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She sat at the edge of the docks. Legs dangling above the dark water. In the midst of all the silence, She played. In this dark world, she was the light. She and her magical gift of music. The sweet tune of her violin, Healed those lost in the deep anxiety of the world, She plays. (Could you illustrate something like that with Nyo!Austria please? If you don't do these things just ignore it lmao) -Aesthetic Anon

a little illustration for yall 

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(2/2) 2) I always said that I'd name my first cat Mozart but since I'll probably never have one, and also Harry is musically gifted in this AU (!) I'm headcanoning that's the name of her cat now without a doubt. 3) So like the tomarrymort shipper in me almost doesn't want to say this, because I feel that if Harry/Tom(Voldemort) is ever an option, I must encourage it? But I'm a mid-key shipper of Harry/Ron so like??? I'm vaguely on-board this hypothetical train ok???

Mozart yes okay the official cat name for this nonexistent fem!harry AU is Mozart I like it

Well she would obviously date around. One think I hated about the books was like. Harry never dated? Like okay he went on ONE date with Cho but they were never in a relationship and the Ginny happened and that was IT. How many people marry the only person they really dated I mean come one. I want some ex’s floating around, some drama, ya feel

First, with all of this, you have to realize something that music snobs fucking hate: One Direction and the Beatles are very similar. They both got their fame because of a massive, obsessive teenage girl fanbase. The One Direction following is just like Beatlemania. Both One Direction and The Beatles wrote their own music. (Yes, you read that right! Contrary to popular belief, One Direction wrote 52 of the songs on their 5 studio albums). One Direction also are musically gifted, with albums ranging from bubblegum pop, dance, pop-rock, with many rock and indie influences. If you actually sat and listened to an album all the way through (instead of thinking you’re better than them, like most people) you might come to find the massive range of music they have. Speaking of range, One Direction have incredible vocal ranges. (Key Word: Talent). Louis Tomlinson, who is frequently argued as the worst singer of One Direction has a vocal range of A2 -D5. Zayn Malik (having been on 4/5 One Direction’s studio albums) has a vocal range of 3 octaves. Liam Payne has a range of 3 octaves, 4 notes and a semi-tone. The vocal range of John Lennon and Paul McCartney have vocal ranges of C2-D5 and A1-C6, respectively. One Direction have broken several records that were previously held by The Beatles, the most recent being “Perfect” as 1D’s fifth top 10 debut on the Hot 100 beating the Beatles’ four. They were also the first group to ever have each of its first three albums debut at the top spot. (All five of there albums debuted #1 just an fyi). While One Direction may have not preformed over the span of a decade, they managed 4 world-wide tours, 3 being stadium tours and 5 studio albums in only 5 years.

You can think about what you want about better music; that aspect is up to the listener. One cannot argue some music is better than others because all music is inherently different. There is music for all walks of life, for any mood and for any time. Music can cross time periods, borders and bring millions of people together. What you cannot argue is that One Direction have not worked hard for what they have, that they are untalented and that they do not deserve what they have rightfully earned. If you do think this you’re the one that is delusional.

Plus, no member of 1D has ever beat a woman, so no matter how good their music is, it’s never going to make the members good people.

—  @fondinglovers destroying a Beatles fan over Facebook
Lives and Aesthetics of the Signs

Aries: Cannon ball diving into the pool, splashing everyone with water, and laughing. Yells obscenities at other drivers that piss them off. Always gets in trouble for being too loud in class. Will take any dare. Refuses to be told what to do and argues even when wrong. The life of the party.

Taurus: Sitting at the dinner table, eating, while reading a book on local edible plants. Goes for walks and puts random things he finds in his mouth. Will take any eating-related dare. Has tried just about every “strange” food known to man. Isn’t afraid of the “30-second” rule.

Gemini: Makes silly puns. Watches YouTube videos of baby animals and shows them to all of her friends. Full of questions. Constantly raises her hand in class, and can elaborate on a subject for an infinite amount of time. The one to start every conversation and the first to make friends in a new environment. Her laughter sounds like bubbles.

Cancer: Watches Disney movies way too much and probably cries during most of them. Shy. Avoids big responsibilities, often for fear of letting others down. Prefers to stay indoors and at home. Their “happy place” is inside, reading a good book, while wrapped in a cozy blanket on a rainy day. Very good at making up stories. Has vivid dreams and daydreams. Pretty good at baking.

