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The Bet

Prompt: Hey! I just finished reading outlaws of love (and, as a bi person myself, may I say I loved every second I spent reading it). If it’s not too much to ask, could you maybe do a negan X daughter!reader where they just spend some cute, quality time together and he’s super protective over her, and she comes out to him as bi and he it really accepting of it. Thanks love x – Requested by @supernatural-everyday

Pairing: Dad!Negan x Daughter!Reader, Negan x You

Word Count: 3,857

Type: One shot

Warnings: None that I know of

Rating: PG

Notes: Yo’ so I kinda got real carried away with this, sorry! I hope it’s what you were looking for xx Also yay my first request is done :D

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 “Be safe. Stay inside the fuckin’ gates. I’ll be back by midday tomorrow.” The grumpy voice of your father says, as he stands in your doorway.

“Back before my Birthday?” You mumble. “And I know the rules, Dad.” You add, not looking up from the book in your lap as you sit cross legged on your bed.

“Yes Princess, before your birthday. And I know you know the rules, which is why I’m fuckin’ confused as to the reason you disobey them all the goddamn damn time.”

You roll your eyes and lift your head up, looking at your father in all his heroic glory. Leather jacket on and baseball bat in hand, you still wonder why he named the inanimate object after your mother.

“Because they’re stupid as shit.” You sarcastically smile back at him.

“Don’t swear.”

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Hakuna Matata

[title]: Hakuna Matata

[pairing]: T’Challa x Reader

[summary]: The Reader was shocked to find out that T’Challa has never seen The Lion King and is determined to make him enjoy it.

[warnings]: sad T’Challa, T’Challa probably having an overemotional connection with Simba idk, like no im serious T’Challa almost cries over the Lion King 

[a/n]: lmao this fic is really not okay

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           [y/n] was a grown ass woman, but wasn’t entirely sure how to act like one. It was as if her body had physically grown up, but her soul never learned how to.

           She wasn’t afraid to launch herself into a bouncy castle whenever one was in sight, throw a temper tantrum when someone told her that she couldn’t get candy, or sing along to every single Disney song that she heard.

           Now if you asked anyone else in the Tower what their favorite movie was they would probably answer with something reasonable for their age. Die Hard, Inception, Shutter Island, The Shawshank Redemption, The Prestige, or maybe even a Batman movie if someone was feeling extra saucy.

           But oh, not [y/n].

           If you asked [y/n] what her favorite movie was, there was only one film that would tumble straight out of her mouth before you could even finish your sentence.

           The Lion King.

           And she was horrifically surprised to hear that her boyfriend, the love of her life, King of Wakanda had yet to experience the glorious movie (she almost left him when he told her). She understood that he was raised very differently than her, being royalty and all, but she could have never imagined him not seeing the best movie of all time. But as soon as the shock wore off, she immediately dragged him eagerly into the living room of the Avengers Compound and quickly pushed the Lion King disc into the DVD player.

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So here it is, first place! The story ‘Bewitched’ by @all-i-need-is-destiel!

Wow! I’m a big fan of witch!Cas, that’s no secret, but this story was truly wonderful and enchanting! Aside from fluffy, it was cleverly funny, and of course the amazing friends-to-lovers trope was the cherry on top!

I’m not following you yet, which means that aside from this promo, you will get a follow back from me! Everyone who’s interested should check out more of your writing; there are links on the sidebar of the blog to both a masterpost and AO3, so that people can easily navigate. 

Thank you so much for sharing your story with me, and congratulations on being the winner of the promo contest! 

It’s not easy to be friends with a witch.

Dean learned this the uncomfortable way when he entered Castiel’s home for the first time, totally oblivious and naive, and immediately got cuddled fiercely by the coat rack while the portrait of some bearded Shakespeare dude on the opposite wall watched with a gleeful expression and warned Dean at the same time in an amused voice to keep away from the refrigerator, since it tended to eat people wholly and only ever return the shoes of its victims.

