Soulmate aging AU headcanon for pharoga

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So you know that post that’s going round with the idea that after 18, you stop aging until you find your soulmate so you can grow old together?

Let’s add this idea: You only start aging once you actually realise who your soulmate is.

So imagine that during his time in Persia, Erik and Nadir grow close and there’s many unspoken feelings between them. Nadir, despite being in his forties, looks 18. While he was very fond of his wife, she was not his soulmate. Erik, naturally, looks 18 too, and believes he always will.

Before either of them have the chance to confront their feelings, Erik has to flee from Persia.

When he meets Nadir again in Paris many years later, Nadir looks his age. Erik tries to ignore the sharp pain this causes him. He tries to remain distanced towards his old friend and instead turns his attentions towards Christine. With her gift for music, surely she must be meant for him, or so he tells himself. He joyfully notices that Christine is showing subtle signs of aging, but his hopes are dashed when he realises that Christine is aging for and with Raoul. In his despair, he turns towards the mad, desperate measures we all are familiar with, but ultimately lets Christine go.

In the end, he ends up at the Daroga’s flat, but there is no speech about loving Christine, for she was not his soulmate. Instead, he is begging his friend’s forgiveness. When Nadir embraces him, Erik cannot understand why, his eyes silently begging for an explanation, and the Daroga just smiles.

“I’m quite a bit ahead of you, my beloved. You have quite some catching up to do”, he tells Erik, who finally understands, and, as he sobs into his soulmates shoulder, frantically clinging to him, he can finally, finally feel his time-frozen body come to life, eagerly scrambling to catch up to its mate.

Aaron Tveit musical bootlegs

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The thank-you letter – typed up using the word processing skills he had taught her – reads:

Dear Ray,

Thank you with all my heart (and more, if possible) for the wonderful gift of music you have given me. (Obviously I haven’t quite mastered the intricacies of Word yet.)

I spent all last night searching YouTube and “subscribing” to stuff I hadn’t heard in years, except in my mind. (as well as some comedy routines that never fail to crack me up).

Again, with all my heart (I could use one of those emoji’s right now!),

Love, Hilli

P.S. And I even get to WATCH them!! How could I ask for more!?!

P.P.S And there are several versions of many of them – be still my heart!!

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Catch Me If You Can


FULL bootleg of CMIYC -Broadway, April 27, 2011-


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Catch Me If You Can bootleg

LINKSSSS! Okay, I had some trouble with the first part, but I’m working on re-uploading it now.

Meanwhile… just so you know that I actually did something and can go around drooling over the actors, the other parts:

Part 2 | Part 3 | compilation of random promo videos

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MBTI Types as Princes

 ISTJ: The quiet, reserved prince of few words. He is an intellectual man that takes his responsibilities very seriously. He is secretly a huge dork that has a hard time verbalizing his feelings. It’s quite adorable when he tries to talk about feelings and he’s stumbling over his words.

ISFJ: The gentlemanly prince that treats everyone with respect. He always uses his manners and speaks in a formal tone. He has an odd habit of wiping down surfaces with a handkerchief to ensure cleanliness. He’s a neat freak. It’s a little unsettling how neat he is. VERY.

ISTP: The mysterious prince that hardly anyone knows. Many people don’t know what he looks like because he is always in disguise. When spoken to, every other sentence that comes out of his mouth is a sarcastic remark. Major tsundere. He has scary looking battle scars underneath his armor.

ISFP: The musically gifted prince that is always seen with an instrument. He has a talent for singing and charms many ladies with his skill. Secretly cries in a corner of his bedroom, claiming no one understands the depth and meaning of his compositions. Poor lad.

INTJ: The straight faced prince that no one can figure out the thoughts of. He shows little outward feeling and speaks in a monotone voice. Late at night, he plots to take over the kingdom, using little action figures as his models. Laughs manically while testing his plans with the dolls.

INFJ: The empathetic prince that understands everyone’s feelings. EVERYONE’S. Often running about, solving people’s emotional dilemmas. He likes to psychoanalyze people in his head. His conclusions are usually right. It’s frightening how accurate they are. He’s also a disguised wizard.

