What she says: I’m fine.

What she mean: Troy and Gabriella met in the first High School Musical movie on New Years Eve. So when they met again at school, it was probably already halfway through the school year in January. They were in the spring musical, which was probably March or April. That means they’ve known each other for at least three months before they sang Breaking Free. In beginning of HSM 2, school is out in that same year. It has mentioned that Troy and Gabriella has started dating since sometime after the first HSM. Presumably, school got out in June. So that means that they have been dating at maximum 3 months. Then they on the country club job and spend the summer together. When Gabriella quit, it was probably well into the summer so I’m gonna guess more than halfway through. If that’s the case, Gabriella left around July or August. So when they sang Gotta Go My Own Way, Troy sings, “What about us? What about everything we’ve been through?” I’m like, “Bitch, you’re been dating her for 4 months. All you’ve been through to trying to sign up a musical when you have so experience what so ever, when there’s Sharpay and Ryan, who has has been in the show business their entire fucking life.”

I’m so sick of this stigma that theatre geeks’ favorite musicals can’t be High School Musical or Les Mis or Wicked or Phantom or Hamilton or any other popular musicals. Like. There is a reason it is popular, and that’s because it’s good.