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Broadway Producers Launch On-Demand Streaming of Stage Shows
Two Broadway producers have launched BroadwayHD, an on-demand service that will stream recorded theatre productions as Netflix and Hulu have been doing for broadcast media, according to Variety.

If you haven’t seen this, be EXCITED! Broadway Netflix! 

The theatre community is finally catching up with the way the world works. We’re already seen as pompous and rich because theatre can only appeal to people with the resources and time to get to New York and buy $100+ tickets. 

Now a small town, middle class kid can get to be touched by and fall in with theatre. We don’t need to watch shitty, illegal bootlegs to see great shows! There’s not to many shows up right now, but hopefully producers will realize how smart this is and put more hows up. Support this amazing site! 


Renamed Musicals
  • • Les Miserables:Breadsticks Meme Gone Wrong ft. The Only Cop in France.
  • • Miss Saigon:Americans Fuck Shit Up, the musical!
  • • Legally Blonde:This is Harvard, not a Stripper Bar.
  • • Wicked:Misunderstood Green Girl and Sparkly Witch Hide Lesbian Feelings
  • • Little Women:That Story Where All the Girls Fall in Love
  • • Book of Mormon:Spooky Mormon Hell and Crude Gay Humor Clash w/ Sparkly Tuxedoes.
  • • Shrek:Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover; Another Show About Diversity.
  • • The Last Five Years:How Not to Adult: A Manual
  • • Joseph and the blah, blah, blah:Fifty Shades of Bible Humor
  • • Suessical:Always Trust that Weird Voice you Hear PS Elephants Can’t Fly
  • • Songs for a New World:I’m Sure There’s a Story Here Somewhere…
  • • Thirteen:Puberty Sucks Plus Jewish Jokes and Weird Sexual Tension
  • • Matilda:We’ll Fight Like Twenty Armies and We Won’t Give up ft. Miss Honey’s Self Esteem Issues.
  • • Spring Awakening:Why Sex Ed Matters, the musical!
  • • Next to Normal:The Story of a Sexy Ghost
  • • Avenue Q:Horney Puppets Use the Internet for Porn and Then Build a School For Monsters.
  • • Children of Eden:Bible fanfiction.
  • • The Drowsy Chaperone:Hallucinations of a Man in a Chair
  • • Violet:Sutton Foster and a Sob Story ft. Indecipherable Accents
  • • Anything Goes:Into the Woods, Except on a Ship
  • • How to Succeed:A Dummies Guide to Making an Ass Out of
  • Yourself
  • • Once on this Island:Why Gods Should Not Interfere With Humans
  • • Into the Woods:Fairytale AU on Crack
  • • Fun Home; Gay Tears, the musical!
  • • In the Heights:Everybody has Issues in the Barrio.
  • • Chess:East West Relations Under Different Masks and Various Plots
  • • RENT:Diversity, Death, and Drugs.
  • • Annie:My Life Sucks: By Me.
  • • Sweeny Todd:Revenge Means Killing Everybody
  • • Young Frankenstein:It Runs in the Family.

You can play the Phantom, you can play Ariel, you can play Danny Zuko, you can play Annie, you can play Valjean, you can play Elphaba, but until you play Milky White you ain’t shit in the musical theatre world.

  • Me, alone in my bedroom:ONE DAY MOOORE I did not live until todaaay onE MORE DAY ALL ON MY OOOWN I will LEARN THEIR LITTLE SECRETS I will KNOW THE - ONE DAY MOOORE Tomorrow you'll be worlds awaaay NEVER KNOW YOUR LUCK WHEN THERE'S A FREE-FOR-ALL And yet with you my world has starteeed