T3M Album Review: Foxing- Dealer

Sometimes, being bound to your past can be infuriating, stressful, or even nerve-wracking, and, unfortunately, for bands these emotions are often felt to the extreme.  A band’s work is scrutinized; it is dissected in comparison to older work.  Solid debut albums can, in a convoluted type of way, wreck a band in the future.  And, unfortunately for the Missourian emo-indie group Foxing, their first LP, The Albatross, which was released in 2013, was a masterpiece.

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T3M Song Premiere: Tri-State Era- Seven-Act Summer

Hailing from the Constitution State, Tri-State Era are a band that you should quickly familiarize yourself with. Check out this brand new track titled “Seven-Act Summer” from their upcoming EP Between Us and What Could Have Been Saved after the jump!

FFO: Somos, Better Off, Pentimento

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Logan Lerman - I crave you