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Is there anyway he could visit to make it easier? I am in a long distance relationship and we both travel for work too, (we live in different states 4 months out of the year) so if you ever need someone to talk to who can relate, I am willing.

If I went this fall my parents would definitely visit and they enthusiastically offered to bring M with them. And I know my parents, and I know they wouldn’t make him pay for much besides his plane ticket. But it’s mostly the fact that M may be down here for school and it’s a big transition to go through and not have anyone here. If he gets in, I will without a doubt stay here for him. If he doesn’t I may go. I don’t know yet. We’ve already been apart for so long. I’d just love to share this adventure with him and wait for it more than go and not have him be apart of it.

AH asdjkhf this one. ♥ Can I say the whole song? BECAUSE THE WHOLE FUCKIN’ SONG. This was one of my very first favorites before I really fell in love with AKUS so it holds a special place in my heart.

didn’t want to look in the eyes of the one I would be drawn to/I’m a moth lost in a fire/and I know this is just a beautiful illusion/a case of the confusion between love and desire

aaaand I really love the I turned around/before I could run I found you already settled down in the back of my mind lyric too.

wait really? I haven’t had “over the top” raw food before. I really don’t know what to do anymore cause everything seems too greasy now and I can’t stop throwing up :( a teacher I’m very close to, though, is a raw vegan and I think I might ask her for advice? Not sure

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I admire your ability to save for future travels. I need more self discipline!

It’s not easy! I’m a full time student and work two jobs, but because of that I have NO time to go shopping anyways, so it all gets saved! But it does help that I get ridiculous amounts of tips at one of my jobs, so I put every tip I get and it does right into my savings, and paychecks go into my checking. It’s a strategy I’ve always used to save money. :)

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You really can’t. I moved to Texas when I was ten and if it gets under 70 I freeze, and over 90 I’m dying. I want my Costa Mesa weather back!

You lived in Costa Mesa? NO WAY! I’m in Orange :) We were practically neighbors! 

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IT WAS LIKE THAT IN BOISE FOR THIS ENTIRE PAST WEEK SO I FEEL YOUR PAIN TRUST ME. There was a point when Annie and I were driving back from the hot springs and we had to go through this valley in the mountains to get back to the cabin and at one point it was -10 in there. We got out just to feel what -10 felt like lol.