I SQUEAAAAALED with that second umbrella trick. This is amazing. Holy fuck. New favorite routine, new absurd goals, omfg.

I’m at a loss for words~!


Joey Bada$$ - LA Leakers Freestyle (New)


Joey Bada$$ Freestyle On The Cruz Show (New)

Untitled 23

Complaining won’t change the status
Only thing I got is nobody else had this
Seen some shit and know some shit
Wish I’d never noticed it
Sometimes I wish it didn’t happen but it’s too late
Like tryin save little Timmy drowning from the lake
Nobody paid attention til the time was up
You fucked up, or even worse, your luck ran up
Destiny had other plans like you had with another man
All the attention was tending to his business
You gotta be trippin if you thought no one was listening
What happened to you behind close doors
Come on girl I ain’t four
I understand that I wasn’t much but I’m far from a bore
Sure, half of it, maybe my fault
But breaking hearts isn’t me
So the King made a mistake by trusting his heart
The sky told me to forgive you
What is your little girl gonna think about what her mother has turned into
What has gotten into you
What’s gotten into me
Mentally, I don’t think nobody is ready for me
Physically, nobody wants this
I done been through it all, so expect success
If I can’t have it all, it’s cool
I don’t shoot for the stars, jumped past the moon
Into the cosmos
Imagination will take me whatever I go
Or where I need to be


Warning: Violence, potential spoilers, potential seizure trigger

Title: How far we’ve come

Editor: angelofhopeandlight

Song: How Far We’ve Come

Artist: Matchbox Twenty

Anime: Digimon Tri, Digimon Adventure

Category: Freestyle