musical: phantom 25

So I'm watching Phantom (again)...

And I realized something, in All I Ask of You Raoul says “say you NEED me with you here, beside you” and in Point of No Return Erik says “say you WANT me with you here beside you.” I just thought it was interesting that you can see the Raoul wanted to be needed and Erik needed to be wanted….

I feel like the Phantom killed Piangi not just to make it easier to impersonate him, but to also get back at Carlotta for mocking his script.
Think about it. He killed Joseph Buquet, who had mocked him earlier. He dropped a chandelier on several hundred people because the managers weren’t taking him seriously. Everyone who had mocked him or didn’t take him seriously payed for it in some way. His way of making Carlotta pay for it was to kill the man she loved.