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newbie to your blog and i love your stuff!! 😍 i really enjoyed reading that iggy and royal servant one and was wondering if you'd be up for a writing a follow up? like more angsty goodness where they are an established couple and she gets kidnapped by the imperials and tortured for info on noct. the boys hear of it and so they plan an infiltration. not knowing that and despite her injuries. she tries to escape but fails, but bros to the rescue and cue more iggy angst. thanks for your time!

I’d like to offer a warm welcome to the chocohoe family, anon.😊 

Thanks so much for deciding to come along for the ride of feels n’ fluff n’ stuff™

I view the Ignis x royal servant universe as one full of potential, extending beyond any iteration and lending itself to many possibilities and scenarios (translated version: I could definitely see this becoming a little mini series!)

This one jumps around a bit in timing and point of view, so I added labels to help guide your journey.

Enjoy 🌟

{ P.S. This piece was guided through the inspiration of the following song, therefore I strongly recommended listening to it on loop while you read! I think it can add that extra push of emotion and depth needed to really set it over the edge }

Song: “Out of Africa ” (Main Theme) by John Barry

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“Good evening, Mr. Scientia”

A shy smile unraveled from the tightly wound spool of his composure.

“And a good evening to you, my love”

He bowed politely, lowering his head and extending a hand out before him: the gesture that had started it all presenting itself again.

My hand found its way into his, relaxing into his comforting grasp.

Raising his face to meet mine, he unabashedly let a toothy grin escape, as he lifted the back of my hand to his lips, pressing a soft kiss in its place.

Though this midnight meeting in the courtyard had become a daily ritual, seeing him standing before me, offering his respect to this servant as if I were Lucian royalty, never failed to leave me speechless.

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[1/3] Hello wonderful person. :) You said in a post that Dan can be quite condescending when it comes to art and culture and his taste in music and stuff and I just have to say I agree with that so much? tbh i always give the music he recommends a shot but i rarely ever like any of it. i can appreciate that it's art, and sometimes i think yeah, that might be good as a piece of art and everything but i just can't listen to this? my ears just don't like most of it

and it gives me weird vibes more often than not. like all that melancholic sounding stuff or weird rap that just doesn’t get to me or stay with me at all. There are other things he likes that I like as well, but it’s a bit of a pattern that there’s a good chance I won’t like what he recommends in his ls. Now obviously everyone has a different taste in music, but he always acts like his opinions are like the ultimate truth and that you are an uncultured swine or something if you don’t agree. And that makes me feel a bit anxious at times, I really wish he would stop doing that. He always says things like “you should like it” or “listen to this it’ll make you feel this and that way” like he always just assumes that everyone likes it just because he does? But I wonder why he does that? He’s like an art snob judging others for not “appreciating true art and culture” sometimes. Do you think he truly feels like he’s superior in his taste in music and art/culture?

hiiiii and thank you for sending in your thoughts on this topic!!!!! i’m sorry that dan has made you feel this way because of how he talks about his own artistic preferences. i think that it’s a little less cut and dry than how you’re describing it,, as in, he doesn’t directly ever say that if you disagree with his tastes then you must be “uncultured,” but he does sort of have an air of assuming that the stuff he listens to is so innovative and novel that none of his fans probably have an interest in it. at the same time, i think he does try to make an effort to sometimes lift up more mainstream pop music that is also good (he’s spoken p positively about ariana grande’s music and one direction and kesha, among others i think?) so it seems like sometimes it does occur to him to try to acknowledge other genres that are easier to listen to and more accessible. 

the thing with this music discussion is that dan probably focuses more heavily on the technical aspects of music and music production–it seems like he likes artists like fka twigs because of their creative approaches to production, and a lot of the rappers he listens to are known for their technical ability with flow and lyricism. also,,, like not to drag him too hard but most of his music recommendations are lifted directly from pitchfork’s top rated albums (and if you don’t know, pitchfork is one of the most respected music magazines in the world, but also incredibly over the top in everything they review). since there’s critical consensus around many of his recommended albums for being Good Art, he seems to feel comfortable celebrating them and speaking openly and positively about them since some group of art critics got together and decided they were Good. 

what he doesn’t seem to acknowledge, ever, though, is that most people’s music taste and preferences don’t really take that stuff into account, and that taste really is more about what sounds good. what sounds good to each individual person varies so much. i mean you can definitely make a case that objectively fka twigs is more musically complex than one direction but that doesn’t mean that everyone should like fka twigs more? bc what you like is just down to what sounds pleasing to you??? ????  ?? for some ppl (dan and also myself, i should add, bc i actually love a lot of the exact same music as dan) creative production and like one random interesting bass line or complex meter in rap music are things that sound good and make me feel emotions. the tone of someone’s vocal delivery can sometimes make me cry. but obvi some ppl prefer other things in music: stripped back and straightforward lyrics that tell a story, a melody that you can identify and sing along to, an anthemic chorus or atmosphere that gives your heart the sensation of physically being lifted, an actually “normal”-sounding voice that isn’t all squeaky and croony and weird, etc. etc. altogether, i don’t think i would say that dan earnestly believes he is superior in his taste in music and art, but he likely does forget that a lot of people likely aren’t drawn to the same things that he is when listening to music and he maybe occasionally slips into the assumption that that means they aren’t thinking critically enough about the art they consume or whatnot. which, obviously, is dumb. life is short, you should just listen to what you enjoy, and not everything has to require so much thought (and this goes for like ALL consumption of art imo. the people who would try to shame u for watching rom-coms instead of “complex” art films; for reading fan fic instead of “real books.” for watching youtube instead of weighty tv dramas. literally. do what you want. fuck anyone else’s opinion).

  • The World Was Wide Enough Monologue
  • Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

The World Was Wide Enough Monologues, with other songs from the show mixed in (song order under the cut)

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  • hamilton: I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory, when's it gonna get me
  • me: precisely 43 songs from now

Yesterday I marched in NYC’s peaceful protest against Trump and the misogyny, sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, climate change denial, and overall hate that he has legitimized.

I want to spread the message that we must join together and support each other in sustained action against this — so I borrowed some words from Lin and Hamilton.

Rise up.