Castiel, however, didn’t appear to be impressed by any of this and reassured Dean that Shakespeare was fond of lying simply out of boredom, and that the refrigerator only occasionally liked to nibble at people, not eat them.

Dean just took it with a dumbfounded face and asked for some coffee, hoping against all odds that the coffeemaker wouldn’t like to chat or grope him as well.

(Futile at last since that stupid machine told Dean just two minutes later that he was a “pretty boy”, and tried to smack his ass with its cord.)

Dean recalls quite vividly how overwhelmed he had felt back then. Granted, he heard about witches and their crazy powers, but before that, he didn’t encounter quite that many. Only the nice lady with the herb shop around the corner who offered everyone her stale cookies, and a family from the edge of town that liked to stay by themselves.

And then Castiel moved into the house across the street with his talking furniture, his ugly car, his cat familiar named Douglas and – most importantly – with the bluest eyes in existence.

And from that moment, everything changed.

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Bucky x reader - PART 4 - Just a Schoolgirl Crush

Word count: About 1,050

Warnings: mild swearing

Summary: Tony thinks you’re getting touchy feely with someone.

A/N: It’s been ages since I’ve posted, so sorry about that my dudes. I’m moving house so things are a little hectic. I also just got given a ukulele and I’m way to obsessed with it already, so you can probably guess what I’ve spent my time doing. I hope you like part 4, and if you have any feedback I’d love to hear it! If you want to be tagged just let me know! If you enjoy the story I would be super super grateful if you could give it a like or reblog if you’re happy to! Thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoy.

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You’re sprawled out on the sofa, eagerly searching for something good to watch. You prod the button on the TV remote, your patience wearing thin. Why is it so difficult to find something decent?

“Take it easy, Y/N.” Tony squawks. “What did the remote ever do to you?”

“It’s all absolute shit,” you reply, angrily attacking the buttons with your index finger. “Ah, that’s more like it,” you celebrate, as Harry Potter blinks onto the screen.

“You get worked up way too easily,” he declares, flopping down onto your feet, your toes hidden under a pillow for warmth.

“Tony, you dick, that hurts.” You squeal, stretching out your arm to flick him. “You’re on my feet.”

“My bad,” he replies, shuffling off your toes, taking the pillow with him. You shiver as the cool air hits your feet. Tony’s legs had made pretty good hot water bottles.

“Is it weird if I ask if you’ll sit on my feet?” You request, wondering if you sound really peculiar for asking such a question.

“Since when do you let people touch your feet?” Inquires Tony, sitting up slightly so you can scoot them under his thighs.

“Don’t know,” you answer, turning away from him.

“Y/L/N, have you been getting close and cuddly with someone?” He teases, noticing you’d turned away.

“Don’t be an ass, Tony.” You retaliate, turning back to face him, trying your hardest to conceal your smile. He stares you straight in the eyes, your facade crumbling to reveal a childish grin.

“You have!” He gasps sarcastically. “Remember, Y/N, always use protection.” He says, cracking up at his own joke.

“Piss off,” you laugh, smacking a pillow into his face.

To your annoyance, Tony’s right. You have been ‘getting cuddly’ with someone. Compared to most people, it’s nothing, but for you, any contact is a big deal.

Last week, when you’d woken up the night after Wanda, Bucky and Steve mistook you for a HYDRA agent, you’d found yourself entangled with Bucky. You were shocked to find him lying beside you, before remembering the nights events, and how you’d asked him to stay with you. You were surprised he’d stayed the whole night, or didn’t wake up with a nightmare, as Steve had told you he often did. You felt butterflies creep into your stomach, you certainly hadn’t expected to awaken to his sleepy figure peacefully asleep, his soft snores making their way out every so often.

