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god i really wish there was as much of a “””fandom””” culture (not really what i mean but you get the idea) around west end theatre as there is around bway… tbh i think half the issue is that the west end is really in a slump when it comes to new shows at the moment (90% of the shows are either long runners, broadway transfers, the occasional revival, or tourism-driven jukebox musicals) and frankly as a british person who wants to go into theatre as a career it makes me sad

Well, well, well… They are back!

Whom am I talking about, in thing plethora of comebacks? Why Monsta X of course!

Monsta X is a group of 7 super talented members!

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Last comeback, they came out with “All in”, a great  song with an awesome(yet super confusing) plot driven music video, claiming that it was only Part 1.

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So when i heard that they are coming back i got extremely excited to see the continuation of the story and to hear their new album.

Aaaaaaand to be honest, at first i was a bit disappointed with the new music video, probably because i was expecting something very similar to ‘All in’, a more fluid continuation.

However, when I saw the music video a few more times, it had really grown on me, The shots are great and there were some links to the previous music videos, but i guess i am a bit to stupid to understand right away!

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The ending, however… still feels very random.

The song too is great! I really like Fighter, in fact, i love all the songs on this album! 

And the members… oh my lord are they amazing!

First we have our leader: Shownu

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He is a great dancer and his stage presence just slays everyones existence! Just watch him on Hit the Stage for some solo dance action(by solo i mean without the other members). So, lets not sleep on Shownu please!

Then we have Kihyun:

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This boy is a cutie with amazing vocals! Yes, his vocals are truly great! I feel guilty for saying this, but there are times where i can see why Monsta X is Kihyun and friends. And, in my opinion, that is not always a bad thing. After all, there are songs which are truly amazing for him and choruses which just fit his voice perfectly!

Of course, we also have Jooheon:

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Ok so.. This rapper kills me! And not just because of his skills and voice, but also his persona! He just seems like such a fun guy who can kill with aegyo! He lights up the room and then performs and suddenly everything changes and he becomes just unbearably amazing! And lets be real, i find his sexiness no joke! He just seems like a manly man with a great twist aka aegyo.

Then theres I.M:

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Our precious, precious maknae! His raps, great and his singing though… so sweet! Just watching him, makes me wanna hug him, but then he gets all cool and spectacular and all i can think is “WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO OUT OF MY LEAGUE!” He also looks great with the new hair!

Lets not forget Hyungwon, of course!

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So, heres the thing, i admit to the fact that at first, Hyungwon’s look slightly disturbed me. It’s just that his lips and jaw just seem so out of sync with his face… It just seemed like he failed having botox, and so his face got slightly deformed. However, as i saw more of Monsta X and so a lot of their interview I realised one thing: Hyungwon need to be protected at all cost! I believe that its okay if someone does not immediately get attracted to him, but its never okay to hate a human being for that! After all, he is just so sweet, so kind, so graceful that i fell in love with him! Hyungwon is a beautiful human being!(PS, can we please ask for some more lines for this angel?)

Then there is…. Minhyuk!

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Minhyuk is a precious cinnamon role. He is so cute, so sweet, it destroys all Monsta X fans! He just speaks and everyone was to take this puppy and wrap him in blankets! And just like for Hyungwon, can this beautiful human get more that a mere 13 seconds please? 

Also, he has such a cute bromance with the leader, Shownu.

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Bromance and fanservice at its best!

And … for last… we have… Wonho.

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Did I ever think id find a man in a crop top hot? Nop, but things change… drastically.

Real talk now.

I really hope that Wonho doesn’t mind being so sexualised, I really do. Because sometimes it gets a bit out of hand. After all, when is he finally going to be able to do things fully clothed?

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He doesn’t even get to make stuff with clothes on! And like i said, if he enjoys it, good for him, you go boy! But if it is done against his will, then it is unfair. I just really don’t want to hear, that he is forced to do the whole sexy thing for the rest of his life. 

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But other than that, Wonho just seems.. special. There is an aura around him of a guy comfortable with what he is, who has experienced some things( and he has since he was like 14, which for me is totally fine. After all, in my country it is not uncommon to have a drink or smoke at 14-15. In fact, most in the end live a typical life). I do however, want to see a bit more of personality from him. Cause although he seems comfortable, I think he might just be comfortable about his own little safe zone as Wonho, rather than as Shin Hoseok. I don’t know whats going on in his head, but please don’t kill me! I love Wonho and Shin Hoseok, but the is my opinion! But i think this doesn’t just apply to Shin Hoseok, but to many if not most idols and famous people in general.

So, this is the roundup of the groups members, The amazing members!

As a bonus, lets make a bit of a Monsta X spam!

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So yes. This is our beloved Monsta X. The group of beloved, fun loving ‘dorks’(said in the most loving way) who make up a cool kpop group!

BTW: I know that I’m primarily an ARMY, but yo, THEY NEED TO WIN AT LEAST ONES!!! They deserve it so much! So please! Lets give them at east 1 win!

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Thank you for reading!

PS. Wohno can you please stop? Cause every time i try to find a gif for anything all i see is you! I love you and all but.. please… you are killing me!

Also one of the reasons it seems likely to me that most antis are young despite not actually having demographic data is that I remember shocking media, and how it always seemed we got used to it over time with no serious repercussions.

When I was a kid, Judas Priest was supposedly so satanic that when people claimed their music had driven two innocent teen boys to suicide (one didn’t die in the attempt but did, quite literally, blow off the lower half of his face), a lot of people believed it. Now, Priest is considered classic metal, and most people like it.

