Musical Alphabet day 22- S is for Shrek the Musical

So this one is interesting. As weird of a concept this musical is, it’s actually pretty good. The music especially brings it to life in a way. Plus Sutton Foster is forever my role model, she is flawless. Seriously though, I was suuuuper skeptical when I watched this show for the first time, but it’s actually pretty good. So there ya go.


Musical Alphabet day 14- N is for Next to Normal

Another unbelievable musical. It really doesn’t get much better than this. The music of this show fits perfectly with the mood it’s taking at the current point. The characters are just so real. You really empathize with all of their emotions, and you want them to be okay again. You see everything from each of their perspectives, and it takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. I definitely cried the first time I saw it… and maybe the second…….. And anytime I hear “I Dreamed a Dance”. *sniffs* it’s honestly one of the most heartbreaking shows I’ve seen. Not to mention the original cast is just so perfectly fitted. Every last one of them brings that perfect something to their role.