musical: summer snow


SDK yesterday recording:

  • Hirosue Ryoko x Koike Eiko (*scheduled to broadcast on 2013/07/07)
  • Wada Akiko x Takeda Shinji (*scheduled to broadcast on 2013/06/23)
  • Summer Holiday Special (*scheduled to broadcast on 2013/08/04)

~ in Hirosue Ryoko x Koike Eiko episode, a participation of Makihara Noriyuki. The resurrection of Ichimon Ittou. For the music performance, KinKi Kids perform their “NATSU NO OUSAMA”, which according to Yoshida Ken, the last time was on 2004.

~ in Wada Akiko x Takeda Shinji episode, a participation of DAIGO. Akko-san first time guesting since LLA and Shinji first time to come as the guest on SDK. For the music performance, Wada Akiko collaborates with Domoto Tsuyoshi performing “FURUI NIKKI”.

~ in Summer’s Special episode, The Domoto members (KinKi Kids, Takamizawa Toshihiko, Nishikawa Takanori, Takahashi Minami, Makihara Noriyuki, Takeda Shinji, DAIGO, and Enari Kazuki), each picks 2 songs of memorable famous song.


Tsuyoshi+Hirosue = Summer Snow = Natsu no Ousama!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY, really really really love that song, It’s been so long~ Well, it’s one of KinKi most difficult songs, and, and, Furui Nikki!! with the original singer too, huwaaa, and glad that it’d be broadcasted this week ^^

[FT NEWS] FTISLAND 10th Anniversary ② 5 Member Band →Expands Horizon In Acting·Radio·Musical

FTISLAND debuted a 5-member band in 2007. 10 years later in 2017, all 5 of them established themselves as all-around entertainers.

FTISLAND debuted with Choi Jonghun (leader, guitar, keyboard), Lee Hongki (main vocal), Lee Jaejin (bass, vocal), Choi Minhwan (drum) and Oh Wonbin (guitar, vocal.) They appeared to be at risk in 2009, when Oh Wonbin quit but in the same year, they recruited new member Song Seunghyun (guitar, vocal, rap) and completed FTISLAND of today. Despite a member change, FTISLAND became more active both in Korea and overseas. 

Just as they have to showcase a difficult charm on stage based on his position, FTISLAND members also expanded their individual horizons.

Lee Hongki revived his resume as a child actor and tacked acting first. He was loved for his cute charms in 2009 SBS drama ‘You Are Beautiful.’ In 2013, he made a screen debut with move ‘Passionate Goodbye.’ Not only that, he appeared on various variety programs with his eloquence and promoted FTISLAND. He also starred in musical ‘The Days’ and showed off his acting and vocal skills. 

Lee Jaejin also worked as an actor.  He debuted as an actor on 2007 daily sitcom KBS2 ‘Unstoppable Marriage,’ and starred in web drama ‘The Flatterer Yap!’ and ‘My Only Love Song.’ Choi Jonghun, who recently appeared on ‘The Law Of The Jungle’ also worked as an actor. He was the lead in web dramas ‘Prince Of Prince’ and ‘88th Street.’ Choi Minhwan took the musical stage. He showed off various charms in ‘Gwanghwamun Love Song,’ ‘Palace,’ and ‘Joseph Amazing.’ His same-age friend Song Seunghyun also shined in musical ‘Jack The Ripper,’ ‘Summer Snow’ and ‘The Three Musketeers.’

Now in their 10th year, FTISLAND has earned the title ‘a long-loving group.’ But FTISLAND members are still active in various parts. Lee Hongki regularly appears on tvN ‘Our Life Academy’ and hosts KBS COOL FM ‘Lee Hongki’s Kiss The Radio’ every night as a DJ. Lee Jaejin also stars in SBS weekend drama ‘Sister Is Alive.’

As a band that depends on the collaboration of 5 members, FTISLAND members are also working hard individually in acting, radio and musicals. We look forward to what else they will show.

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i really want hook and ariel to develop a legit brotp though

like, she thinks of him as the big brother she never had and she’s the little sister he never wanted and she insists on giving him unsolicited romantic advice of dubious utility (“ooh, here’s a great present, she’ll love it!” “ariel, love, this is a set of cutlery.”) and she plays his unwanted wingwoman, which she’s actually really good at, because, you know, ariel can’t lie to save her life and she’d have no reason to anyway, so if she’s saying nice things about him, obviously they’re true

and maybe emma thinks they had something going in the missing year and that’s what he’s hiding and she’s trying to snark her way through it (“what would sebastian think?” and “why am i not surprised that you’d get it on with a mermaid?”) but ofc she’s seething with jealousy and ariel has to shut her down but she thinks it’s super-ridiculous because “oh, come on, he gave up his ship to get back to you, it’s not like he’s gonna jump on the first pretty face who walks by” and emma’s just like HE WHAT

and goes to confront him about it and ariel is running after her like “oh fuck i fucked up i fucked up shitshitshit” and before emma can start she’s screaming I’M SORRY I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS A SECRET and hook is facepalming so hard because jfc i cannot take you anywhere fuckin’ mermaids i swear

i just want her to become his obnoxious little sister-slash-begrudging best friend-slash-shipper on deck-slash-personal matchmaker ok

I know most of you loved Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars back in the day. Don’t deny it. At least, until the sappy go to ballad became way overplayed. But it still melts you every time, doesn’t it? If you’re itching for some car chasing but you’re still a bit tired of the original, you’ll love this new remix of the classic by Florida’s Thero. He brings copious amounts of his summery beaches and palm trees to the song, giving it a tropical and chill house makeover that flows languidly and sooths gently, like fluffy cumulus clouds floating across the sky. Thero applies a delicate touch on the original’s melody, instead sampling it reservedly to create a fresh new dreamy tune with lush new instruments including lightly crunchy guitars, sublime marimbas, and comforting horns. Thero’s Chasing Cars is wistful yet sublime.

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FEELS // listen

a good compilation of songs to listen to when you get hit with a huge wave of feels

1. by your side - beachwood sparks // 2. in the aeroplane over the sea - neutral milk hotel // 3. robbers - the 1975 // 4. myth - beach house // 5. back to life - 3oh!3 // 6. bed peace - jhene aiko // 7. ramona - beck // 8. there is a light that never goes out - the smiths // 9. big jet plane - angus and julia stone // 10. somewhere only we know - keane // 11. chasing cars - snow patrol // 12. april come she will - simon & garfunkel // 13. fake plastic trees - radiohead // 14. holocene - bon iver // 15. fallingforyou - the 1975 // 16. you & i - one direction