musical pj

There's so much R&B to be found, no excuses (pt. 2):
  • Sampha
  • Bibi Bourelly
  • Guordan Banks
  • Ari Lennox
  • Vanessa White
  • Justine Skye
  • NAO
  • Noname
  • Roy Woods
  • June’s Diary
  • PJ
  • Eryn Allen Kane
  • Jamila Woods
  • Kehlani
  • Gallant
  • H.E.R.
  • Anderson .Paak
  • Gabriel Garzon-Montano
  • D.R.A.M.
  • Raury
  • Ambre Perkins
  • Samaria
  • Sinead Harnett
  • Ella Mai
  • Paloma Ford

Children of the Gods: Apollo, Greek God of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light and knowledge

Sunlight paints their skin, dips their fingers in gold. Apollo’s children are the warmth of a new day, eyes shining with visions- of the future, of possibilities. Their hands create exquisite worlds within their art, their lips enchanting with words; poetic, lyrical, melodic. 

“I love you. I love the texture of your skin, the taste of your saliva, the softness of your ears, I love every inch and every part of your entire body. From your toes and the beautifully curved arches of your feet, to the exceptional shade and warmth of your dark hair. I need you in my life, I hope you need me too.”
— Nick Cave, from a letter to PJ Harvey

Does anyone else do this?

I get utterly obsessed with something (hobbies, actives, famous people, passions etc.) and it will be all I want to do all day. But then always I just suddenly stop being interested in it and move to something else. I do it a lot with youtubers and music artists. I watch/listen to them all day and want to buy all their merch and change my phone home screen to them or something to do with them, then just stop being obsessed, the different obsessions all usually lasts a few weeks max. I will find out everything possible about it but then just abandon it. I find it really annoying how I can’t just stick to one thing and that I get so distracted and move on to other things so quickly.


When you accidentally oversleep…☀️