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Season 2 OST update

Emergency alert: Hiroyuki Sawano has officially wrapped up mixing on the Season 2 OST, meaning the soundtrack is officially done! I think it’s safe to expect a new PV featuring new music in the following days!



Commercial for the first two character song volumes, sung by Kaji Yuki and Ishikawa Yui respectively^^

Hiroyuki Sawano has begun mastering the season 2 OST, preparing for its June 7th release, and posted what appears to be a tracklist on twitter (x)

On the right appear to be the titles; below I’ll post some predictions about what those could indicate, taking into account his naming style, previous tracks, his attempts to create more sub-themes and previous 2nd season releases.

1# the first letter obviously is a “B”, and the 2nd one COULD be an “a”. The Beast titan theme has been heavily featured in the marketing, the actual episode, and Sawano spoke about it in great detail–it would seem appropriate to place it at the top of the disc.

2# “AR”–my first thought immediately travels to “armor/armored titan”; which would be in line with the creation of “sub themes”–BT, CT and FT all have their own themes, but the armored titan had to be content with the main theme in EP2. But since he’s a major player this arc, getting his own theme song seems more than appropriate. 

3# “Yo”….idk. Those letters don’t ring a bell to me in SnK context; and this could be the case of weird Sawano naming style. Another possibility is that this is the Yosh/mpi/Gemie song heard in PV2, and it’s codenamed with their names? But code names are already on the right so…idk. Maybe Ymir gets her own theme?

4# “so”…n/m? absolutely no idea for this one

5# no title no fun

6# “ERE”–this one’s quite obvious. Does this mean Eren is gonna get his own theme now? If we’re being technical, the main theme “attack ON titan” already refers to him, since, you know, chapter 88; but I doubt the S1 ost really took that into consideration. In any case its funny that Eren would get his own theme, considering he’s not super active this arc. But maybe another word follows Eren here, giving a new meaning to the song. We’ll have no choice but to wait I guess.

7# ”atta”ck ON titan? this probably is the main theme again. To give some context to Sawano’s works, he has a tendency of re-including already existing tracks into a newer OST of the same series; sometimes edited, sometimes just the way it was before. There were a total of 4 different versions of the main theme used in S1; only one made it onto the OST, it is possible this is one of those; or a completely new version. We’ll have to wait and see.

8# “YA”N/M? This could possibly be part of the Yamaniame theme, the new music composed for the 1st recap movie. Sawano has also included music from movies/rearrange discs onto a newer season ost (without said ost necessarily being used in the season) before; so its not out of the question that this is the Yamanaiame we already know.   

[Soompi] Reality Show To Follow HyunA During Preparations For New Unit Triple H

Cube TV revealed on April 4 that HyunA will be the focus of a new reality TV program called “Triple H Detective Agency” (working title).

According to the production team, “Triple H Detective Agency” will show HyunA as an artist with 10 years of experience, and it will follow her as she prepares for her new unit Triple H with PENTAGON members E’Dawn and Hui.

HyunA will also talk about her music. The staff said, “HyunA’s top sexy performance and stage presence is possible due to her hard work behind the scenes. You will be able to see a new side of her as she participates in producing the album and concept shoots.”

“Triple H Detective Agency” will air its first episode on April 19 at 8 p.m. KST.

Source: Soompi