You were almost spooning, but your back wasn’t touching his chest, which you were glad of, as you were sure that would be a little too much touching for you to tolerate. You were both on your sides, Bucky playing almost big spoon, his heavy arm draped over your waist, his head resting on his metal arm. You wondered how he found that comfortable, surely it’s like sleeping on a frying pan?

You looked down to your legs, only to find them entwined with Bucky’s.
You started untangling them, attempting to work out which limbs belonged to who, trying not to wake Bucky. You were desperate to shower away the previous nights events, you didn’t think you’d ever been so embarrassed. You hoped no one would bring it up when you ventured from your room, well, if you ventured from your room.

You sat up and turned to perch on the edge of the bed, yawning as you planted your feet on the floor, gradually finding your balance as you stood up. You grabbed your earphones from the bedside table. A couple of tunes in the morning always got you pumped for the day. You put your earphones in, tapping on your phone as you searched for your favourite song. You felt your body wake up as the first beats rang through your ears. You danced over to your cupboard, snatching a t-shirt off the hanger, throwing it over your shoulder as you prepared yourself to air drum your favourite part. You began tapping your foot as you readied yourself to wack the first drum. You started throwing your arms around as you pretended to play along to the tune, every movement correct to how you’d play it on a real drum kit.

You ended by lobbing your imaginary drum sticks into the crowd, panting at your sudden musical outburst. As you turned around to retrieve your glass of water from your bedside table, you saw Bucky covering his face, his shoulders shaking as he tried to contain his laughter. “Come on then, how long have you been watching for? You asked, trying not to sound embarrassed, yanking out your earphones, wishing a black hole would open up and swallow you.

“Only all of it,” he said, snorting with laughter. “I can’t deny it, doll, it was a great performance.”

“Not a word of this to anyone, Barnes.” You warned, trying your best to seem annoyed and not let him see the grin you were hiding.

“I can’t promise anything, Y/L/N.” He giggled.

“You’ll regret it,” you threatened. “I will make you pay, big time.”

“Bring it on, Shorty.” He teased, even though there’s hardly anyone taller than him.

“I’m not that short,” you whined, pushing your power into two short strides onto the bed. Bucky stood up, both of you ready for a friendly wrestle to settle the winner.

“Three-two-one go!” He blurted out, giving you no time to ready yourself, as he scooped you into a fireman’s lift over his shoulder, holding you firmly to ensure you didn’t escape.

“That’s not fair,” you laughed. “I had no time to prepare!”

“Better luck next time, doll.” He smirked, flopping you onto your bed, before walking triumphantly out of your room, his head held high as he stuck his tongue out at you. You responded with a grin, your middle finger angled towards him, before he closed the door behind him. Damn it, why was he so adorable?

noteggnon  asked:

Imagine Skyhold goes through a musical phase like in Buffy (Once More With Feeling). Who gets the crazy tapdance song? What kind of songs do the companions get (topic and style)? And most importantly, will Jim lead a ballet of dancing inquisition scouts while Cullen sings about lack of privacy? (You are welcome for that mental image.)

oh god, you don’t even understand…. I had whole pieces of choreography memorized from that damn episode. I have no doubt that I could sing every song from memory even though I haven’t listened to it in years…


Honestly the thought of Skyhold having a sudden outburst of musical theatre is making me laugh hard enough that it’s difficult to actually conceive of a proper answer for this. For some reason the first image that popped into my head for someone doing a crazy tap dance number was Bull… mostly because it would be hilarious to watch. 

Jim and the scouts wouldn’t be backup for Cullen. They’d be staging an elaborate dance number in the background, completely unnoticed by members of the Inner Circle as they discussed how they were going to dispel the enchantment.

Leliana and Morrigan would be compelled to sing the world’s most unwilling duet. I don’t even care what the subject matter is. 

I picture Cassandra locking herself in her room because she absolutely refuses to let anyone see the spell affect her. 

And oh god I just remembered that the whole point of the spell was to compel people to blurt out their secrets.


Solas is so fucked.