Leo: Spends a lot of money on music festival tickets. Owns an entire shelf of different hair care products. Wears “loud” clothes and accessories to stand out. The friendliest jock you will ever meet. Great taste in the people they surround themselves with; they have no tolerance for bullies. Parties harder than anyone they know, and always posts photos of what they’re doing on social media. Probably invented beer pong.

Virgo: Owns several calendars. Maybe even a label maker. Has a blog about “Planners”. Finds pleasure in ritualistic cleaning and organizing. Great at planning events. Always prepared. Carries everything they think they might need in the purse they take with them everywhere (“Mary Poppins Bag”). Loves to write, and keeps around a dozen half-filled notebooks in her room. Very good at problem solving. Prefers to work alone.

Libra: Messy. Owns at least one exploding bin of art supplies. Creates everything that decorates her room. Verbally comments to appreciate the beauty surrounding her as she sees it. Stares into your eyes when listening to you. Can make up a conversation about anything. Talks constantly until she forgets that she’s still speaking and trails off. Reads people like books, and uses humor to explore boundaries and learn about others. Avoids confrontation. Good at lying. Can’t own a white shirt because she spills everything on it (food, paint).

Scorpio: Perpetual “emo phase”, internally or externally. Rarely talks about themselves. Can walk into a room and immediately understand the intentions and personality of each person in it, just by looking. Hard shell, soft insides. Their eyes are the only ones that light up and shine in gloomy weather. They can stare into your soul. Only sees things in black or white. Usually has great taste in music. Deeply loyal friends and partners to those they trust. Keeps a lot of secrets, both their own and of those they love.

Sagittarius: Fascinated by other cultures. Has or wants to travel to many different countries. Speaks at least three languages. Either deeply spiritual or religious. Ritualistic. Isn’t afraid to try new things. Loves mystery and adventure books. Very independent, and doesnt like feeling trapped. Has some sort of self-expressive medium that allows them to free their wings (art, music, dance, writing). Self-sufficient.

Capricorn: “Work hard, play hard” mentality. Typically very serious in nature. Always seems much more wise and mature than his peers. Has probably tried hard drugs at one point in his life. Firm in practices and beliefs. Good at keeping their word. Has one big obsession/hobby, like playing a certain game, collecting something, or working on something.

Aquarius: Has a very unique sense of humor that others don’t usually understand. Conspiracy theorist. Loves all helpless creatures and wants to protect them from the world. Activist and rebellious humanitarian. Insanely intelligent, but refuses to apply themselves to the school system. Learns very quickly. Good at public speaking. Probably the “class clown”.

Pisces: Stays home on weekends to sleep in. Has a dream diary. Typically pretty creative and may enjoy abstract painting. Musically gifted. Has been told that they “live in another world”. Slips easily into daydreams, and enjoys indulging in the fantasy worlds of books and stories that they read.

favorite story:

back when repo! the genetic opera (aka a trash movie that is a gift to musicals and humanity as a whole) was auditioning actors, paris hilton apparently contacted the producers like “yo i see you need someone to play amber sweet can i audition?”

and they were like “lol no”

(apparently they thought paris hilton playing a rich, spoiled heiress was too much of a stretch???)

but paris hilton, presumably as she sat in her mansion, thought

“fuck that shit. i’m paris hilton.”

and then she showed up for the audition anyway, in a costume she put together herself. and proceeded to kick ass and get the part.

like i said, this whole movie is a gift to humanity

liam really just delivered the upbeat summer hit we all wanted but honestly didn’t deserve us mere mortals don’t deserve to hear this but gracious god of music liam is gifting it to us anyway and i am incredibly grateful thank you my lord

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What kind of stuff in a person's chart indicates talent in singer or just music in general?

I did quite a bit of research on this… One of my favorite topics, astrology and music. Both are gifts to our world. Both are languages to help us understand energy and what energy feels like.

The entire chart plays a significant role in someone’s ability in singing and music so I will try my best to illustrate everything as I hate leaving information out.

The information I’ve collected is from other astrologer’s opinions and charts of different types of musicians I’ve looked into.

I’ll start with the houses that have importance to this ability, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th house.

