mussthemoose asked:

Hey SC. What is the most bizz nasty quizz crazy shoop da whoop stupid thing you have ever encountered?

dude at least half of those weren’t even words

I get the gist, though. In terms of actually encountering things, probably the time terriblyTroublesomeTriptych raised a small consort army to man trebuchets against my house. It was honestly pretty mundane for the stunts she tried to pull in her constant attempts to take my life, but it was notable primarily for the consorts’ alarming dedication to effectiveness. When they ran out of heavy objects to throw, those little turtles just pulled their arms and legs in and loaded themselves as ammo. What is this, Mario Kart?

I recently rolled Seer of Doom, though, and holy cow, the hypothetical situation in which Ms. Paint leads an angry torch-wielding mob of Prospitians against the dreamers was frankly ludicrous. The Blight’s a real joker, it seems.