musically punny

Can we appreciate the man that is Michael Giacchino?

Not only has this man composed music for Star Trek, Jurassic World, Inside Out, Tomorrow Land, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and many more, but the titles for his music are just mainly puns and bad jokes like

Jurassic World

Hey Owen, what do you owe me?  I Owen you nothing 

It’s a small world after all


Ah yes, home wheat home

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

This may not be the dustbowl, but those apes are angry

Land of the Lost

I don’t know who Matt Lauer is , but he can suck it

Who you gonna call?  Stakbusters!


Star Trek

Oh yes, that new car smell

Man, 90’s Brazilian!Disney’s pun game was on point, let me tell you.

Como ele está mudado!
Claro que ele está longe de ser
Um principe encantado,
Mas algum encanto ele tem, eu posso ver.

Those lyrics are from Beauty and the Beast’s Something There, and they match up to the part in the song where Belle in English sings

New, and a bit alarming!
Who’d have ever thought that this could be?
True, that he’s no Prince Charming,
But there’s something in him that I simply didn’t see…

Now, roughly translated, the Brazilian lyrics are

How he’s changed!
Of course he’s still far from being
A Prince Charming,
But I can see that he has some appeal[ing qualities]…

The catch?

Principe encantado = Prince Charming

Encantado = Charmed, under a spell

Encanto = Charm, enchantment, spell, appeal, attraction, pleasantness, beauty, loveliness

So Belle’s basically saying like, 12 different puns at once.

She thinks he’s kinda hot, he’s got some good qualities after all, she thinks he’s a bit of a sweetheart, she’s sorta into him, and that she can literally see that he’s under a spell.

…That’s a lot of puns for 4 lines. :P

P.S Literally translated what she says is

How he’s changed!
Of course he’s far from being
An enchanted prince,
But he has some enchantment, I can see…

Only TØP fans would understand |-/

I’ve been thinking too much, and now I’m stressed out, because I care what you think. You’re the tear in my heart, and now I’m a goner, so can you save my heavy dirty soul? I doubt you’d say yes, and you would just tell me not today. But I made you the judge, because we don’t believe what’s on tv anymore, because the tv messed with the message, man. I’m just gonna go back to my hometown, since I’m fairly local there. So I’m just gonna get onto the highway, in the lane, boy, and ride home.

Boom. I didn’t know how to add “Polarize” in there, but I did 13 of the 14 songs from the “Blurryface” album. Song titles are italicized and bold, while lyrics are only italicized.