The 1st house, I believe for the most part, dictates the style in which a musician goes for. So why would the 1st house play a role in the style of music a person goes for? Well, the ascendant is pretty much our doorway between the inner and the outer; how we present the inner to the outer. Our style would come from the 1st house directly.
Take a look at someone like Björk (Icelandic singer) and her chart. She’s got her 1st house starting in Scorpio. If you listen to her music, the style is very Scorpio inspired; it’s strange, penetrating, and unconventional. She has no problem expressing the energy a Scorpio represents in her music.
Now lets take another singer with a different ascendant, perhaps someone like Freddie Mercury from Queen or Robert Smith from The Cure; their ascendant is in Leo. Their sound is in no doubt very different from each other, but they seem to fit in that category of the dramatic Leo. Almost all of Robert Smith’s songs express the loving lion a Leo represents, its essence is of what Leo/5th house expresses. Then if you look at Freddie Mercury’s music, it is dramatic and theatrical like the Leo.
So looking at all the different ascendants, a person’s musical style (disregarding the rest of their chart) may be whatever energy that sign represents. An Aries maybe angry and raw and a Pisces may be hippie and psychedelically inspired. Maybe… This is my opinion on it, subject to change though.
I wouldn’t mind hearing other people’s opinion on the ascendant and how it demonstrates a person’s style in music. To get your minds thinking, here’s a random range of artists and their ascendant…
Rihanna - Aries
John Lennon - Aries
Mariah Carey - Taurus
Lana Del Rey - Taurus
Lady Gaga - Gemini
Billy Idol - Gemini
Tchaikovsky - Cancer
Annie Lennox - Virgo
Kurt Kobain - Virgo
Beyonce - Libra
Jared Leto - Libra
Ludwig Van Beethoven - Scorpio
Aretha Franklin - Scorpio
Prince - Scorpio
Elvis - Sagittarius
Kesha - Sagittarius
Barry White - Capricorn
Tom Jones - Capricorn
Ariana Grande - Capricorn
Taylor Swift - Capricorn
Adele - Aquarius
Nicki Minaj - Aquarius
David Bowie - Aquarius
Michael Jackson - Pisces

One last note before I move onto the 2nd house; I also noticed that almost all of my favourite singers had their ascendant in Leo which is funny because my ascendant is in Leo… We pick music that best suit our style. What are your favourite artist’s ascendants and can you relate to them?

The 2nd house rules the throat. The condition of the throat itself will impact the sound of someone’s voice. Having many beneficial planets in the 2nd house would be good for a singer, some singers even have stelliums in the 2nd house. I know some other people made some really good posts about the 2nd house and its affect on voice so I won’t go too deep into the 2nd house and what planets do what to your voice. To sum up the affects of planets in the 2nd house, it’s pretty much what you would assume; Mars in the 2nd house would give a powerful or even masculine voice whereas Venus in the 2nd house would give a soft and feminine voice. So think of the planet and what it represents to know what it does to a person’s voice.
I do however want to however talk about whatever sign is cusping the 2nd house and its impact on a person’s voice.
Lets talk about the elements itself; what might a fire voice sound like? a water voice? an earth voice? an air voice? I’ve been trying to put my finger on this exactly, semi-stumped still; don’t really know how to put it to words.
I do know for sure the air voice. These are people who have an unafflicted 2nd house in an air sign. Their voices have the potential of singing at operatic levels. Their voices are light, high note reaching, and quite literally I would describe them as airy. Just a few examples of people with an air sign as their second house; Joan Sutherland - Gemini (opera singer), Annie Lennox - Libra, Ariana Grande - Aquarius, and Mariah Carey - Gemini.
For the fire voice, this was difficult to put to words. They seem to put a lot of emphasis on the words and sounds they make. Some of them even sound like they are straining their voice or really pushing the sounds that they make. Their voices can be strange, raw, or even penetrating. Some examples of fire voices; Robert Smith from the Cure - Leo (he also has Pluto in the 2nd house) and again Bjork - Sagittarius (she has quite a few planets in the 2nd house including Mars, Venus, and Mercury). For an actual example to listen to as I am bad at explaining things, here’s Robert and here’s Bjork. Adele also has her second house in a fire sign, Aries. She is influenced quite a bit by other parts in her chart, but she definitely has the crackly fire in her voice.
For the earth voice, I think is grounding yet dynamic because each of the earth signs are very different from each other in my opinion. Freddie Mercury for example has his second house in Virgo which is the essence of dynamic earth (ignoring the fact that he has many planets that are in the second house in Libra). It’s almost as if Virgo is also influenced by air because it is so mutable and changeable. The earth voice is usually light and pure. It’s smooth and vibrato. I believe Taurus is the richest earth voice of them all as it is grounded and ruled by Venus. So the examples for the earth voice I would say are Freddie Mercury - Virgo, Elvis - Capricorn, and Louis Armstrong - Taurus.
Finally for the water voice, to put it simply their voice usually has a LOT of soul. Some examples, Lady Gaga - Cancer, Barry White - Pisces, Tom Jones - Pisces, Beyonce - Scorpio.

