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[TRANS] PlayDB - "INFINITE, who came back like a ‘Typhoon’”

This fall, idol ‘INFINITE’, who wants to sweep through the music industry like a ‘Typhoon’, came back with their mini 6th album. From the title track ‘Typhoon’s point choreography, which the INFINITE members themselves showed us, to the secret to an idol’s longevity. After the press showcase and before the fan showcase, we met INFINITE at the Interpark office. Contrary to what the reporter thought, which was ‘Will they be chic all throughout the interview?’, INFINITE in person was the very definition of youth, full of innocence and mischievousness. We’ll now reveal our exclusive interview with INFINITE, who was full of laughter despite their tiring schedules.

INFINITE’s 6th mini album’s title track is ‘Typhoon.’ Just from the title, it’s intense. What kind of song is it?
WH: It’s a song that leaves an impression with the lyrics, which compares a breakup to a typhoon. Like how when there’s a typhoon, the eye is calm but everything around it is swept away, it’s a song that describes how you can’t escape from the memories of your love.

DW: We put a lot of work into this song, so I hope everyone enjoys it with pleasure and sensibility.

INFINITE is famous for ‘knife-like choreography.’ Is there a particular dance that you put a lot of attention to in ‘Typhoon’ as well?
HY: In this title track, there are two dance breaks during which we dance very intensely. In the first one, Woohyun, Dongwoo, and I dance, and in the latter one, all seven of us dance. Not only is it a physically-demanding dance — you might feel like passing out if you danced it once on stage — it also only looks good when you focus. I will tell you that it’s a very hard and difficult dance.

WH: There’s a dance in the chorus during which we use one hand to cover our faces. That’s the most memorable one for me. (If you were to name this dance?) ‘I don’t want to see your face,’ ‘I just cannot look at you’ dance? ‘What nonsense!’ dance?

INFINITE has now become an idol on its seventh year of its career. What is your secret to longevity?
SG: It’s your attitude. I think it’s important to always think that this is the beginning, not the end. I’m always at the beginning, you know!

DW: We’ve experienced a lot of things ahead of time ever since we were trainees, so I think (our teamwork) is solid. We’re the type of people to directly say our problems when there is trouble. If we feel like the conflict has deepened a bit, then we resolve it over time too.

WH: Strangely, we fought a lot when we were preparing as trainees, but we became closer as time passed. Now we know each other so well, that we laugh when we see each other.

You came back as a whole group after a year and two months. With your promotion ahead of you, is there anything that you wish from each other?
SY: I wish for Sungjong to come back to hair colors that the rest of us have. He’s just too blonde by himself. (Laughter)

SJ: Because we practice a lot and have many schedules, there are members who are fatigued and physically hurt. I wish everyone wouldn’t be in pain, recover quickly, and carry out our schedules well. I wish for them to be healthy.

L: For me, I wish all the members will do well, like they always have up to now.

DW: I have something that I wish from the company, more than from the members. (Members: OHHHH~) I wish they would give me a lot of work. I want to do more schedules. I’m very eager. I rested for a year and two months, and it feels like I’ve rested for a long time. But I was in a musical too, of course. I wish they would help me to be more active.

Then what does Dongwoo want to try?
DW: I really want to try being a radio DJ. I really like talking. I hosted Naver V app by myself just recently and I did it for one and a half hours. I really like talking. (Before the comeback, each member of INFINITE hosted V app live for their fans.)

HY: I think it’ll be good if Dongwoo-ssi did it at 2am. It was very sleep-inducing. (Laughter)

DW: I heard that a lot of people passed out after watching my broadcast.

INFINITE branded ‘That Summer’ and has been doing ‘That Summer’ concerts every two years. Is there a special reason for this?
WH: For the future? Just kidding. We continue doing it because there’s this charm of interacting with the fans more closely. This year, we wanted to meet fans in other provinces, so we held the concert in Busan as well.

Sunggyu and Dongwoo were in a musical together during INFINITE’s individual activities. Was there a role that you wanted to try while you were in the musical?
SG: Musicals, I really want to do them, of course. I honestly want to try the role of ‘Mozart.’ I watched a lot of shows recently, and I thought it was a cool role that I want to try once. The numbers are really famous and good, so I definitely want to try it.

DW: I think of roles more than the musicals. (SG: Quasimodo? (Laughter)) Haha. I want to try a role that’s not normal. For example, like the role in <Jekyll and Hyde>, with a multiple personality disorder.

WH: I was in this musical called <Gwanghwamun Sonata> before, and if I have the chance, I want to try acting as Jiyong again.

DW: I think Woohyun-ssi will also be good as the prince from <Wicked>.

SG: And not long ago, I watched <Phantom of the Opera> with Woohyun-ssi. I want to try a musical like that if I get the opportunity.

WH: Me too

With your promotion ahead, if you had a word for your fans?
WH: INFINITE will work hard with our 6th mini album’s title track ‘Typhoon,’ so please stay tuned. We will be a cool group that will grow with you, so please cheer for us until the end. Till now, we were INFINITE.

Translated by: togetherinspirit7


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Gwanghwamun Sonata Rice donations by Yunho fansites.

It congratulates Uknow Yunho’s appearance in ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’ and donates the rice to Japanese Earthquake affected areas.

In total, 650kg of rice was donated by Japanese and Korean Yunho fansites. 

Based on the messages in the first pic, there’s extra 20kg of rice by a Japanese duo fancafe as well.

Translation of the messages are as follows:

JAPAN FAN CAFE ☆Y&C☆SUPER STAR: ♥We are T Supporting all along♥

Jung Yunho Hot Movement Personal Yoonho: TODAY.IT’S.ACTOR.JUNG! Thrive Jung Yunho!

KACHIKAJA Be with Yunho: Person of love and touching♡ Jung Yunho fighting!

Haroo with Yunho: Always with you, always love you.

-this is sort of quoting the late Lee Younghoon, who composed songs for Gwanghwamun Sonata.

YUNHO ONE: Supporting shining Yunho’s activities♡

-…I’m guessing it says “光輝くユンホの活躍を応援しています♡”?