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Reasons why you should watch Mozart in the Jungle
  • it’s the best show ever
  • it’s amazon’s show, first season came out december 2014 and second just few days ago (december 2015)
  • so we have 20 episodes, 25 minutes each, you can literally binge watch it in a day
  • it’s about New York Orchestra
  • you can know nothing about classical music and still enjoy it (like me)
  • it’s comedy but it’s not forced
  • characters are so real and normal
  • main character is Hailey young woman trying to get a place in Orchestra
  • the other main character is Rodrigo Orchestra’s new conductor
  • he’s cute af Mexican pocket guy, so small that you can fit him in you bag (imagine all this height difference)
  • other cast is diverse (especially in second season)
  • many characters are older than you normally see in shows
  • women are strong af
  • like cynthia the cellist (she’s also freaking hot) or gloria’s the orchestra‘s head of the board
  • second season contains background gay relationships
  • did i mention that almost all the characters are hot?
  • that’s it
  • go watch it
About my watching Hamilton for the first time

I will never get over it.

I will never get over how incredibly stupid and brave I was for standing in a line for almost 10 hours.

I will never get over the fact that the people in the cancellation line were so surprisingly sweet (both a very funny line-sitter and an extremely nice japanese lady offered me and my friends some blankets because of the cold - I really could not be more thankful.

I will never get over my legs shaking (I had never experienced that) and the sudden rush of adrenaline going through my veins as the clock hit 2pm and I hadn’t gotten any tickets yet.

And how ECSTATIC I felt when I finally put my hands on the ticket I had been so anxious to hold for such a long time.

I will never get over the feeling of stepping into that theater and looking to the stage I had dreamed to see for a year - IT WAS FINALLY IN FRONT OF MY VERY EYES!! It felt like nothing but an actual dream.

Let’s not discuss sitting in the EIGHTH FUCKING ROW - I could see every expression, every move - GOD, if I looked attentively enough I could even see the sweat running down the faces of the actors.

I really don’t remember much from the first songs because, honestly? I was overwhelmed with feelings I cannot describe til this day. But I remember sitting down, taking a deep breath, looking to my side where my friend sat - mentally sharing inner thoughts of disbelief and happiness - while Mr. Brandon Victor Dixon walked into the stage to sing the first sentence of the song that introduced me to the world of Hamilton and made my life so much better.

I also remember the cold feeling - I don’t know if it was pure enthusiasm or just my body slowly dying of hyporthermia (probably a little bit of both) - that stuck throughout the whole performance.

The specific moves of the dancers, Mandy’s smile, Jordan’s childish and charming way of acting, the force that Nicholas transmitted through his voice… Lexi’s fantastic “Burn", J. Quinton’s perfect James Madison and Seth’s Jefferson (which was really good) and Jevon’s excellent performance as Hamilton. I remember it all.

Lin-Manuel Miranda introduced me to one of the things I love the most - a musical about a Founding Father, which “is totally different because the songs are actually all hip-hop and r&b and the actors are from various ethnicities. So it’s about America’s history told by people who live there today” - that’s how I usually introduce it to people who ask - or not - about this musical which I have been blabbering about for so long.

And I finally got to see it. I actually did it.

I will never get over this. Ever. 

Thank you so very much, Lin, for giving me something to be as excited as I am about this musical. I think you’re the best.

I know I shouldn’t be but I’m a little bitter that The Get Down on netflix is only in the 70s rank on rotten tomatoes… like you know a heavily musical driven coming of age show about underprivileged teens in a 1970s new york city would be hella praised if it was about a bunch of crusty ass white people

Love in New York

PAIRING- reader x Steve Rogers 


WARNINGS: slight angst, but also fluff :) 

Request from @you-should-love​ -Hi darling how are you today ? I don’t know how do you feel about one shots based on songs but with you do and with you are comfortable of course . Can you write a one shot with Steve about the Music New york by Ed Sheeran ?

I now love this song and can’t stop listing to it! I would recomend listing to it before reading this, or listen to it while your reading! I hope you enjoy it!  

You can listen to it here - New York Ed Sheeran 

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Marching down the hallways of the Avengers Facility you had a purpose to your walk, it was your ‘get out of her way before she kills you’ walk that Sam had so kindly dubbed it. There was no stopping you; then again there was hardly anyone around to stop you. It was a Friday night and practically everyone on the base was either down in the communal area (equipped with it’s own bar and dance floor, Tony really did think of everything) or groups of agents gathered into cabs and ventured out into Manhattan for a night of revels. Normally you would have joined your fellow Avengers into the thriving nightlife of New York, but the increasing absence of your leader confused and irked you somewhat. Steve Rogers may be the man out of time, but by your reasoning and logic the man deserved a night out. The fact that your embarrassingly third grade like crush had something to do with it. Natasha had practically forced you to ask Steve out.

