According to people who saw the musical and to Kristin’s snap and Chris’ IG story, they are doing changes and it’s very interesting to think that no version of the musical is the same until they officially “open” the musical (April 4, 2017) So if you are seeing the musical before that date is very likely the musical is gonna have different things than the day before and before and before. 

According to @nerdyadventures the version of Good Kid they did on opening night is different than the one we all have heard (and more emotional and the version that is probably going to make it to the cast recording)  and know I’m gonna sit here and cry about the sad life of an international fan because I can’t see no version of the musical.


Some music for the next week !

- Military Position  :  Anti-Human

- COUM Transmissions  :  The Sound Of Porridge Bubbling

- Hex Minora  :  S/T

- Grunt  :  Myth of Blood

- Daniele Ciullini :  Forgotten Monuments

- Autumnfair  :  1986-1989

- Grey Daturas  :  Return to Disruption

- Pierre Henry  :  Voyage Initiatique

- Can  :  Tago Mago

- Null  :  Ultimate Material 2

The New Abstracts #251

(The New Reflections go on #122)
Bonobo, Kong
Basile Pesso-Lille © September 2 011
My web magazine : Yes We Are (link) with Marc Oliver Grad aka Fotomog as The Side Look of a Barcelonese #756


The cast of The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical at Serendipity

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