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soo I have a theory that apart from those phone calls and that one scene we see alice in, we don’t know her (or deb) at all. everything said in “not your seed” is completely made up by the alien infecting alice, who doesn’t know the person she’s infecting at all. take for example that infected!alice doesn’t even seem to know her own age (“stuck at seventeen” vs bill saying she’s 18) and like…everything she says in the song is for the exact purpose of hurting bill:

-“you left me out of your sight for one second and look what happened” she immediately puts all the blame on him which I don’t think the real alice would ever do - she made the choice to ignore bill and stay in hatchetfield, and we know that the last thing alice told bill was “I love you”. she wouldn’t say that if she felt that bill was responsible for putting her in danger

-“and you were right, deb is a hardcore stoner” confirming bill’s fears that alice’s girlfriend is a bad influence - maybe it’s true, but she still only says it to upset bill

-the unsettling implications of “no more being worried and waiting by the door” followed right away by “did you know that I wanted to live with you” - imagine how that must sound to bill, first off alice living with her mother has for some reason caused her a whole lot of anxiety and then finding out that this whole time, she could’ve been living with him. he could’ve had his daughter back

- i think the harmony deb and the other girl sing, “nightmare time” sums it up - they’re just confirming all of bill’s worst nightmares as a parent

-in fact the whole way through the song infected!alice is reminding bill that she’s literally not his daughter but bill refuses to believe it, even after all the awful things she says

so this isn’t the rebellious teen moment that infected!alice plays it off as. I think what actually happens is that alice gets infected, and then suddenly there’s paul and bill searching the school armed with a rifle, and the alien infecting her figures that trying to overpower them would be a disaster - 3 aliens in teenager’s bodies vs 2 men with a gun. but then she hears bill spelling out the argument he had with his daughter, how much she means to him, his own guilt, even his concerns that alice is dating the wrong person for her. infected!alice sees how fragile he is already and realises that she has everything she needs to take them down. so she starts singing