When I was a little older (I think), gangsta rap was supposedly inspiring young people to horrifying violence and disrespect for women. Now, that music is seen, for all its flaws, as important political art made by young black men in disadvantaged communities, and we all flock to movies about the people who made it.

When I was a bit older, Nine Inch Nails. Pigs and bondage gear and screamy sounds and even a fake snuff film, if you were a dedicated enough fan to hunt it down. (I was and did.) Is anyone scared of Mr. Reznor now, really?

Marilyn Manson. Eminem. The list goes on and on and on. Every generation has its artist like this, someone who polevaults over the standards of propriety and gets notoriety for it–and, in many cases, who is ALSO talented enough to be remembered even after the shock dies down.

That’s how both art and pop culture WORK.

The reason that when I see an anti I expect them to be a minor or at least a young adult is because that’s how young someone has to be to have not lived through at least one cycle of this and gone “waiiit, five years after that, humanity hadn’t changed much.”

Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 4

a/n: yes babes its finally here ehehehheh it will be quite rough cause people have requested me that so yeah i am sinning as i am writing this help me god!! oh and this is really long btw, at least for me

oh and (h/c) means hair color btw :)

characters: ok you know the drill but for anyone new its JOKER ; READER

warnings: quite rough smut, daddy kink (cause i know you perverts love that ;])

Time passed and it was all settled. A new maid had been hired, new stuff for me bought… I told him that I didn’t need anything new, that I could just drop by my place and get my stuff, but J insisted. He said ‘i will have everything for my princess to be happy’. That made my heart melt, but also many bank-robbings and heists happen. I didn’t know much about his business, only that it was dangerous.
Usually the day went by with me reading books, cooking, shopping or drawing while he was out - sometimes he’d take me with him to meetings to show that I was his girl. He came home either happy or mad but either way we’d end up having sex. Was I complaining? Not at all. I loved it, there was always something different each time.
As for today, he had woken up before me and probably gone out. But not before leaving a small bag on the floor next to where I was sleeping. I stretched out, sat up in the bed and picked up the bag. It was black and it had a little pink envelope of my name attached to it. He rarely did this. I carefully opened the envelope because I liked to keep them and read what the letter inside read.

my precious angel,

here’s something i’m definitely going to rip off of you, but put it on before 9pm and if you like, put some of that makeup on your face, there will be a car waiting for you at 9pm

there is some business i’d like to do and take you with me

- J

I smiled at the letter and put it back in the envelope. I looked at the clock on the nightstand - it was half past 11am. I smiled again and reached my hand into the bag. The material of something felt like silk. Oh my, I thought, pulling the contents out. I took the shiny one in my hands and laid it out on the bed in front of me. It was a shiny, kind of short silver dress with a very deep V cut. The cut ended where the belly button should be, starting on very thin straps that had beads all over them (a/n: ok we all know that joker likes his lady in a revealing attire so yah)

The other thing were panties. Well, they barely counted as because they were more strings. They were a blush-y red tone, and it was lace and only lace. He must really love lace on me. Last time I wore a pink lace lingerie set, he needed me right there right now. We were at a restaurant - yeah, how romantic - at one of his business meetings and, as J got a little hot and bothered, he discovered my choice of lingerie and had me there in the restaurant’s men’s room. That’s how much he loved lace on me.

Should I try the dress on now? Yeah, probably. I took off the large shirt I was sleeping in and stood up from the bed, taking the dress with me. Slipping on the dress and zipping the back of it, I looked in the mirror at myself. Wow, did the dress look good on me. It looked perfect on me, I looked perfect in it. I was turning and posing in front of the mirror when I heard a knock on the door.

  “Just a second!” I yelled out, slipping out of the dress. I put it and the lingerie back in the bag and put on the large shirt on me. It came down to my knee, so I was safe form exposure. I walked to the door and opened it. There was our maid, Jennifer who was only ten years older than me, standing with a smile.

“Good morning, miss.” She said and I smiled in response. J insisted on everyone in the house calling me 'majesty’ or 'queen’, and they’re scared of him. So I tell them to call me less… higher than them when it’s just me, but around J - they call me as he pleased. Oh, I felt pity for them.

“Hi.” I said, leaning against the doorframe with a goofy smile on my face.

“Breakfast is in the dining room.” She announced. Jennifer was almost like a mother to me. “Is everything okay, miss?”

“Yeah, everything is just perfect, Jen.”

“Okay. You just seem to be in a very good mood now, which is unusual but good.”

“All is good, my friend. I will be down in a few minutes.”

“Alright, miss. Anything else I can do for you?”

“No, thank you. You’re dismissed.” I said and closed the door after seeing Jen nod and leave. I actually felt bad for her and the other staff members - Joker was a scary guy around everyone and there were strict rules for the staff.

First and most important, you can’t tell anyone where and who you’re working for unless you want to get killed because Joker knows everything. Second, strict working hours. You must come to work 20 minutes before your actual shift starts and can’t leave until everything’s done. Third, you must do everything and anything Joker or the Princess ask you. This payed good money, but it was also a very hard and kind of a dangerous job. You just had to keep your mouth shut.

Breakfast was wonderful, as always. Jennifer always made amazing food, especially breakfast. There were always fruits, pancakes, eggs and everything else that I could desire. Sometimes she’d make glorious English breakfast, which she was good at, too. When J wasn’t having breakfast with me, I always let Jennifer sit with me. I tried to be nice to every staff member, even J’s henchmen - they deserved it.

