musicalmerlinian  asked:

For the top three game-27, 28 and 25

27: Top 3 musicals or plays

This is so hard. 

1. Into The Woods

2. Chess

3. Les Mis.

also honorable mention to Hamilton, cause it has consumed my life recently. 

28: Top 3 songs from musicals

This one is even harder. 

1.The finale from Les Mis

2. Wait for it from Hamilton. 

3. it’s a tie between Last Midnight from Into The Woods, and Being Alive from Company. 

25: Top 3 series/movies/books from my childhood

1. Harry Potter. always. 

2. everything Diana Wynne Jones has ever written. 

3. Wheel Of Time. and also Remington Steele. These are the series that really got me into fandom. I remember spending hours reading WoT theories boards and the first fanfic I ever read was for Remington Steele. 

Thanks for asking :)