, a very chill friend
Why Someone Might Hate Them: He’s a sarcastic ass right back at anyone who gives him attitude, he can be a bit of a downer unless he has alcohol in his system
How They Change: He really has to potential to shine when he can become more confident
Why You Love Them: He was basically my first OC, well, my first OC since I was 11.