Rumpleteazer - Cats London Palladium 2015

So this is a throw back to when Dawn was playing Rumpleteazer in Cats the musical. She’s now on tour with Shrek. I absolutely love our careers. Check out my youtube channel to watch us from day to day.

Jonathan Groff Network!

What is it?

● A network for people who love Jonathan Groff and his work
● A resource to look for new blogs to follow and make new friends in fandom
● A source of information about Jonathan and a good way to learn more about him and his work

Rules/How to apply:

● You must be following admins: Anastasia and Brittany along with the network blog
● Fill out this survey
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● Obviously you have to primarily be a Jonathan Groff fan and post about him often (Broadway- or TV/movies- related). It’s okay if your blog is multifandom.
● Be someone who regularly updates their blog and has a nice, clean theme (the admin’s blog and the network blog are good examples)

Why should you join?

● Fun and friendly environment to talk about Jonathan and his work
● Make new friends in the fandom!
● More Jonathan posts for your dash

What happens next?

● Applications will close on August 14th at midnight
● How many people are picked will depend on how many people apply
● If accepted, you will be contacted by one of the admins on what to do next. Your ask must be open and you must respond within 48 hours.
● Members will be announced on the network blog
● If a member, make sure you have a link to the network blog somewhere on your blog
● Start following other members and make new friends!
● Track the tag #jonathangroffnet

Deaf West’s Spring Awakening

This past spring, Deaf West put on a production of Spring Awakening directed by Michael Arden and a cast including Broadway favorites Krysta Rodriguez and Andy Mientus. 

It was recently announced that this production will be actually going to broadway and starring Marlee Matlin. 

Just today (July 30th) the full cast has been announced. As it turns out, Krysta and Andy will both be joining the Broadway production. Krysta who actually was in the original Broadway cast, played Ilse during the Beverly Hills production. Andy who played Hanschen in the first national tour, reprised that roll in this most recent production. 

While I know that this production is no longer in Los Angeles, the fact that this production came from here and is transferring to Broadway is such an amazing feat. I had the great fortune to actually see this production back in June and it was one of the greatest pieces of theatre I have ever witnessed. I am so proud of this show and the moves it is making for the art of theatre. 

If you have the opportunity to make it out to New York between September 8, 2015 and January 9, 2016 definitely go see this astounding production.


A Good Audition Song...
  • Fits the time period of the show 
    • {Don’t bring in I Could Have Danced All Night for Catch Me If You Can}
  • Fits the style of the show 
    • {Thoroughly Modern Millie and Urinetown were written the same year but are definitely NOT the same style}
  • Not overdone 
    • {Not the time to bust out your Phantom of the Opera material}
  • Has a clear arc of beginning, middle, end 
    • {Even if you are singing for 20 seconds, there should still be a story and a journey to what you’re singing}
  • Written in present tense 
    • {Story songs can be really great but if you just sang a part of Meadowlark, you kind of miss the point}
  • Directed towards another person
    •  {It makes your acting more clear and concise. So don’t try and address the entire Argentine population Eva Peron}
  • Has at least one good sustained note 
    • {Give ‘em that money note. But not your absolute highest. Make ‘em want more. Play hard to get}
  • Playable for you accompanist 
    • {Jason Robert Brown writes great stuff but have mercy on your accompanist. They are people too}
  • Can be reasonably cut into an appropriate length for audition purposes 
    • {Some songs aren’t meant to be trimmed into 16 bar cuts. They need to roam wild and free}
  • Something you love to sing
    • {If you hate it, everyone behind the table will know}

Ok but why have we not had an Aaron Tveit/Jeremy Jordan concert where they sing each other’s songs?
Aaron singing Santa Fe and This World Will Remember Me and I Heard Your Voice In A Dream.
Jeremy singing I’m Alive and Seven Wonders and One Song Glory.
And some of the great male/male duets of musical theatre; Agony, You And Me (But Mostly Me), You’re Timeless To Me, Mine, Why? ‘Cause I’m A Guy…
Look me in the eye and tell me that wouldn’t sell out in a heartbeat.