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patronage i // yoongi x reader + jungkook x reader

patronage {part i}
yoongi x reader + jungkook x reader // pg-13 // 1495
you are an aspiring artist; you paint, you write music, you recreate life with every measly tool you have. it is a life filled with passion, but passion does not fill your needs. imagine your surprise then, when a man younger than you–but surely of a higher status—approaches you and offers his patronage.

a/n: this fic exists to make @justanemptydream suffer. but, no, really. this fic will not exist without her! i mean look, she even made a banner for me. she’s also an amazing writer and an amazing person, so do check her blog out. :’)

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Character Study || Talents & Abilities 1/?

Evan grew up in poverty. There were no after-school programmes he was a part of. His family could barely afford to feed themselves after his dad was fired from his job at the local car manufacturing company early on. Evan took respite in music and films. It was his early escape before he turned to the more unsavoury habits later on in life.

While he worked in José’s garage Evan bought himself a crappy keyboard and acoustic guitar. José taught him what he knew of guitar, but it wasn’t much. That was when he dived into music headfirst when he wasn’t fixing cars or restoring his own. It was another reason to stay away from the house. He could get no practise with all the loud shouting matches that escalated in his home.

He can’t read music well, but he’s adept at chords. Evan likes to play piano when he is just trying to decompress. There are not many people that are privy to this side of him. It is a very personal thing that he keeps close to his chest.

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Song: Some Respite
Artist: James Holden
Year: 2013
Why it’s Dope: Gummy keyboard line that helps guide the track, fantastic minimal song progression that is truly forward-thinking, interesting textures that give the track a distinct flavor, and an ambiance that is organic, unpredictable, and spontaneous.

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