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I just got my mom into Hamilton and she really liked it and has been sending me Hamilton stuff all day. Then (really excitedly) she sent me this picture of the ten dollar bill she had in her wallet.

Lafayette, IN 

It says Lafayette on Alexander Hamilton’s bill.

How history has aligned in such a way that this could occur.


I managed to write and upload a new original song.

“I can still hear them sometimes.”

Sequel of sorts to this prompt. To properly showcase Michael’s height. I COULDN’T STOP AT ONE APOLLO KID WOOPS I DREW THE WHOLE GOLDEN RETRIEVER LITTER well, the boys anyway.

Send me =^● ⋏ ●^= and a character OFF ANON and i will maybe draw a really rough chibi sketch thingy of them bonus points if you flatter me with words HUMOR ME HERE.

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it took roughly 85 years of my life but I finished it. this was 48% an excuse to draw food.

I’ve been thinking so much about apollo justice recently I can’t stop like? let my sons be happy capcom damn

It’s midnight and I couldn’t stop myself from doodling Benny

Silver and Gold : An instrumental mix for the celestial twins of legend. : Requested by petrichorlore

i. Theology/Civilization / Basil Poledouris (Conan: The Barbarian)

ii. Caucasian Sketches-Procession of the Sardar / Ippolitov-Ivanov
iii. Climbing Up Iknimaya / James Horner (Avatar)
iv. The Kon-Tiki Man Main Theme / Ragnar Bjerkreim (The Kon-Tiki Man)
v. Kingdom Dance / Alan Menken (Tangled)
vi. Ancient Stones / Jeremy Soule (Skyrim)
vii. Evacuating London / Harry Gregson-Williams (Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe)
viii. Window to the Past / John Williams (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)
ix. Fairy Dance / James Newton Howard (Peter Pan)

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Give me an AU where Apollo and Klavier first meet while Apollois interning with Kristoph, and because there’s no history between them yet, no awkwardness that comes with having put this guy’s brother (your mentor) in jail-

All Klavier sees is Cute Guy Alert.

When Apollo asks ‘Wait, you have a band?’ Klavier doesn’t think and doesn’t attempt his Rock Star mask at all - instead of ‘Yeah, you haven’t heard?’ he says 'Yeah. We’re terrible. Please come?’

Because he’s heard what kind of music Apollo likes and doesn’t like by now, and the Gavinners isn’t it. But even though he knows Apollo will probably opt for earplugs and ignoring everything, he still desperately wants this guy to like his music, this reflection of him.

(Despite Apollo protesting that yes, it was terrible, he surprises Klavier by having an actual ear for music, and yeah, he’ll be honest about hating the Gavinners ‘music’ as he calls it, not quite with the sarcastic quotation marks, but he doesn’t mind it - read: he kinda likes it - when Klavier’s off guard and humming.)

Needless to say, Kristoph is both amused and somewhat irritated by this.

Things get a bit complicated when the AU catches up with canon, though. 

Apollo is convinced that he’s alienated Klavier, and he also is left wondering just how much Klavier knew, no matter how little sense it would make if he did. Whereas Klavier wants this to all not be true, and for things to go back to the way they were, not understanding for a while that they just can’t, and despite everything won’t give up on his search for the real truth.

Kristoph now takes sadistic pleasure in the fact that his downfall has, at least, caused these two people who he had controlled and who had helped this come about, to be in such pain.

Apollo tries to be professional, but it doesn’t completely work on Phoenix or Trucy, who are also living lie detectors. 

Phoenix is… concerned. Not going to tell Apollo what to do or feel, that’s for sure. Though, it does make him less concerned about what this rock star prosecutor who took his badge away might want to do with his daughter. 

Trucy, meanwhile, knows that something is going on, but can’t figure out what it could be, and keeps making wild guesses until she hits the jackpot sometime during Turnabout Serenade - when Apollo says that he ‘doesn’t care about Prosecutor Gavin’s awful music’ and there’s so much wrong with what he’s saying that she’s getting this gut reaction that it’d take ages to unravel, even without a bracelet to tell her where and when to focus.

She walks in on them in Klavier’s office a few days after Daryan’s trial, and she feels like she’s intruding - Klavier’s singing, but it isn’t anything like what she’s used to from the CDs she’s got at home, all melodic and sad, and Apollo… Apollo is haltingly playing the guitar, as though he knew how to once but he’s grown out of practice, but he could be good.

It almost feels like things are, or they might be able to, settle into a new kind of normal.

It’s only too bad that the Misham trial isn’t that far away.