Song of the Day 

Somethin’ Stupid - Frank and Nancy Sinatra 

You can vote during the broadcast of Mnet M!Countdown today even as an international fan! This counts towards 10% of the vote, so please make sure you do if you can.

Text 인피니트 to +00822336 / 00822336 / +822336 / 822336 [source]

Only do this once per phone number! Let’s get INFINITE their first win!


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Ripper St S5 Modern AU Playlist - YouTube
Ripper Street playlist.

Just for a bit of fun, I made this playlist of songs that felt somewhat fitting for S5, using contemporary songs that reminded me of various characters, scenes in the trailer, and just the general themes.

(I also tried to make it get a little ‘happier’ as it progressed, cos, you know, optimism and all that) 

Anyway, I hope it’s nice to listen to! 

Let’s Play Tag, Sjätte Delen : Music

     Tagged by the marvoulous @mariposaheart, who stated the rules as follows:

     “Use only songs from one artist to creatively answer 9 questions, then tag 10 peeps.”  

     Thanks for the tag mariposaheart. ❤️ Shall we begin? 

     My artist(s) of choice: The Dresden Dolls


Gender? Girl Anachronism

Description of Me? Ultima Esperanza (lol ☺️ I kid, I kid)

How do I feel? Pretty In Pink

If I could go anywhere, where would I go?  Amsterdam (Jacques Brel cover)

Favorite mode of transportation? My Alcoholic Friends

My best friend is? Coin-Operated Boy

My favorite time of day? Night Reconnaissance

If my life were a TV show, what would it be called? Dirty Business

Relationship status? Mrs. O


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     Participate or bow out as you wish -no one is under any obligation to play.  However, anyone and everyone (named or unnamed in this round) who wants to participate is MORE THAN welcome to join the game.

     Come on in, folks, the water is just fine.  😃