So, I was thinking about how Anxiety pretty much looks the part of JD, but JD isn’t so much just about dressing in black as he is about delusions of grandeur; a sort of flowery, dramatic way of speaking; and grand, romantic(ally twisted) gestures that result in the death of whatever is troubling his beloved.

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(Although I still maintain that Roman would make a good Heather C., too.)

Our Love Is God (Part 4)

Summary: Someone’s past can change them for the worst. They can break and do major damage. School, parties, and family drama contribute. But what if you’re the one who can help hold everything together, and cause the storm.

A/N: This is a Riverdale/Heathers crossover. Unless you want one long imagine, this is gonna be in parts, so let me know if you want another crossover. Just DM me the show or song or prompt you’d want. This imagine also doesn’t correspond with the TV show, so that being said, Jason Blossom is alive and Reggie isn’t in the show (sorry).

Pairing: Jughead x fem!reader, feat. core

Warnings: Swearing, a bit of smut

I stumbled onto the sidewalk, wiping the tears from my drunken face. The night replayed in my head, pounding and crashing against my skull like the wave pool at water parks. My feet drunkenly carried me to wherever I wanted to go. After what felt like hours of tripping over my feet, I finally got to a secluded area. My hands reached for a lamp support and I looked up. The Drive-In. It was closed off with yellow caution tape around the entrance and the movie screen was blank with big rips in the fabric.

My feet took off again, and I felt a breeze of exhilaration rush through my veins. Thinking about what the demon queen of high school decreed, I picked up the pace, hopping through the tape. I saw somebody walking around, in all black. Being so drunk, I tried to run after them. My feet, once again, started stumbling and tripping over each other, so down I went. The ground was dirt and rock, and lucking I face planted in a pile of sand and soot. Heavy feet ran up to me, but my head was still face down. I was too drunk to move, so I laughed.”


Two strong hands hoisted me off of the ground, one arm was wrapped around my waist and the other held my head, wiping off the dirt. I giggled and tried slapping the hand away. My legs gave out once more and I fell into the man in black.

“I’m taking you home.”

The man bent down and picked up my legs, bridal carrying me out of the Drive-In. I looked up through my half closed eyes and saw a grey blur on top of his head. The night sky seemed to get darker as my head fell into the crook of his neck. 

I was shaken awake. The car stopped running and I yawned, stretching my arms. I looked over to see Jughead with a smirk on his face. He hopped out of the truck and went to my side, opening the door and helping me out. His hand never left my waist as he led me to the trailer. Poor guy, not even a real home.

He used his free hand to unlock the door and led me inside. Jughead sat me on the couch and got me a glass of water. As he handed me the glass, I took the time to admire him. His hair looked ruffled and he had bags under his eyes. Tired, upset, and concern was on his cute face.

As I grabbed the cup from him, I felt a weird compulsion. I stared at the glass of water, thinking about my next move.

“You okay, (Y/N)?”

He leaned down to put his hand on my face, observing my face. Fuck, I wish I wasn’t drunk. I gave him a drunken smile and nodded. Jughead had a smirk growing on his face and then I snapped. I stood up, surprisingly steady, set the water on the coffee table and leaned in. My hands cupped his cheeks and I closed the gap between us. He was shocked and remained still, then gave a forceful kiss back. His hands went to my waist and I had to go on tiptoes to reach his mouth. After a few minutes of furiously making out, he pushed me back and we never reached the wall, instead he led me into the hallway and opened the door to his bedroom.

As I ripped off my blazer, Jughead pulled away.

“How’d you find me at the Drive-Inn?”

I put my finger on his lips and shh’d him. I pushed him down to his knees and put my hands on his broad shoulders.

“Listen, I’m hot, pissed and on the pill. Now loose your tighty-whiteys.”

He had a hard smirk on his face, then picked me up by the thighs and threw my onto his bed. He ripped off of his shirt and he went for me. As he kissed my neck, he pulled back up to look me in the eyes.

“You’re beautiful.”

I woke up in a hot mess of clothing and Jughead spooning my hips. His head was on my stomach and we were both naked. I leaned my head back on the pillow and let out a quiet laugh. My hand went into his hair and ran my fingers through his black locks. Looking around the room, I saw pictures of him as a kid with his mom, dad and little sister. His prized beanie was hanging from a lamp in the corner of the room. His messenger bag was hanging from the chair pushed into his desk, with papers overflowing from the drawers. Fairy lights decorated the ceiling and there were a few huge holes in the grey walls.

Jughead stirred and slowly began to wake up. He let out a yawn and began running his fingers across my hips and thighs. He twisted onto his chin, which rested on my belly button. He looked at my chest and smirked, replaying last night and admiring the purple marks trailing down my torso. We could stay here forever

The clock in his room started ticking, and something clicked inside me, too. Cheryl.

I let out a harsh gasp and whipped up, forcing Jughead off of me and getting out of bed. I looked around the room for my bra and shirt. Jughead sat up in bed, swinging my lace bra in between his fingers.

What’s the rush?

I whipped around the snatched the bra, putting it on and then clipping it.

“I’ve got to get to Cheryl’s house.”

Jughead hopped out of bed, walking over to me and wrapping his arms around my waist as I buttoned my blouse.

“You said you were done with Cheryl.”

I rolled my eyes and turned around to Jughead, and it took everything in me not to go for round two. Because, fuck, it was really appealing in this moment.

“Yeah, and that was a sweet fantasy world about Cheryl. A world where everyone is free. But now it’s morning and I have to go kiss her aerobicized ass.”

“No you don’t.”

Jughead turned around to grab his boxers and pants.

“I have to… I’m not strong like you. What are you doing?”

He sat on the bed and buckled his pants. He looked up through his black, ruffled hair.

“I’m coming with you.”

My eyebrows lifted and a grateful smile melted onto my face. As he stood up, I walked over to him and gave him a small kiss. Then I pulled away and patted his chest.

“By the way, you were my first.”

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Hello children

Believe it or not I do art and stuff (very bad art)

And um thing is

I need money to pay for a cosplay, for these specifically.

I know its stupid but I have had commissions open for a while and I would love if anybody could help me out, check the ‘my crappy art’ tag for examples and message me if you’re interested

  • heathers, both the movie and the musical: a black comedy, but still a commentary against the glamorization and sensationalization of suicide by media and fellow peers, the uselessness and apathy of adults in position of power to help children when their struggles in their most critical moments, the senselessness of violence in solving problems, and how environments like highschool can become so awful because of how people feel compelled to become a part of it instead of trying to change their world. but ultimately it is better to be alive than dead, to reject the idea of confronting your peers and problems with violence, and instead chose to change your world by being kind to one another
  • people who should get gold stars for missing the point: "yeah but how cool was it when JD murdered the cool kids?"