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Ever wanted your very own Xylophone Vest, but lacked the patience to sew on all that braid? Not particularly enthused by the “custom made” options on Ebay?

You’re in luck!

I’m opening up a few commissions spots for Enjolras’ Act 2 vest to be completed over May. At this point, I am only able to offer 3 spots due to other time commitments, but if there is enough interest, i would consider opening up to more in the future.

Given the nature of the vest, prices start at $300 (USD), not including shipping. Your vest will be custom made from your measurements with over 20 metres of gold braid and 80 gold buttons.

If you’re interested, or if you have any questions, send me an email at

Jason Dean (J.D) is Online.

(When you try to do your hair like @siriusly-not-over-remus ‘s greaser style, and realize this is why you never do your hair. Anyway, Come ask him stuff)


Today is the day I finally get to go back and see The Phantom of The Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre for the third time! I thought I would share with you some more pictures of my Erik cosplay to get in the mood and hyped up for today!

I will hopefully get to stop by the stage door afterwards and meet the cast as it’s always been a dream for me, and I’m going to be sad to see them go in September. I will make the most of tonight- someone remind me to bring tissues as there is no doubt that I will cry!

Dear anyone who is having trouble believing everything is going to be okay-

I want to tell you a story.
(Warning for all you peeps- I talk about self harm and suicidal thoughts/attempts in this, be safe, ily)

In sixth grade, I was doing okay. I had friends, I was doing well in school, and I was having fun in my classes.
It was in sixth grade that I found out I was gay.
Me being who I was, I came out almost immediately. At first, it was only a few people who knew, and then suddenly almost everyone in my grade knew I was gay.
This wouldn’t have been a problem, except the school I went to at the time was a middle school in Central Texas, and LGBT people were never talked about. In my school, LGBT people weren’t a thing.
Quickly things began to get out of hand. There were a few people here and there who didn’t know, the teachers either didn’t know or didn’t care, so things could have been much worse.
But then I began to get bullied. The bullying itself in sixth grade wasn’t so bad, but I had surrounded myself with toxic people, most of my friends were the kind of people who promoted self harm and suicidal thoughts.
I had a girlfriend then, and she was one of those people. They were the kind of people who did these things to themselves, and wanted to talk about it, but would only talk about it if you weren’t trying to help them.
I began to get caught up in it all, and in sixth grade I began self harming and had suicidal thoughts.
The summer after sixth grade I was doing better. With three months away from the toxic friends, I had stopped self harming and was doing better mentally.
I would go ride bikes with my friend through the woods and get ice cream with her.
We would talk about running away and make a plan, as if it was something we would actually be able to do.
I wasn’t in my best state during that summer, but I was doing better.
Then seventh grade started.
I surrounded myself with the same toxic friends. Some new ones, and the old ones had gotten even worse.
I was still openly out in school, because everyone already knew, and the bullying got worse as well.
The bullying was all verbal, and because of that I never wanted to say I was being bullied because I wasn’t getting beaten up, and I didn’t want to come off like I was victimizing myself.
But the effects of it lasted.
I hated my body, I hated myself, and I couldn’t figure out why people would want to be friends with me.
The self harming got worse. Whereas in sixth grade I would only make a cut here and there occasionally, in seventh it became a nightly ritual for me. At school I would think about how when I got home I could get in a shower and make new cuts.
I still have the scars from it, and it’s taken me until recently to learn to accept them.
My suicidal thoughts weren’t as bad in seventh grade, but I began to feel emotionless, and I began to cut my friends out.
Like in sixth grade, this behavior was egged on by a girlfriend, but this time was so much worse.
My girlfriend in seventh grade was manipulative. She would get jealous and demand that I let her look through my phone and then when I would ask her who she was texting she would just respond with I needed to give her privacy.
She would cheat on her boyfriend with me and when I would tell her it was wrong she would say it doesn’t really matter because he lived in a different state.
She would make me feel bad about thinking other girls were cute, and get more physical than I wanted to and when I told her no she would say she had done it because I had egged her on.
When I broke up with her, a friend (to this day I still don’t know if this was a friend or her texting me) texted me saying that she had killed herself because I broke up with her.
I freaked out, and tried to contact her, and she didn’t answer me for days.
She eventually did text me and tell me she wasn’t dead, but had tried to kill herself.
I haven’t talked to her since, and to this day I don’t know if she’s alive or not.
After all of this, I came clean to my mom after she approached me about self harming. I told her about the girlfriend and everything that had been going on.
After seventh grade, I left public school and became homeschooled.

My Dad, who I had visitation with, got mad at me for leaving school. He thought I was giving up and told me that I can’t run away when things get hard, when in reality, I was leaving school for my own mental health and so that I would stay alive.
Later that summer he kicked me out, and I haven’t gone back to staying with him.

After school, my mental health increased tremendously. At first I still struggled with self harming, and body image, but I had a friend I could text every time I felt I was relapsing.
The April after seventh grade, I moved to a different town, one where a bunch of my childhood friends lived.
I joined a homeschoolers group, and made new, healthier friends.
I joined a LGBT group last year, and have a tremendous support system.

So here I am, three years later. I’m living in my “new” house, I have some of the best friends in the world who I can always count on, and I’m in love with a girl.
No, things aren’t perfect. I have a grandmother with cancer who we don’t know how much longer we have left with her, and my dad tries to gaslight me whenever he sees me.
I have social anxiety, and I’m self-conscious of my body. I have only shown one person my scars since I left school. I find it hard to believe that the girl I love likes me back.
But, things are better. I have a healthier outlook on life, and because of that I don’t go falling back into those old habits.
I’ve found myself in musical theatre and cosplay, I’ve picked up writing again, I learned how to sew, and I’ve found my people.
I’m becoming more comfortable in myself and I’m trying new things now, things I would have never done before, like show off my body.
Things aren’t perfect, because they can never be that way, but I’m happier.

So, if you’re struggling, I want you to know that things get better, from a girl who thought that that phrase was complete bullshit.
Always keep fighting. Whether you’re holding on to make it to your 18th birthday, or you’re wanting to get your first tattoo, or if you’re wanting to see the world. There’s always something that is worth holding on for, even if it’s just for a little longer.

Sincerely, A, the Girl Who Lived.