Moving onto the 3rd house briefly. Now the 3rd house doesn’t have much to do with how your voice will sound, it is more of the mental side of communication. So things like lyrics and composing music would come from this house. Also because the 3rd house rules the hands, it may also dictate your ability in playing music.

And onto the 4th house. The 4th house is similar to the 1st house in such a way that is dictates style again. It Is actually sort of a mixture of the 1st house (who we are) and the 3rd house (how we communicate that), but the 4th house also reveals our emotions, the songs that come from within. The 4th house will show the root and meaning of songs; the feeling. Naturally water signs/planets can easily express emotions versus the air signs who may have some difficulty, but fun fact; the best poets/musicians usually have both air and water very prominent in their chart.

And the 5th house plays just as important part as the 4th house does. It’s creative potential. So if you can express your emotions through the 4th house, you need to creatively use them in the 5th house. Some of the best musicians have the 5th house prominent in their chart.

Pulling away from houses now… I want make a quick note about the blessing of how having a good balance of all the elements in a chart really can help a musician. Fire = passion/drive, Earth = rhythm, Air = intellect/skill, and Water = emotion. Obviously not all musicians have it all, but it really helps to have a good balance of them all.

Good placements for singers/musicians

-Venus in the 2nd or 5th house
-Venus in its ruler or exalted sign
-Venus in conjunction with the ascendant or midheaven
-Venus having harmonious aspects to the ascendant or midheaven
-Venus, Moon, and/or Neptune is prominent in the chart
-Moon is not afflicted
-Moon in Libra or Taurus
-Stelliums in Libra, Taurus, 2nd House, or 5th House
-Good aspects between Sun, Moon, Venus, and Neptune.
-Good as aspects/placements in the 3rd house (will help indicate if there’s ability to play instruments)
-Quintiles and biquintiles can show hidden talent. See if there are any between Venus, Mercury, Moon, or Neptune.

Not so good placements

-Any afflictions to Venus or planets that sit in Taurus/Libra/2nd/5th can cancel out singing ability.
-Any afflictions to the Mercury or planets that sit in the 3rd house or Gemini can make learning musical instruments difficult.

Updated Bootlegs

Updated Bootlegs!
As of 4/1/17 (happy april fools!)


- Videos
• Anastasia (OBC)
• Amelie (Phillipa Soo)
• Amelie (Samantha Bark)
• Book of Mormon
• Book of Mormon (off Broadway OBC)
• Cinderella (with Keke Pamer)
• Dear Evan Hansen (OBC)
• Falsettos (2016)
• Hamilton (OBC , high angle)
• Hamilton (OBC, pit)
• Hamilton (with Javier)
• Hamilton (with Javier and Lexi)
• Hedwigs
• In the Heights (OBC)
• In the Heights (OBC except for Krysta Rodriguez as Vanessa)
• In the Heights (with Javier)
• In the Heights (National Tour)
• Les Mis (2014 Revival)
• Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 (with Denee Baton)
• Newsies (OBC)
• Next to Normal
• Spring Awakening
• Spring Awakening (National Tour)
• Something Rotten (2015)
• Sweeney Todd (2005)
• Tuck Everlasting
• Waitress (OBC)
• Wicked (OBC)
• Wicked (with Donna Vivino and Alli Mauzey)
• Wicked (with Eden Erica and Megan Hilty)
• Wicked (with Stephanie J. Block and Annaleigh Asford)
• Wicked (with Allison Luff and Gina Beck)
• Wicked (Christine Dwyer and Jenni Barber)

- Audios
• Hamilton (with Jordan Fisher)
• Hamilton (with Jon Rua)
• Hamilton (Chicago)
• Hamilton (Vassar Reading)
• The Lighting Thief

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cuddles w/ tom

- tom was always so busy and so were you so your cuddles were always savored

- every free second you had where you guys could just relax, he’d plop down somewhere and hold his arms out

- because out of all the things he missed about you on a day to day basis, being able to hold you was the one he missed the most

- both of you hated the feeling of an empty bed

- he’d always text you when he was going to sleep like “it’s cold i might fly you out here just so i have someone to keep me warm” or “did i really ask room service to bring me more pillows to compensate for you not being here? yes”

- when you were together you were both super exhausted cause of your hectic schedules so you’d always end up dozing off in each other’s arms