The day all-together had gone by pretty quickly, and - sooner than I thought - I was already doing my makeup in the bathroom. Nothing major, just some mascara and pink lipstick. I took off my comfy clothes, put on the lacy lingerie and slipped into the dress again. My (h/c) curled hair fell perfectly over my shoulders and it was for me to decide what shoes to wear. Luckily, I had just the  pair of white heels, which would go well with the dress. 

Putting the shoes on, I noticed that it was already 8:59pm. I looked at myself in the mirror one last time and then exited the bedroom. I walked down the stairs, only to be met with two of J’s henchmen. 

“Good afternoon, miss.” One of them said and I smiled.

“Hi, boys.” I replied. “Here to take me to your boss?”

“Yes, miss. Let us escort you to the car.” Another one said. I walked up to them and they led me out of the house, into the chilly afternoon of Gotham’s autumn. They walked me to a black car and opened the backseat door for me. I gladly took a seat in the car and they closed the door.

The car ride was short, but it felt as if it was so torturously long. Maybe I just couldn’t wait to meet him. The man at the wheel stopped at J’s club and I couldn’t stop smiling. I really wanted to see him.

One of the henchmen opened the door for me and I stepped out of the car. My heels clicked against the ground as the henchmen led me into the club filled with music and drug-driven youngsters and gangsters. The henchmen walked me to the bar table where he was standing. He was slowly turning around and once his eyes found me, they sparkled. He was in a suit, he had a small purple bow around his neck. His green hair was slicked back, as always.

“Darling,” he said with the famous smile of his. “Come to Daddy.” He said and I needed no more to run into his arms. My arms went around his neck as his snaked over my waist and stayed there. 

“I missed you,” I said, putting my hand on his cheek. He growled.

“Mmm, I missed you too, baby girl.” He said through a growl and looked at my lips before kissing them roughly. One of his hands slid down to butt and grabbed onto it, and I was sure it’d leave a mark. “I really love how you look in this dress.”

“Well, I can only thank you, Mr. J for buying it for me.” I said with a smile.

“Yo, J,” I then heard somebody say from behind us. Joker’s head turned to the voice and the look in his eyes changed. It was probably a business guy. “Can we have the meeting now?” 

“You are not to say when we meet.” Joker sternly said at the tall guy. He was in a simple attire, unlike other people, and us, in the club. “But I’ll have my men escort you while I’m taking care of other business here.” His eyes narrowed at the guy. He followed J’s men while J himself turned back to me. “Now, my dear. Do you want to go dancing with other girls while I’m at business or do you want to come with me do business and show that guy you’re all mine?” J asked, tilting my chin upwards with his gloved hand.

“I want to come with you…” I almost moaned in response. 

“Then let’s go, my dear.” J said and turned around, putting his arms around my waist as we walked to the back of the club. There was a round section that was separated from the outside with bead curtains. A guard parted the curtains to let us through. The guy, J’s business partner was standing at a round table in the middle of a - also round - golden sofa chair. Joker moved me before him and whispered in my ear: 

“Sit down, doll.” I nodded and made my way into the circle, taking a seat on the sofa chair. Joker soon followed, sitting right next to me and putting an arm around my waist. “You can sit down.” He coldly spoke to the guy, who sat down across us. “Do you want anything.. to drink?”

“Nah, I’m not thirsty. Thank you, J.” The man responded. “Although I have to say - everything you offer is pretty valuable and priceless.” This man already seemed really sketchy to me. J had probably already cracked open his shelf by reading the man like an open book.

“What are you trying to do?” J asked in a menacing tone. “Sweet talk me?”

“No, J, I was just telling the truth.” He said, looking me up and down. A sketchy creep? Jesus. I felt J beside me tensing up and breathing heavily, seconds later his hand left my waist and was on my thigh, dipping his fingers into my skin. I put my hand over his and caressed his rough skin to calm him down.

“See her?” J gestured with his hand at me, looking the guy right in the eyes. “She… is all mine, only mine.” J saw the way the guy looked at me. Now he was afraid of Joker. “Do we have that clear?” 

“Yes, J.” The guy nodded. “But where’s Harley?”

“Harley? Who? Where’s Harley? Harley, Harley, Harley…” Joker turned his head all around. Harley? But who was that? “Harley… is not your business.”

“Yes, sorry for asking, J.”

“Now, let’s cut to the chase. I feel like there’s something you have to give me. Isn’t that… money?”

“Y-yeah, about that…” the guy trailed off, the fear was evident in his eyes. J narrowed his blue eyes at him. “t-the money’s gone.”

“The money’s gone?” Joker repeated. Oh, this was bad. 

“Y-yes, I’m sorry, J.” The guy’s head hung low. “If there’s anything I can do, I will. But it was so unexpected, if we-”

“You could shut up.” Joker interrupted in an angered tone. J then rose to his feet and walked over to the guy, sitting next to him. What was he about to do? “You know, people do deals. One does something in favor for the other and the other does them a favor in return. You know what I’m talking about?”


“Well, you and I had a deal. I did something in your favor. But you… didn’t do me a favor back. Now, do you know what I do with people like that?”

“No, J.”

“Doll face, don’t look.” J said as he was taking a gun from behind him, only I could see. Oh my God. “Sweets, look. Away.” He said again and I turned my head away from them, focusing on the beaded curtains. “I do this.” I heard right before the sound of a shot being fired sounded through the club. I screamed, as well as many other people. I turned my head back around and there sat J with a sinister look and blood splattered on his face. One of his henchmen handed him a handkerchief and he cleaned his face with it. Did he kill the man?

