Okay, but can we talk about Hoseok freestyling?

I feel like this isn’t talked about enough but when Hoseok dances freestyle it’s so amazing and not (just) because of the moves but because of the emotions.

As soon as he is asked to dance freestyle, even if he’s a bit shy, his face instantly breaks into a big smile because this is what he can. This is what he loves. He doesn’t need to think. He doesn’t need to remember choreo. He can just…feel the music and his body starts moving.

While he is more concentrated during Bangtan’s choreographies obviously, you can see that him and his body are just feeling the music during freestyle and it reveals so much emotion and love for dancing. 

You can see how relaxed he is, how his smile never leaves his face. He oozes confidence and charm and joy and it’s breathtaking to watch. 

Freestyle is his world. 

Kris Wu: More young people wanting to get into the hip-hop scene is a good thing

On 2 May, the opening press conference of Chinese Hip-Hop talent show <The Rap of China> was held in Beijing. Three groups of celebrity producers, Kris Wu, Chang Chen-yue & MC HotDog, and Wilber Pan were in attendance.After the press conference, producer Kris Wu accepted the interview by iFeng’s reporter. 

During the interview, Kris Wu expressed his unique views and understanding towards hip-hop music. Kris Wu expressed that although he is the most junior amongst the three groups of producers, his good understanding of trap music is his outstanding point.

How would you define hip-hop?
Firstly, this spectrum is a little broad, kinda huge, because hip-hop isn’t just music, it’s a culture, like sports. It consists of many different forms, I guess it depends on each individual’s understanding. I feel that one major point that hip-hop wants to express is a certain attitude. Next is the method of expression, many people express themselves through rapping, but there are actually many other methods, like example other musical sub-genres, which are also included in hip hop. For example right now, what is currently in trend is EDM-based hip-hop, and right now there are more people who like trap hip-hop. These are all very different genres of music, so it’s a little hard to define hip-hop.

As you’ve just mentioned, these days more and more people are listening to trap music, and there are much fewer people who listen to 90s and old school music. What do you think of this?
I feel that this is inevitable, but what I’d like to say is, the [trend of] trap will pass too. This is something that I would really like to tell the contestants, because I believe that based on my personal experience, and including the current hip-hop scene in China, there are actually many contestants, perhaps 70%, 80% who have a better understanding of trap music, and who prefer trap music as well, which of course is inevitable because this is the current hottest trend. However there is a problem too, it’s that when you do something that is currently in trend, when this trend dies down, the same would happen to you too. So you would still have to know where your roots are. I’m not saying that you have to like old school music, but you have to have a listen. Like I’ve just mentioned, in the 1990s boombap music was extremely popular, so you have to understand the musical style of the golden era of hip-hop as well. And then not only that but also many different types of genres, like understanding jazz hip-hop too. It would be very beneficial to your development. So these are some of my views.

Right now there is an emergence of many Asian rappers like [Rich] Chigga on an international scale. Do you have any expectations towards the development of Asian hip-hop?
I feel that this is a good thing, for everyone to start liking hip-hop and think that it’s cool. There are many young people who want to enter this industry, although it has a small audience, because at times there would not be many opportunities available, for example these kind of programs did not exist in China before. It’s the first time that there’s such a program, and this is why I feel that this program is meaningful. I hoped that I would be able to participate because I feel that it is a very good platform to reach even more people who love music. However, this culture has a small audience, and in China there are definitely much, much more people who listen to ballads than hip-hop music, so in order to make hip-hop music more mainstream, we would need even more people.

So what are the kind of contestants that you wish to see the most on <The Rap of China>?
I hope to see contestants that are more all-rounded, because like I’ve just mentioned, there are many people who feel that hip-hop is just merely rapping, but this is actually not the case, as there are many forms of expression. Even now there are many more melody-based tunes, melodic rap, songs which sound like singing but are actually a sub-genre of hip-hop. More and more [of such songs are produced], for example a key representation of the genre is Drake, many would wonder if he is a singer or a rapper. So when I select contestants, I hope to see that they have the basic foundation of right pitch and other elements, and are able to carry a tune, sing the chorus and rap as well. These are the type of contestants which I hope to see, who have more varied abilities.

Right now Kendrick Lamer is very popular, and the MV for his new song <Be Humble> isn’t something that other musicians have tried before. What do you think of this?
I feel that he is incredibly talented. His ways have always been at the top of trends. I feel that those who like hip-hop can listen to his music more, because it would be really helpful.

Generally, rappers who like hip-hop music will freestyle or battle, so do you usually freestyle with friends in your personal time?
At times I would, it depends, if I have an opponent we would have a go.

We can see from Weibo that you really love playing basketball. What position do you usually play?
In the past I played the position of point guard, right now I play the position of center forward more often.

At the NBA Celebrity Game you mentioned that you love Kobe Bryant, right now it’s the first anniversary of his retirement, so how do you feel about it?
After his retirement, I kept up with NBA news less often.