- sometimes you’ll just stay in bed wrapped up in each other all day, ignoring the outside world
- “should we get up” you’d sigh without opening your eyes

- “mmm everyone deserves a lazy day every once in a while” he’d mumble, pulling you into his chest

- he was always so warm and soft

- and snuggly

- he’d just nuzzle his head in your neck like a puppy

- tom was musically gifted so you’d always ask him to sing or hum while you cuddled

- and he didn’t love his voice but he’d do it anyways cause he knew you liked the sound of it

- his hands would be all over you

- caressing your thighs, ghosting your spine, fingertips swirling around your chest and down your stomach, gripping onto your hips, his hands would be all over you

- a lot of times it would progress

- all it would take was one suggestive touch on his end and you’d be on top of him, clothes off in near seconds, laughing because you both seriously had no self control

- even in public, he’d wrap his arms around you from behind or rest his head on top of yours or hold your hand for no apparent reason

- he didn’t mind pda but his management did so it was often short lived which would end in disappointment on his half

- tom had a THING for being the big spoon. always had to be the one hugging you into his chest

- you asked him why once and he said something stupid about wanting you close to his heart but you knew it was bullshit

- cuddles would often result in you begging him to play with your hair or massage your back or rub your feet

- he’d brush your hair out of your face and you’d be like “oh do that again” until he was massaging your scalp

- “ya know…. i didn’t sign up to be your personal masseuse” “too bad”

- you’d always return the favor though

- you loved facing him and running your fingers through his hair until he was practically moaning and begging you not to stop

- you both liked to toss and turn so you’d end up tangled not only in each other but in your sheets

- *tom all groggy at 2am* “how’d you end up all the way over there” “damn.. i don’t know” “well get your butt back over here i’m cold”

english folklore | CHIME CHILDREN

children born during certain hours of the day, gaining the ability to see ghosts and fairies, and to speak to them without risk of coming to any harm. other abilities may include being musically gifted, being able to cure ailing animals and plants, or influencing others to speak openly about secrets

You Are The Music In Me (Star-Lord x Reader)

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WARNING: Some mention of sibling death. 

SPOILER ALERT: It’s fluffy af and literally Peter is a huge fucking nerd.

You looked up from your book as the soft sound of music filled your ears. It was upbeat and cheery, the type of thing that felt somewhat inappropriate for the current setting, yet, a relief to hear. Beside you was a man you’d never seen before in a red leather jacket, sitting on the grass. In front of him was a pair of worn down looking headphones that he was using as a makeshift speaker to pump out music from the Walkman he held. It was a peculiar sight. You’d certainly heard people play music here before, whether it be from an instrument, or a phone, or gentle singing. But the songs had always been very mellow. And now here was this man, playing music from a device you didn’t even know they still made, in front of a plot that you’d never once seen anyone pay attention to.

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Official Dad Review of: Sign of the Times

I told my dad nothing. About Matt, about my interpretation and the general interpretation of the song. A little known fact about my dad is that he’s very musically gifted (piano, guitar, trumpet, everything) but he hides it. Still, he knows music and understands it very deeply.

These are copied and pasted texts I got from him.

“1. I’ve listened to it twice now and I can totally play the whole song. That’s not to say that the song is bad, it’s just very simple… he’s not really stretching himself musically… or should I say as a musician.”

“2. It is produced very very well! Meaning the production value is awesome!!! Top notch studio work!!! Absolutely top notch. His voice is absolutely amazing and he is undoubtedly feeling every word he is singing! The kid can sing!”

“3. If you have ever heard “Major Tom” by David Bowie it has that type of vibe to it… I’m going to listen to them side by side because I’m not convinced it’s not the same bridge yet. At one point I tried to sing in my head ground control to major Tom, and it fit!“

“4. I feel like he is EXTREMELY committed to a friend who passed and was deeply emotional about the ending of the relationship….
He he is using a technique called vamping where he uses the same lyrics over and over to express his sadness. So for that reason I think it feels like raw emotion coming through, which is a beautiful thing…
What are the bullets about? Is it a metaphor? Did his friend kill himself?”

[At which point I told him about Matt]

“I knew it. I got that from the song.
You can’t bribe the door was a very powerful lyric! It made me think that the guy killed himself.”

“From a musician standpoint it’s not too difficult to learn.
In terms of what they did to this very simple melody in the studio it was amazing!”

“In terms of emotional content and the artistry that Harry has it was outstanding”

Overall be gives it an 8/10 and is incredibly intrigued and excited for the rest of the album.