INTP: The dorky prince that has little experience in social situations. He’s really quiet and when he does say something, it’s usually along the lines of “Want to know about my latest theory?” or “I like cheese and rag doll cats.” It’s cute how he’s is socially unaware of the fact that what he’s saying is weird to everyone else.

INFP: The doe eyed prince that all the palace ladies want to hug like a teddy bear. Little do they know, he is actually a magic teddy bear sent by the gods. He is usually seen rapidly blinking at things he doesn’t understand, mainly because he is too innocent to comprehend the corruption that others are trying to feed him.

ESTJ: The bossy prince that loves to order people around. He is very picky and a huge perfectionist. He always gets his way, whether its by verbal persuasion or by brute force. He just needs someone to loosen him up a bit. He is a fluffy marshmallow on the inside that gets flustered by affection from others.

ESFJ: The knightly prince that always wears armor all the time. He’s a skilled warrior on the battlefield, but in everyday life he’s a clumsy dork that falls to the floor with a clatter (y’know cause of his armor). He’s a pretty cool dude though. He joins in with the palace gossip just because he wants to be smooth with the ladies likes to join in conversations.

ESTP: The daredevil prince that doesn’t know how to keep his royal butt still. He’s always running around getting drunk on his merlot and bouncing off the palace walls doing stupid things. You wonder how he keeps the kingdom in order because he’s always reckless.

ESFP: The hYpeR prince that dances all over the place. He’s often high off of candy that no one knows where he got it from and has a weird dazed look in his eyes every so often. He comes up with weird dance moves like “the dead octopus” or “the spazzy troll.” Better check on the royal chef to make sure ESFP prince isn’t getting drugged.

ENTJ: The prideful prince that always has his back straight, arms at his side, chest puffed out. He always has this evil sounding laugh that is feared by everyone. He often sits upon his throne, tapping his fingers together menacingly with a crazed look in his eyes. He always shouts “BOW BEFORE YOUR KING YOU EAR WAFFLES” in his sleep.

ENFJ: The happy go lucky prince that has a perpetual goofy smile on his royal face. And by perpetual I mean it is always there. When he’s sad, bored, hungry, sleeping, tired, you name it, his smile is always there. When he’s angry, it makes one fear for their life. His cheek muscles must hurt a lot. Like a lot.

ENTP: The provocative prince that wants to pick a verbal fight with everyone. He will find every opportunity to beat your sorry butt with his words. Usually and unfortunately, it works. You are left in tears as the ENTP prince destroys you in a fight you probably didn’t want to be in. Sucks to suck.

ENFP: The eternally bored prince that always wants to plaayyyyy. His most used phrases are: “I’m borrreeeed” or “Can we do something fuuunnnnn????” When he’s not pestering people about his boredom, he just likes to eat junk food. He usually just burns it off by running about in the corn field like a wild animal for six hours

THESE ARE BASED OFF OF STEREOTYPE AND ARE NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. I wanted to do something less serious not like my posts are serious anyway.

So anyway hope you like it guys!

AUDIO GIFT: Elisabeth das Musical [Shanghai Culture Square - Dec 2014]

Elisabeth das Musical, 31/12/2014 (Wed) - Shanghai Culture Square (requested by anon)

Elisabeth - Roberta Valentini
Death - Mark Seibert
Luigi Lucheni - Kurosch Abbasi
Emperor Franz Joseph - Maximilian Mann
Archduchess Sophie - Daniela Ziegler
Archduke Rudolf - Thomas Hohler

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  • What I Used To Think Phantom Was About:There once was a kind and musically gifted young man. However, there was a fire at the theatre where he performed and he was tragically disfigured. This turn of fate led him to wear a mask and live underneath the stage, becoming the dark, mysterious, romantic Phantom of the Opera. Eventually, a girl meets the Phantom and falls in love with him. However, her father, who owns the theatre, hates him and doesn't want them to be together.
  • What I Now Know Phantom Is About:Crazy homicidal man kidnaps woman and wants to blow everything up also he can sing good