“It’s not the dark ages anymore (Y/N) you can ask a guy out. You’re a strong confident woman just ask him already”

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Prince refused to be a commodity
  • Prince refused to be a commodity
  • Marketplace
  • American Public Media


The iconic musician, actor and activist died today at the age of 57 at his home outside Minneapolis. His most popular songs are rocketing to the top of the iTunes charts as we speak, but his influence went far beyond just music.

Daphne A. Brooks is a professor of African American studies, theater studies and American studies at Yale University. She loves music — rock, punk, New Wave, soul — and often writes about music’s impact on social justice.

Brooks was in New York today to give a lecture. When we spoke, she was in the office of her friend and fellow music scholar Alexandra Vazquez. They were supposed to meet for lunch, but all they could talk about was Prince.

“He was the sound of post-Civil Rights freedom struggle. He was the sound of blackness, as capacious and as unapologetic and as eccentric, as wondrous, as imaginative as you could possibly think in our contemporary world today.”

Brooks said Prince “had an understanding of how black artists had been exploited across the 20th century — still are — in the music business, and refused to have his name be turned into something that was just a commodity for big business. He was an absolute ground-breaking presence in that sense too.”

For her, the loss of Prince goes beyond academic and cultural appreciation.  

“Being a kid who grew up listening to punk and New Wave along with soul, he was somebody who embodied all of those sounds for me. He made me feel free, he made me feel liberated.”

Click the audio player above to hear the interview.

@omghappinessplease wanted to kno about theater au so lemme post it while i have it


  • bitty - bless this boy, didn’t start doing theater until his senior year of high school and is SUPER green and raw and he is an amazing new addition to samwell’s theater team. he is a great actor and dancer and !!! is an amazing tenor but is so scared to hit high notes and HERE COMES
  • jack zimmerman !! musical prodigy, has been taught by many classical composers and was about to premiere his one act musical at fringe in new york when he got caught up in bad things with his lead, kent parson, and od. he went to rehab and then went to samwell to refresh his skills and try his hand at vocal directing a few shows. is SUPER hard on bitty b/c he doesn’t understand bitty’s fear and wants to help him get over. kissing on top of the piano ensues.
  • shitty - no.1 supporter of the arts and works backstage every single show. never fails to do the fundraisers and promotion for the show. president of the theater club. helps do everything. THROWS THE BEST CAST PARTIES AT THE HAUS, aka the place where all the broke theater kids go to live. loves lardo, the sometimes actress, and mostly set designer and stage crew of the shows. wants to be a lawyer and help fight for equity right among performers and getting better pay for their jobs
  • LARDO!!! did some theater in high school and then became a set designer senior year and carried it on at samwell. is known famously in the area for her creative sets (notably, her little mermaid set entirely composed of recycled stuff. like. plastic waterbottles and the can holder things and things that destroy the ecosystem. it looked hella cool, no one could say otherwise). once played mrs. lovett and won an award for it. she hella cool. vice-president of the theater club.
  • ransom & holster? the best and worst. amazing chemistry on stage but CANNOT STOP TALKING BACKSTAGE like wtf. they know when to be professional but holster accidentally bit into a plastic meat pie once during sweeney todd and ransom broke character on stage whoops. ransom is a baritone and holster is a bari-tenor. harmonization for the GODS. ransom is always the very srs roles and holster gets the comedic ones
  • ransom also does choreo!!! more often than not he’s either doing student choreo or assisting as dance captain. won a student recognition aware for his excellence in chore and movement for hairspray AND a really cool musical of a midsummer night’s dream that nursey wrote. he’s really talented and has been offered some really cool gigs. originally started off with a major in sports medicine and then decided to pursue the arts at samwell.
  • THE FROGS!!!! chowder is fresh meat and has s o m u c h potential but his voice tends to squeak and is very nervous and hasn’t learned to use nervous energy to make himself seem like normal on stage.  is in love with caitlin farmer, aka the girl with the voice of the gods tbh. was eliza in my fair lady and killed everyone. they are sickening and are going to have amazingly talented children what the hell. chowder is gr8 on stage when he really focuses but is also really gr8 at dancing. was dancing since he was little and is RLLY good.
  • dex is an apprentice of lardo’s and always does amazing work on costumes!!! like……this boy is so handy with tools and needles. did the costumes for cinderella and everyone was s h o o k. didn’t like theater until samwell happened. has a love-hate relationship with nursey, the resident book writer. he creates original plays and musicals for the school to try out. he got really close to getting to the A.R.T. one time for a musical ransom and holster starred in but it was taken by a cabaret revival instead. he’s devastated even tho he knows some things are hit and miss. dex comforts him!!! it’s the start of a wonderfully supportive and sarcastic relationship :)
  • there’s a plot there somewhere but this is what i’ve been thinking of c:

Maria Callas as Norma at the Met in 1956. Photo by Gordon Parks, LIFE.

