I really love the idea of humanizing the rogues of Gotham while not striping away what makes them terrifying to the public.

Like I would so read a comic about Riddler, Query and Echo going to the store, getting groceries. They’re in the checkout line, paying and everything. But some little kid starts running their big mouth about how lame Riddler is, so as they leave Ed hands the kid a Rubik’s cube and walks away. Well guess what. That cube’s a bomb and will go off if the kid can’t solve it in time. Well guess what. That kid couldn’t solve it in time.

This ain’t only limited to my nerd boy tho. Gimme some Ventriloquist and Scarface. Let’s have a mini comic of them trying to watch a new movie in the theater but this guy is being an ass. Telling Arnold he can’t use up two sets for him and Scarface, talking during the movie, using ARNOLD’S CUP HOLDER! They end up getting arrested because Scarface is shoving popcorn down that guy’s throat.

Music Meister enjoying a day at the park, all la dee da. but these idiots think they can sing off pitch all they want. Well hella no, he’s gonna– oh look, Ivy’s already there causing mayhem. Never mind.

You need to understand, re: the GWay Carpenters cover – I was born in 1968. Somewhere, in the dim recesses of my brain, there are a LOT of Carpenters lyrics. (Them, Elton John*, and Paul Simon.) 

So the fact that GWay not only warmed up singing Carpenters’ songs during the recording of The Black Parade, but decided to release one? I may never stop giggling. 

*This is also why I have some VERY STRONG opinions about the all-star anniversary tribute to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and how FOB covered the wrong song


“When you’re alone, And life is making you lonely, You can always go, Downtown!”