There was blood all over the sofa chair above the now dead body. I put my hand over my mouth, not believing what had just happened. It was the first time I had witnessed him killing somebody. Oh my God. And this was business for him. Oh dear.

J rose to his feet again and reached his hand out for me. I looked up at him with fear visible in my eyes.

“C'mon, sweets, let’s go. We have to go.” He said, impatience audible. I stood up, not to anger him even more and he took my arm, pulling us out of the round lounge. “We have something to do back home, baby doll.” We and J’s henchmen walked through the backdoor of the club and J pulled me into his lamborghini, in the passenger seat. I was really scared of him. He just killed someone. In front of me. So that was his way of taking care of people who don’t do him good. I definitely did not want to be on his bad list.

The car ride home was deadly silent and J’s hand was on my thigh all the time, creeping up and down. Once we were out on our driveway, J barked at his men to stay outside in case someone comes looking for us and dragged me inside. After he closed the door, I turned away, standing before him with my eyes to the floor. His fingers raised my chin up, but I turned away. He cupped both of my cheeks in his hands and raised my face to look at him, but my eyes were anywhere but looking in his. 

“Look at me, doll.” He said. “LOOK AT ME!” He shouted, making a tear escape my eye and I looked at him. “Good girl. Now… Daddy has some rage to express..” he said, sliding his hand underneath my dress. I didn’t want this, not in this situation. Yes, he came home angry and we had sex, but this was different. He killed a man with the same hand that was on my waist now. This was not wanted by me.

J growled and pressed a kiss between my cheekbone and ear. I sobbed, closing my eyes.

“What is it, angel?” He asked, slowly kissing down my neck. “Aren’t you enjoying this?” I didn’t speak a word for some reason, as much as I wanted to. Joker took me by my waist, hopping me over his shoulder. He walked through the house, up the stairs and entered a room - our bedroom - and dropped me on the bed. 

He crawled over my body and looked at me with that menacing look in his eyes. His lips pressed against mine as he growled, sending vibrations through my body. In the wrongest ways possible this was turning me on slightly.  His hands slid up under the dress, massaging my breasts with his rough touch while tears were rolling down my cheeks one after another. 

“Daddy..” I moaned out in a crying tone and J suddenly ripped the beautiful dress apart, exposing my upper half to him. 

“Now this is a sight I like to see.” He growled and there was even more aggressiveness and anger in his voice. He tugged the lace panties off of me, down my legs and threw them away. He then unbuckled his belt and I used the opportunity to back away from him. I brought my knees to my chest when I reached the headboard of the bed. J was at the edge of the bed, only in his boxers. He noticed me huddled away from him and snarled. J’s hand reached out politely at first, but then he grabbed my ankle and yanked my body towards him. “Why don’t you be a good girl and obey Daddy.” He said, growling the last two words, almost barking. Not waiting for my reply, he turned me over so I was on all fours before him. “You know Daddy doesn’t like it when you don’t obey him.” He spoke, running his hands up and down my sides, taking my breasts in his hands and groping, kneading at them. I released a moan and almost lost balance on my arms. 

Suddenly, without any kind of warning, he slammed his length into me (a/n: dear god help me i am sinning my father), releasing a high pitched moan from my mouth. His fingers combed through my hair, then grabbed it all in one hand and yanked my head up so my back was pressing into his chest. I yelped, but moaned again as he thrusted deeper. 

“O-oh, my God…” I managed to croak out. J pulled my head back by my hair so now it was resting on his shoulder.

“Do you like that, doll?” He asked huskily in my ear, thrusting into me again. I let out a breathy moan. “Do you like Daddy fucking you from behind, huh? Are you enjoying this?”

“Y-yes, Daddy, I am…” I said in between moans. He had already touched my G-spot and I was near my release already.

“You see, baby girl,” he spoke, lowering both of us onto the bed, “Daddy is very mad at the man not doing me good. But,” he said, running his hand down to my pulsating heat, “Daddy disliked even more the way that man was looking at my baby girl.” His lips sucked onto the skin on my neck, his fingers circled my clit and his cock thrusted into me from behind. I was already out of breath, he was driving me insane. 

Moans kept leaving my mouth as J was grunting and growling in my ear when he started thrusting even faster into me. I released an almost pornographic moan, grabbing the sheets around me.

“Nobody. Can have. My baby girl.” He growls in my ear, sending me over the edge. My whole body shivered as I rode out my orgasm and I felt him release his load into me. My breathing was ragged, but heavy as J pulled his cock out of me and exhaled deeply. I tried to calm down my breathing , sweat leaking everywhere on my body as well as his. 

His hands were on my waist as he turned me around so i was facing him. He kissed my lips with a growl of satisfaction and bit onto my lower lip. 

“Let’s get you cleaned up, baby girl,” he whispered. 


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Hey, just wondering if the characters have like switched personalities completely with the person they're replacing or if they just act a bit like them since they're suddenly in a completely different place in their life? This au is wonderful either way I just wanted to know! 😊

((mkay to answer this we came up with the following: the original character takes on the role of another character. The now swapped character still possesses the initial physical traits of the original character, like Rich’s lisp will not be transferred to Jenna and it’ll still be Rich who has a lisp.

But the behavior, personality, and interests of these swap!characters are prone to change. For example, Jeremy Heere likes video games and Christine Canigula likes theater so in this swap!au, Jeremy Canigula likes to play video games BUT with strong storytelling or musical driven basics/elements. Hopefully that answers your question and just know that we’re happy to answer questions like these!))