Callas made her Metropolitan Opera debut as Bellini’s Norma. The Norma premiere, which was also the opening night of the Met season, was one of the most talked-about events of the musical year in New York. The occasion remains an important date in Met history — and in the brief, twenty-two-performance chronology of Callas’s Met career — but it was not an unqualified triumph for the soprano, although her reviews were generally quite favorable.


Angie’s log of thoughts from her brothers hockey game:



ok I seriously preferred the annoying dubstep over the random rock songs you play in between face-offs

Hah everyone probably thinks I’m listening to normal teen music nope I’m listening to someone rap about New York traffic conditions


This food looks like some gourmet shit. I might have to make a snack run

Ok my iPod started playing Wait for It right after that last entry Burr I will wait for it

People probably think I’m texting friends hahah I don’t have those I’m making a list of my thoughts

Stevens fried: hey wanna French fry

I have made a snack run and it looks like a frikking restaurant what is this sorcery

They literally have a menu with like 3-course meals

I think that small 6th grader is checking me out I feel uncomfortable binch you ain’t even up to my elbows

Some kid tryna get a free smoothie it didn’t work

I was right, this is gourmet shit

7 in the penalty box. Some dude from other team goes up and bangs on the plastic to be annoying some kid on our team yells at him to sit down. Other kid from other team yells back. Other kid 2 from other team gets Other kid to sit down.

Another penalty. A dude with a sweatshirt that has “meatball sr 00"on the back of it is has gone to stand behind our penalized player to tick our team off. Meatball sr now arguing with another. Mom and Dad are trying to stop a fight. Meatball Sr is putting up his hands. Mom and Dad have broken up a possible fight. Meatball looks calmer. The other teams Heathers squad is egging it on. Dad has gotten help. They are yelling ‘SHE SNITCHED’ at Mom. Stevens friend Megan yelled 'KNOCK IT OFF’ at them. They stopped yelling. The rink officials are asking meatball to leave. Meatball is angry. Meatball has left because of rowdy behavior.

The Some Kid on our team from earlier is congratulating Mom.

The heathers kids are in character. The main girl is dragging Kurt around the rink

The rink feels calmer now that Meatball is gone and Megan yelled at the Heathers Squad. I like Megan. A powerful prom queen she is.

Now I’m imagining all them skating to Y!oi music

21 on other team has bowled over 3 on our team. Heathers squad is happy about this. Ram has shouted


Turns out Stick Slap Fighter 1 was Pat. Stick Slap Fighter 2 is penalized. I approve.

You could cut the tension with a knife


The 20’s on the other team are the most violent

20 and 21 of other team have crashed. 20 went flying. [insert science joke here]

21 is in timeout. He is frustrated like a 4 year old without his gushers


Other team goal. The entirety of Westerburg High is screaming

21 is out of penalty box. 5 bucks says he’ll be in it again

OUR TEAM GOAL. Sarcastic comments from Westerburg. Succ it.


Other Kid yells 'WAY TO GO BAGELS’ it’s a nickname for one of our players but still. Weird.

Westerburg is antsy.


Shouting fight between Westerburg, other kid and a 7th grader. Other Kid is yelling 'SCOREBOARD’ and Westerburg is yelling 'SNITCHES’. How dare my mother be a good citizen.

Penalty for us. Oh well.

They’re playing Sweet Caroline over the speakers. Oh how I love basketball.

Everyone’s singing now, Westerburg and our team. I guess this is bonding.


Now Mom and dad are talking to a lady with a striking resemblance to Ms.Fleming


“Within five minutes, I became a militant on the subject of color-blind casting.”

From a New York Times article about the musical “Hamilton,” a quote from Ron Chernow, the historian who wrote the biography of Alexander Hamilton the musical is based on:

Then he invited me to one of the first rehearsals at a small studio in the Garment District. I remember poking my head into the room and seeing eight actors standing in front of eight music stands, thinking, ‘‘Oh my goodness, they’re all black and Latino! What on earth is Lin-Manuel thinking?’’ I sat down with Thomas Kail, the director, and Jeffrey Seller, the producer, thinking to myself, ‘‘When this is over, I need to sit down and talk to Lin-Manuel alone. We’re talking about the founding fathers of the United States.’’ But after a minute or two I started to listen and forgot the color or ethnicity of these astonishingly talented young performers. Within five minutes, I became a militant on the subject of color-blind casting.

The whole concept of ‘‘Hamilton,’’ I realized, was inseparable from casting. The miracle of the play is that it shows us who we were as a nation but also who we are now. This young, multiracial cast has a special feeling for the passion, urgency and idealism of the American Revolution, which maybe shouldn’t surprise us. Our history is the saga of outsiders becoming insiders — of the marginal and dispossessed being welcomed as citizens. Lin-Manuel offers us an Alexander Hamilton who is the quintessential immigrant and outsider who lends his talents and energies to creating the new nation.

The article also has comments from Stephen Sondheim and The Roots.

we miss you cory (1982-2013)