Are you a loyal fan of his?
Yes, I feel that I’m missing something worth watching, so right now I don’t really watch finals, and I’m still a little sad.

translation: @wu_yi_fan

Steps to You (Lin x Reader)

Word Count: 3,466 (this was supposed to be a short one…)

Warnings: nudity, mentions of sex

Authors Note: Hello! I thought of this when I was in my stats class on friday, and started it instead of doing my homework… hope its worth it! This is also dedicated to my dear friend @hamilton-noodles for no reason other than the fact that she is the most amazing person ever ( i dont think theres a better reason to dedicate this to her than that) Thanks for being amazing and comforting me and talking to be when im trapped in hell (AKA school) my man. Be sure to check out her amazing writing HERE.

Summary: (ooooohhh new addition to the beginning portion of my fics) Walking down the aisle is hard…

Request: NONE… ok leave me be.


You sat at the vanity, your hands trembling and tracing the white of your wedding dress.

“If you keep gripping at that dress it’s going to be wrinkled before you have a chance to walk down the aisle.” you heard your mom say, but you didn’t stop. It was the only thing that kept your nerves from getting to you.

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For all my@wannabe & beginner dancers or the everyone who thinks they hip roll his a tutorial by the best in the world - this especially works for hula dancers standing up straight doing it (right @mrs_ohanafiit ?)
This man doesn’t do it often but when he does its flawless. Thank you Laurent for the lesson & for us who know how to watch 💗💗
Song: ♫ Maître Gims - “Sapés comme jamais” ♫
YT Video ▶:LES TWINS | LA | after party Jam to Sapés Comme Jamais
@officiallestwins @lestwinson
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My Tiny Dancer

A/N: A request from @drunk-oblivion for a Spencer x Reader where they are in an established romantic relationship and she is teaching him how to dance. Slowly. LOL  @coveofmemories


“Spence, we have been together for quite a few months now, and I wanna ask you to do something that is out of your comfort zone?” you said, sitting down next to your boyfriend on the couch as you handed him a beer.

He snapped his in your direction in what seemed to be confusion. “Do you mean…in the bedroom?”

“No,” you snorted, covering your mouth to keep from having beer come out of your nose, “I just mean there is something that I’d like us to do that you normally don’t do.” Through every relationship you’d been in, they’d all turned out the same - the man ended up breaking up with you because with you, they couldn’t have all the control all the time. With Spencer, you believed you had something different, and you wanted to see if he was willing to do something for you.

“Okay,” he said, turning towards you. When he knee touched yours, you put your hand on him. “I’ve always wanted to teach my boyfriend how to dance, but they’ve never wanted to, said it wasn’t manly, so they refused.”

He laughed, standing up from the couch and pulling you up with him. “Well, in my experience, a man that doesn’t want to do something because he considers it ‘too girly’ actually isn’t all that comfortable with his masculinity and I am completely comfortable with mine, so teach me, beautiful.”

You hopped up and down in excitement. Ever since you were a kid, you’d felt that dancing was a romantic pastime that people underutilized when it came to dating. After turning on some soft music, you decided to start slowly. You moved your feet back and forth and told him to follow your steps. This wasn’t any dance in particular, just something to get you started. 

More than once, he stepped on your feet, apologizing profusely. “I’m sorry, I’ve always had two left feet.” 

“Okay, let’s try this,” you laughed, spinning yourself around in his grasp. “Put your feet on the outside of mine and put your arms around my waist.” You grabbed his arms and placed them around your stomach, reaching back with your right hand to place his head in the crook of your neck.

“I have no idea why a boyfriend of yours wouldn’t want to be doing this,” he muttered into your hair. “For years, dance has had this connotation of being gay or not manly enough, but to me it makes sense that if you’re a guy and you want to get together with a pretty girl, you go dancing.”

After moving to the smooth sounds for what felt like forever, you turned back around into him, looping your one arm around his neck, while the other grabbed his hand. “I agree. It seems logical to me. Maybe not tonight, because you’re just learning, but maybe one of these days I can teach you a Waltz or something similar?” 

“I would love that,” he said, craning your head up to his to plant a kiss on your lips. “I warn you though, I’m probably going to suck. I’m sorry!” He looked down between you as he once again stepped on your foot. 

This time it was harder than before, it kind of hurt, but you weren’t going to let him know that because otherwise he’d convince himself not to let you teach him how to dance. “It’s okay,” you laughed, “Just try to relax. Don’t think so much. Allow your thoughts to drift away and just focus on the music and your partner - which in this case is me.”

Spencer closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and exhaling. Although you weren’t doing any particular dance, he allowed himself to start moving back and forth without you taking the lead. “How’s this?” he asked. This time he wasn’t stepping on your feet at all - he wasn’t looking up at you either, but you were happy with baby steps.

“That’s good,” you said, moving a bit closer into his chest. “You aren’t so clumsy when you don’t think so much. You keep trying to do the right thing, but when it comes to music, especially freestyle, it’s not about the right thing, it’s about the music. Feeling it. That’s why I like dancing. I don’t have to think about anything, I can just feel.” You took a deep breath closed your eyes, moving in time with his steps.

You were going to start with something more, but you started to yawn. Apparently, being so relaxed had made you sleepy. “Maybe another night we can try something else?” you asked sleepily.

“That sounds good to me,” he replied. “For now, tiny dance, let’s go to bed.”

You laughed, “Tiny Dancer? Like the Elton John song? I like it. Tiny Dancer definitely needs sleep.”