Vans Girls Music Crushes: Brianna Collins

Meet the soulful singer and keyboardist of the alternative/punk/indie band Tigers Jaw, Brianna Collins. The second we heard her sultry voice and beautiful piano melodies, we were instantly hooked and had to know more about her. We met up with the Pennsylvania native and roamed the streets of Long Beach, CA in our Old Skools, scoping out vintage thrift finds and rare records while chatting about tour, writing, and her band’s new record.

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Jennifer Aniston To Star In Anne Fletcher-Helmed ‘Dumplin’

Pic is a music-driven comedy in the vein of Pitch Perfect and Bring It On, and is based on the acclaimed Julie Murphy YA novel. The heroine is Willowdean, a confident, plus-sized, teen who is obsessed with all things Dolly Parton. To spite her mom (Aniston), Willowdean enlists some friends to join the local pageant.

aflatoffkingsroad  asked:

So the rumour is that WB have approached Mel Gibson to direct the sequel to Suicide Squad, which is sorta a perfect encapsulation of the DCEU at this point. Did you watch Suicide Squad? What did you think of it, considering your righteous disdain for BvS?

Ha! I’ve long felt that Mel Gibson (as a director) paved the way for Zack Snyder, so I suppose that’s appropriate enough regarding the DCEU as a whole. As for Suicide Squad, I’ll save detailed thoughts on script, style, characters, etc. for when @goodqueenaly and I cover it as part of the Year in Garbage, but yeah, it was a trainwreck.

The extensive reshoots and combinations of multiple cuts made it basically unwatchable in terms of editing. Seriously, everything else could be right about the movie, and the structure would still be fatal. Introducing the characters is a repetitive grind that eats up the first half, giving us a redundant amount of information about Deadshot and Harley while sparing so little for, among others, obvious redshirt Slipknot and (This Is) Katana (She’s Got My Back) that it immediately falls apart as an ensemble story, which was supposed to be the whole point. The buildup to Enchantress (a dull antagonist ill-suited to the setting and tone) going rogue is so poorly executed that the movie feels the need to literally reshow parts of it later in a vain attempt to explain itself. Viola Davis’ gleeful villainy, by far the best thing about this flick, is wasted because nothing about Amanda Waller lands in terms of plot. Her plans (stated and secret) are built up and then rendered moot, she promptly becomes an NPC to protect, then Enchantress kidnaps her and she’s out of commission up until the end, when she’s just kinda there. Any compelling charge to her being badder than the criminals is deflated because her actions and motivations don’t make sense and everything either gets canceled out or collapses in on itself. Hate to be all “what was the point of this movie,” but the haphazard way it’s stitched together leaves me wondering exactly that.  

Indeed, there’s a constant feeling of “and now this happens, and now this happens” throughout Suicide Squad, rather than the dynamic storytelling ideal of “this, therefore this, but then this, so therefore this.” Nothing feels cohesive, and every scene feels like it’s starting from scratch. It has that in common with Snyder’s DCEU entries, both of which are paced unbelievably poorly. Suicide Squad, however, isn’t a ponderous would-be epic; it’s aiming for a very particular music-driven montage sweet spot. The obvious reference points here, at least within popular American cinema, are Scorsese and Tarantino, and the latter circa Kill Bill especially seems like a huge influence on this movie to me (although Tarantino and his own idols borrowed a lot from comics, so what goes around comes around). Tarantino, though, can afford his riffs and indulgences because (most of the time) the underlying story structure is rock solid, the twists and turns landing just so. He’s always got a plan. In Suicide Squad, there is no plan–and that applies to the filmmakers and the studio as much as the characters in the movie. There’s only the facade of a singular identity. The on-the-nose soundtrack (Waller is introduced to “Sympathy for the Devil,” and then Harley asks if she’s the devil, in case the song selection was too subtle) stops and starts and lurches around, the neon aesthetic sold by the trailers shows up in a handful of shots and otherwise cedes ground to a drab ugly palette, and the less said about that bewildering embarrassment of a final fight the better.

And finally, Jared Leto. Just, Jared Leto. In the same year that they unleashed an obnoxious talking mop and insisted we call it Lex Luthor! But at least with Jesse Eisenberg, given the writer and director he was working with (compared to what David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin pulled out of him), it felt more like a “what did they tell you to do, man?” situation. With Leto’s Joker, everything we heard about him on set suggests that this performance is pretty much entirely his fault. And it’s…yeah, again, “unwatchable” is the operative word for Suicide Squad. I don’t know if it really can be said to sink below Zack Snyder’s twin unholy abominations, aka “9/11 But With Superman, And So Therefore Much Worse” and “People Are Angry At Superman In Vague Pretentious Unsatisfying Ways, Also Wonder Woman, Also Parademon Dream Sequence, Also Also Also,” but at least those are mesmerizing in how (misguidedly) ambitious they are, and thus in the sheer scope of their collapse. Both of them reach such operatic heights of self-indulgent noise by their respective climaxes that I kinda feel like they belong in a museum; they possess a unique flavor of bad. Suicide Squad doesn’t climb high enough to fall that far. Ultimately, it commits the sin it tries hardest to avoid: it’s boring.

Only Us (Part 1/2), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Reader owns a bookstore that Lin often frequents.

Words: 1,301

Author’s Note: I’m about…¼ of the way into my next fic (An Alex Lacamoire fic! What? Turns out I can write something that isn’t Lin!). This came from me having ‘Only Us’ from Dear Evan Hansen on repeat for the past few weeks.

Warnings: Cursing, obviously.

Askbox | Masterlist | Part 2

The look your employee gave you as she walked by said one thing.

He’s back.

You rolled your eyes at the ideas that must have been going through her head.

She had this little fantasy built up. He was a regular customer whose name you never were able to catch because his head was always tucked too deeply into a book. You were a little bookshop owner. It all made sense to her.

“Why would he pick this bookshop out of all the ones in New York? It’s fate.” She’d whisper the last word ominously, disappearing behind a shelf.

You’d huff in response, barely catching the flash of grey that was his jacket as he retreated out the door.

He never spoke unless spoken to (something you weren’t exactly inclined to do), he was always helped by whoever was working with you. You severely wanted to save yourself from the embarrassment that was your co-worker’s intense questioning about relationship statuses and whether or not he believed in fate.

You’d peek at the register through stacks of books, never getting a good look at his face from the angle you picked. He’d be gone in another flash, no trace left behind.

“He’s very cute!” Your co-worker would promise as you sheepishly continued with work, ashamed to be pining off a man you’ve never even seen.

One slow afternoon found you alone in the store, having sent home your co-worker so she could get ready for a date. You considered closing a little early; the sun had already set and the streets were no longer littered with tourists looking to score authentic New York knick-knacks.

Just as you settled on closing up shop, the familiar bell above the door rang happily - cutting you off from turning down the lights.

“Welcome in!” You immediately greeted, your customer service grin already spreading across your face.

Oh, shit.” The customer said, making you whip around. “You talk!” He grinned, brushing the snow that had collected on his shoulders off.

“It’s you.” You bit the inside of your cheek, wincing at the tone you had used, “Sorry! I just wasn’t really expecting anyone else to come in tonight.” Your eyes shot to the light blizzard outside, fighting the instinct to investigate the stranger you saw on a daily basis.

“Right, well. I have some specific requests. I feel like you of all places should have it.” He reached into his jacket to fish out a little torn up notebook. He started listing off a few books - flipping through his notes as he went off about the respective authors.

As he babbled away, you finally found it in yourself to take him in. He held a slight grin as his eyes stayed trained on the notebook in his hands. His brow was strong as he concentrated, eyes dark - especially in the dim lights of your store.

You connected the pieces in your mind - right down to that all familiar voice.

Do I know you?” You blurted, cutting off the little tangent he had gone on.

“I don’t think so.” He brushed you off, suddenly nervous. “Anyways-”

“No, you look really familiar to me.” You insisted, taking a step closer in order to investigate further.

“Well, I come here almost everyday-”

Lin?” Your face brightened as it dawned on you. “Lin from Mr. Wallace’s English class?”

“Yeah.” He grunted, “How do you-” He took you in for a moment, the first time he had really inspected your face closely, “Y/N?” He gasped, moving to embrace you tightly.

It had been years, but you could identify his babbling from anywhere. He was just as lanky as he was then, but taller. His face was rounder and he now sported a little goatee that complimented his long hair well.

“You look good.” You told him honestly, breathing in his scent as he tucked you close.

“And you-” He pulled you back to an arm’s length, “-wow.” He breathed, “I can’t believe it’s you - I’ve been coming to this place for what? A year now?”

You nodded, still remembering the rainstorm that forced him in the door. He was soaked from head to toe without a coat on. Your co-worker had made quick work or getting him something warm to drink and a towel as you sorted books in the back, oblivious that your high school crush had stormed in.

You sprang into action, flipping the sign on the door and starting a fresh pot of coffee in the back. Tugging on his arm, you ushered him to two armchairs in the back. He shed his jacket and slung it across the back. His shirt read ‘Mr. Write’, and you found yourself grinning.

He was still as passionate about writing as he was back then. You remembered overhearing talks about the next one act he had written, what the musical was going to be that year.

So-” You started, “Interesting selection you’ve got here.” You pointed to his list, a mixture of musically driven books, historical biographies, and - for some reason - a book on the Polynesian islands.

“Some projects.” He shrugged. “You own this place?”

You blushed as he looked around, taking in the worn and mismatching shelves.

“That’s pretty fucking awesome.” He admitted, laughing just to laugh.

You hadn’t really seen each other since high school, sharing a few classes but never making the trek past ‘we know each other’s names’ when it comes to the path of friendship.

Lin was certainly a memorable high school student. He was loud, he was opinionated, he had friends everywhere but he still wanted to partner with you when it came to projects in English.

“You’re the smartest.” He’d say, “Besides me, obviously.”

You both passed the class, leaning on each other for support against the inevitable senioritis that struck both of you midway through the semester.

He was always a very infectious person, someone who made you laugh when you wanted to do anything but. Deeply philosophical at the ripe age of seventeen, asking questions that made your teachers roll their eyes.

As you sat across from him for the first time in nearly twenty years, every silly hope that he would ask you to prom rushed back.

What was the adult equivalent to prom?

He avoided the topic of his career like a champ, overly bashful and deflective which had you slightly on edge. You couldn’t - even with your extensive brain - imagine him at an office desk. He had to be out there, creating something amazing.

His phone buzzed, and he jumped at the time.

“Holy shit, it is very late.”

You had been talking for four hours, and you wanted nothing more than to continue.

“I really need to go.” He slung his jacket back on, zipping it to brace himself against the cold, “But-” He quickly tore a page from his notebook, scribbling away. “Here is my number, I really want to keep talking to you.”

He rushed a goodbye and was gone in a flurry, leaving you dumbstruck with a scrap of paper in the middle of your store. You turned the paper over in your hand to see that, yes, it was a legitimate number.

You floated home in a cloud that can only be described as a contact high from Lin’s presence. After a quick shower, you slipped into bed to review orders and to edit your employee’s schedule for the next month. Your fingers lingered as you opened a new tab.

Before you could stop yourself, you were typing Lin Manuel Miranda into the search bar.

Expecting nothing but a few Facebook pages, you were surprised to see article upon article containing his name somewhere. You settled on a random article by the New York Times.

Hamilton to Extend Run at Public Theater.



anonymous asked:

Hey you got any fics where stiles gets drugged at the club and someone helps him (either sciles, sterek or basically any m/m)

These don’t all happen at clubs but they are Stiles getting drugged and someone helping him out. - Anastasia

Originally posted by lord-bat-jesus

Letter D: Drugged by authorangelita (angel)

(1/1 I 1,425 I General I Sterek)

Derek accompanies Stiles to a frat party where Stiles accidentally drinks a spiked beer.

i’ll be the one you won’t forget by spiekiel

(1/1 I 2,203 I Teen I Sterek)

Derek answers the phone. “Argent,” he grumbles warningly.

“I know,” Allison says, “you have that whole rule about ‘no calling past ten o'clock unless someone is dead or dying’, but - ”

“What do you want?”

It sounds like Allison’s out somewhere, the beat of base-driven club music slamming in the background. “Someone tried to roofie the pack. We, uh - sort of lost Stiles.”

Wait By the Light of the Moon by BarlowGirl

(1/1 I 4,418 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles leaned on Derek more than he walked out to the car, but they got there eventually, and it wasn’t long before Derek was trying to shove a drunk, apparently boneless teenager into his car.

“Jesus,” he muttered, cupping his hand over the top of Stiles’ head to guide him. “Don’t give yourself a concussion now, idiot.”

He folded the kid into the car and buckled him in, trying to avoid the soft skin of Stiles’ stomach where his shirt had rode up. Bad enough he had the Sheriff’s drunk, underage son in his car. He didn’t need to be hard while he drove home.

God, he was so going to get arrested again.


Came for the thumbnail, stayed for the music. 

BTS Reaction to a Female Drummer Joining the Band

Jin: I think Jin would think that having a female drummer play would be super unique and cool. You don’t really see a lot of girl drummers now-a-days, so he’d think that you are super talented to make it this far in your career.

Originally posted by bambamisaboomyinmypants

Suga: Honestly, and I won’t sugar-coat it; Suga would probably think you are a badass. In a good way of course! I mean, having to fight through all the social norms to prove your passion for music would make Yoongi admire you (and it might even turn him on a little, just saying)

Originally posted by bwiseoks

J-Hope: J-Hope would think that having a female drummer in their band would be really fun and he would love it 100%. Not only are you talented and driven towards music, but you’d also understand how they feel abut music as well, making you special in J-Hope’s sparkling eyes.

Originally posted by hopeshi

Rap Monster: Oh, this boy would be all about that. He’d find you to be tough and independent for breaking gender stereotypes; something that Namjoon would admire. He’d always want to talk with you and get input on certain music arrangements/lyrics since you have a niche for music as well.

Originally posted by mn-yg

Jimin: This cutie would want to be your best friend out of all the other members of the group. Not only because he’s a social butterfly to begin with, but also because he’d find your drive and passion fascinating. Jimin would look up to you as someone who works hard and plays harder.

Originally posted by bwipsul

V: Like Jimin, he would want to talk with you constantly to learn more about your music experience. He’d want to know why you picked the drums and how that’s impacted your life. V would also probably want you to feel at home with the other members, so he’d act as a guide for you until you get comfortable.

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Jungkook: He’d admire you from afar. He’d be kind of off putting at first, rejecting you but secretly he thinks that you’re super cool. He’d want to be close to you like Jimin is, but he’d be too shy to approach you. After all, you’re extraordinarily hot when you play the drums like that, and he’d feel intimidated (just a little bit).

Originally posted by donewithjeon

Yesterday, I spent the day with my best friend, Beta, whom I hadn’t seen for weeks; we played Mario Kart in the morning and went to the allotment in the afternoon. I received a surprise letter in the post from one of my international friends; they’d sent me some coins and a cute bracelet. I relaxed with my parents in the evening; we watched our favourite TV show while I played old games. It was a good day!

I got in to bed, realising I hadn’t checked my Tumblr notifications. I lazily grabbed my phone and had a quick look. And that’s when I saw this ask.

For those of you wondering, it’s referring to that night’s imagine, about some of the characters’ favourite music genres. Here’s what I said about Liechtenstein:

Liechtenstein: She may be an old country, she’s still a young girl, so she very much enjoys cheesy pop songs, though the lyrics often go over her innocent little head. Switzerland is very glad of this.”

My mind span through a Rolodex of ways to respond to that ask. Should I just delete it, to show how much I don’t care? Should I be witty and sarcastic, to make them feel bad for sending it? Should I produce a long rant defending myself, to demonstrate that I know what I’m doing?

But then I thought about the person who sent that ask. I don’t know why my characterisation of a fictional character pissed them off so much that they felt the need to issue me with a cease and desist, but here we are. And by ‘why’, I don’t mean ‘why they didn’t like the characterisation’. They made that perfectly clear. I mean ‘why they felt the need to express that dislike directly to me, behind the veil of anonymity’. Maybe they wanted to teach me a lesson. Maybe they wanted to just get it out of their system. Maybe they wanted to fight the good fight. I don’t know. But whatever they wanted, I realised that there was something plainly inconsiderate about their reasoning. Either they didn’t care how their ask would make me feel (likely because I’d infuriated them that much that they hungered for revenge), or because they just didn’t think about it (likely because their rage had consumed them to the point of irrationality). So I wanted to make them think about it.

