musical instruments

Instruments renamed
  • Piccolo: scream maker
  • Flute: tooty toot
  • Oboe: quack machine
  • English horn: goose simulator
  • Clarinet: blue
  • Bassoon: rolling marbles
  • Saxophone: sexy quacking
  • French horn: star wars?
  • Trumpet: blemp
  • Trombone: fart machine
  • Tuba: big fart machine
  • Violin: crying children
  • Viola: firewood
  • Cello: delta faucet commercial music
  • Bass: bwah
“We’re sinking!”

Not-Freddy: “I’ve got to save the instruments!”

*immediately collects one drum, a cymbal stand, a giant mint, and a lawn chair*

*leaves guitar, tambourines, drumsticks & other drums to sink to the bottom*

At least he has his priorities straight.

The Zodiac Signs as Instruments

Aries: Electric guitar

Taurus: Saxophone

Gemini: Accordion

Cancer: Triangle

Leo: Trombone

Virgo: Harp

Libra: Violin

Scorpio: Acoustic guitar

Sagittarius: Drums

Capricorn: Piano

Aquarius: Electric keyboard

Pisces: Clarinet

I can’t listen to instrumental music when I study I’m a band person I music I analyze the music while I listen to it what have you done to me band? It’s like WoAH nice crescendo trumpets I’m likin the Eb scales right there flutes keep it up barries you go mallets and those 8th note Sforzandos in the low brass are fucking amazing And there i am at midnight when i was supposed to be studying for biology 3 hours ago