make hogwarts school musical a thing but instead of harry being troy make it ginny. ginny singing bet on it with dramatic passion on the quidditch field, ginny not knowing whether to stick with quidditch or to follow her passion for writing, harry being the shy newcomer to the wizarding school who has secret talents in DADA and quidditch. ron is chad and hermione is taylor, draco and blaise are sharpay and ryan


HEO GAYOON: even though she signed under new company as an actress now, please don’t forget how wonderful singer she is. This playlist is made of some projects such drama OST, covers and other features/special stages since 2010 (note: this playlist don’t include 4minute songs and songs from 2yoon mini album). You can download all songs here, here or here. Also thank you to heogayoonbr for making this playlist. Please support her and other 4minute members as well:)

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Music Shuffle Challenge

I was tagged by @eldritchpopkitsch to do this challenge. Thank you! The idea is – you can tell a lot about someone’s personality by the music they listen to. Put on your favorite music player and turn shuffle on. Write the 10 first songs down! No skipping! Then you tag 10 people.

🎧🎹👽🎹🎧 disclaimer: this is entirely optional! do it if it sounds fun and not too personal! I love learning more about my mutuals and want to keep their blogging stress free 👾

1: Cannibal’s Hymn - Nick Cave
2: Wipala - Gonzalo Vargas
3: You Got That Right - Lynyrd Skynyrd
4: My Mind Rebels At Stagnation - Hans Zimmer
5: The Devil’s Right Hand - The Highwaymen
6: Over The Hills And Far Away - Gary Moore
7: The Last Cowboy Song - The Highwaymen
8: Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey
9: They Follow You - Siouxsie
10: Yayo - Lana Del Rey

@weallliveinthesamenightmare @touyans @ikiturso @trippi-hiiri @ssavurenkaita @assassinbabe @handheldasshole @jesusjowarhol @laveyinthehouse 9 is apparently the new ten and formatting on mobile still sucks sorry lmao