hello everyone! this is a giant thank you to everyone for so many reasons. first off, I reached 1000 followers (now 1345), which is a such an honor and i am so glad to be able to reach over 1000 people daily and touch their lives. secondly, it’s my tumblr birthday today! thank you all for such a fantastic year in such a fantastic environment of loving people like no other. i have grown so much as a person over the year, and i couldn’t have done it without every single one of you. lastly, this post got soooo many notes, and it is such a neat thing to see how many people understand my weird thought process. again, i couldn’t have done it without all of you great people, from my followers to my friends to everyone who’s reblogged just one of my posts, i am so thankful for each one of you.

People Who I Follow and Love

thank you guys for gracing my dash with your glorious and wonderful posts daily. you rock!

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People Who I Follow and Who Follow Me and I Love♥♥

again, you guys are super duper awesome sauce! thank you so much for being there to look at my posts, show me your posts, and being the ultimate support network. 

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whether your url is one is see daily on my dash, ive talked to you a few times, or i just really love your posts, thank you thank you thank you for your constant support and love! it really means a lot that i can count of this group of awesome people for great posts and constant notes!

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People Who I Love So So So So So So So Much♥♥♥♥♥

what can i even say? you guys rock. i love talking to you, obsessively reblogging everything you post, and obtaining traits and skills from you. thank you for the support and love, the stream of amazing posts, and being as obsessed and deicated to theatre as i am!!! love you!

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People Who I Love Boundlessly and Endlessly♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

oh gosh basically i love you all so much and i cant go a day without seeing a post or a note or something from you and smiling because i know i have a group of people who care about me and i care about and thank you for your amazing things that you post because theatre and such also just thank you i dont even know how to put words to it but thank you.






i honestly love you all so much, so from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU