Paperman Sherlolly.

Inspired by musicalfantasy27’s fanart [x] and the Disney short film Paperman.

Anyone who may have been on the London Underground during an unseasonably warm afternoon in September might have witnessed something rather odd.

Every once in a while, a paper plane would flit past their heads, floating with the soft breeze.

Then another.

And another.

And then another.

Now, any adult witnessing this may have thought it to be a silly prank played by some naughty children.

A child however, has a greater imagination than a adult—especially if said adult is a regular commuter in a grey business suit.

One child was on the Underground that day; a child who went by the name of Adam. And Adam was not a happy child—certainly not that day. It can’t be helped really, when you have a bad day (and his day had been particularly awful indeed). The only good part of it had been when a balloon vendor decided to give him his big red balloon, free of charge simply to “make him smile”. It hadn’t worked. But he’d kept the balloon anyway.

When he stepped onto the Hammersmith & City train to get to his home, he didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary. Instead, he sat down and watched as the train pulled away, leaving him and a grey-faced old lady as the only people in the carriage. Having nothing to do, Adam began to quietly whistle.

That whistle however, died when they got to the station for Baker Street and the doors opened. In fell a man.

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