musical quotes

If you ever asked me
how many times
you crossed my mind
or how often
I thought of you,
the only right thing to answer
would be “just once”.
—  // but little would you know that you simply never left my mind

Lafayette: Hey Alexander are you free tomorrow night?

Alexander: Yeah.

Lafayette:*turns to Laurens* And what about you mon ami?

Laurens: Yeah I’m free.

Lafayette: Great! Because I’m not but you two enjoy your date.

*Lafayette walks away*

Alexander:…Did he just?

Madison:*Mumbles to Jefferson* I love you

Jefferson: What was that?

Madison: Nothing!

Jefferson: No, no, no your not getting out of this one you just said you’d love me~

Madison: I did not!

Jefferson: *Shouts to Burr*Hey Burr he finally said it!

Madison: I made a terrible mistake.

Jefferson: It’s alright Jemmy Jams I love you too.

Hercules: Want to go on a ride with me?

Lafayette: I can ride you all night long.

Hercules:*sweats* What!

Lafayette: I said I could ride you all night long.

  • Hamilton: I’m just saying that the plan was genuinely dumb, as many of our plans are, I now realize.
  • Laurens: What about your whole speech about “I have the grace of a falcon, and I’ll be in and out like a demon’s whisper”?
  • Mulligan: Dude, you stood up on your chair and said that speech for everybody.
  • Hamilton: It was a damn good speech. It was very persuasive, but I regret it now.

Jefferson: You know I’ve been thinking about having a spring wedding.

Madison: Thomas we’re not even engaged