musical mimes

Paige Mahoney (listen//lyrics), The Bone Season Character Playlist (2/?)
01. There’s a ghost, Fleurie || 02. Control, Halsey || 03. Once upon a dream, Lana Del Rey || 04. Home, Aurora || 05. Blinding, Florence + The Machine || 06. Devil devil, MILCK || 07. Castle, Halsey || 08. Bones, MS MR || 09. Me and the devil, Soap&Skin || 10. Silhouette, Birdy || 11. Flicker, Lorde || 12. Deep end, Ruelle || 13. Lucky, Aurora || 14. Everybody wants to rule the world, Lorde


Music through the ages 


In March of 1968, the Tienerklanken music show in Belgium broadcasted a Pink Floyd television special, featuring mimed performances of Astronomy Domine, The Scarecrow, Corporal Clegg, Paint Box, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, See Emily Play, and Bike (Bike was the only song that had a picture montage play with the music instead of a mimed performance from the band).

Arcturus Mesarthim (listen), The Bone Season Character Playlist (1/?)
01. In the woods somewhere, Hozier || 02. Conquest of spaces, Woodkid || 03. In dreams, Ben Howard || 04. Dream, Imagine Dragons || 05. Ghost lights, Woodkid || 06. Nitesky, Robot Koch || 07. Cemeteries of London, Coldplay || 08. Spectre, Radiohead || 09. Bloodstream (Quartet session), Stateless || 10. Better Love, Hozier || 11. 42, Coldplay


The Girl Is Mime - Starring Martin Freeman

(I’m calling the police

on myself)


So the other night, I went to two London bookshops.


Two shops and I bought seven books. I need to be stopped.

so let’s talk about the gangsey on a road trip

special thanks to @thedangerboys​ for coming up with this with me

  • at the beginning of the trip, the plan is to rotate between Gansey, Ronan, and Adam for drivers
  • this schedule is quickly abolished an hour into the drive when it’s Ronan’s turn, and Gansey commands him to pull over for driving recklessly less than five minutes into his turn (he swears he heard police sirens, too)
  • Blue doesn’t drive but she rides shotgun and controls the map (whoever said women couldn’t read a map had obviously never met Blue Sargent, professional map navigator)
  • they’re driving the ‘old-fashioned way’ because Gansey’s GPS ran out of battery/ was thrown out the window in Ronan’s frustration as it screamed ‘RECALCULATING’ for minutes on end, but it was named Margaret (Gansey named it after Glendower’s wife, the giant dork)
  • the minivan’s got three rows - Ronan claims the way back for himself and Chainsaw, because no one was willing to watch the raven while they were gone, nor could Ronan bear to part with his small feathered baby
  • Adam tells him to budge over when he’s not driving though, and they share the backseat by listening to music, miming the instruments, and making paper airplanes because what else would they be doing?
  • Noah randomly appears and disappears into one of the seats in the middle row, and Gansey sits in the seat across from him
  • when Gansey’s driving, it just holds the journal, trail-mix, and a cooler for water, Blue’s yoghurt, and Coca-Cola
  • then Ronan gets bored, and leans over into the middle seat, elbowing Gansey, rolls down the window, and proceeds to throw bang-snaps, courtesy of the nap he had five minutes prior, out of the window
  • he’s aiming for passing cars, but Gansey does not like that type of antisocial behaviour nor does he like being elbowed in the face, and Ronan Lynch You Better Quit It Or Else

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