I published the ask without a response. Did I agree with them? Was I angry or upset? Had I found it funny? I hope they saw it and thought about that. I’m inclined to think their mind immediately reached for agreement as my reaction, and that’s why I just published it. But I like to think that the options of anger, upset, and even hilarity planted the painful seeds of doubt. And I hope that they then considered whether they did the right thing or not: whether they worded it the right way - should I have been less aggressive? - and whether they ought to have sent it at all - should I have kept it to myself and just unfollowed them?

(Of course, it’s likely they didn’t see the answer without an answer. In which case: whoops).

I suppose I should respond now, though I’d rather not. I don’t want to validate this ask by defending myself against it, as if this is some kind of open discussion about my characterisation. It’s not. It’s someone who found catharsis in telling me that they hate how I write. Still, I’d like to thank the one anon who offered a reply. I don’t know if you were coming to my defense, or to Liechtenstein’s, or just to your characterisation of her, but thank you for this:

…because it’s a good point. It’s worth noting that living through strife doesn’t strip away every innocent and happy part of you. And living through war definitely doesn’t guarantee you’ll understand what DNCE means with their hit single ‘Cake By the Ocean’. My grandfather still struggles with ‘Netflix and Chill’.

And yes, that last sentence sounded silly, because this whole thing is just so damn silly. I have written Liechtenstein in other ways, echoing the trials she has been through in her long and besieged life. But I didn’t think portraying her as the haggard result of war and famine was quite appropriate for an ask about her favourite bloody music on a comedy-driven blog!

Now, I was going to write here about the kind of characterisations I don’t like, but I don’t think I will. Do you know why? Because it’s not my bloody business! If you want to dial down Liechtenstein’s innocence and dependence on Switzerland, then you’re perfectly entitled to! If you’d have answered that ask differently, then that’s great! But don’t drag the carcass of my characterisation to my doorstep in an attempt to show me who’s boss. What did you expect? That I’d bow to your superior wisdom, which you were so confident in that you hid your identity? That I’d take up arms and enter a lengthy and entirely pointless battle about who’s right? That I’d raise a white flag in surrender and weep as you sentenced me to death for portraying a fictional character in a way you don’t like?

But really, did you expect anything at all? Did you think about the consequences of sending that ask? Or did you just do it, as I suspect, to make yourself feel better? And, by the way, I hope you do feel better. I hope sending that ask gave you a little relief from the anger I caused you. Because otherwise, this was all a bloody farce.

Daveed Diggs Jets From ‘Hamilton’ Into the Future (NYT):

A few months ago, when Daveed Diggs was deciding whether to renew his contract and continue performing his roles as the Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in the Broadway sensation“Hamilton,” he had a moment of doubt.

His years with “Hamilton,” beginning with the earliest workshops and peaking with his Tony Award win for best performance by an actor in a featured role, had been a phenomenal, unique adventure. But fame of that nature, for a performer who had been plugging away at the margins for years, felt disorienting, and a little ephemeral.

“Guys, is this crazy?” he asked his agents about the possibility of moving on. “What if nobody wants me, and I don’t make any money anymore?”

He remembered this conversation in a disheveled room at the Fontainebleau Hotel here, where he and his girlfriend, the actress Jalene Goodwin, were spending a few quiet, do-not-disturb days thanks to “a little money and a little free time,” he said, laughing about a couple of luxuries “Hamilton” afforded him that, a few years back, were hard to come by.

Even though he had spent years in the theater and music trenches before “Hamilton,” he worried that the show — which has transcended Broadway acclaim to become part of the pop culture vernacular — could end up defining him. “It all seems fleeting,” he said, somewhat sheepishly but with extreme geniality, of his current renown. “It feels that the reason people want me is not built on anything.”

Nevertheless, he chose to leave “Hamilton” in July, and immediately stepped into a whirlwind: a new album with his long-running noise-rap collective, Clipping; a role on the hit ABC sitcom “black-ish”; a workshop for actors and writers looking to bridge hip-hop and theater; and more.

All of these wide-ranging projects demonstrate the commitments that have powered Mr. Diggs’s career thus far, including the dismantling of aesthetic boundaries and a devotion to black cultural politics. For someone with those interests, “Hamilton” — a hip-hop-driven musical that told the story of America’s founding fathers using an almost wholly nonwhite cast — was a natural home. Now Mr. Diggs, 34, is collaborating with old partners and seeking out new ones to keep those priorities front and center.

Silly Love Songs

There are exactly twenty-two cassette tapes in the shoebox under the passenger seat of the Impala. There have been exactly twenty-two cassette tapes in that box since Dean was twenty-five and bought a copy of Abbey Road and Combat Rock from a record store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Most of the tapes were John’s, inherited right alongside the Impala, the soundtrack of a life on the road: Motorhead and Lynyrd Skynyrd; Black Sabbath and The Kinks; there’s even some Springsteen in there that Dean is pretty sure belonged to his mom before everything went to hell. Dean (and even Sam) can pick some of them out without even looking: Kashmir’s label has worn off from being handled so many times; Back in Black has a noticeable chip in the left corner; Heaven and Hell is weirdly heavier than the rest. Dean’s lived by this music; driven back and forth across the country to the sounds of those tapes. There are exactly twenty-two cassette tapes in the shoebox under the passenger seat of the Impala, until one day, there are exactly twenty-three.


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