musical hoaxes

Rumors and misinformation spread like wildfire here on Tumblr. Meanwhile, reblogging something that is inaccurate and adding your information just ends up getting lost in the mix. I figure I’ll just go ahead and chime in here with some proof in the form of Peter Hook’s (Joy Division, New Order) own response to this whole David Bowie covering “Love Will Tear Us Apart” one magical night back in 1983. It’s false. It never happened. I understand wanting it to happen, but sadly it didn’t. I would point out that whoever is singing, is doing a generally bad Bowie impression. Oddly, no one seems to notice, so I can’t fault anyone for getting tricked. Hopefully everyone who’s losing their marbles over this supposed lost gem will trust the word of one of the men who was in the band at the time. 

It would have been nice, but it’s simply not true. It is a hoax. Pass it on.