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Heyyy:)) I saw that a lot of blogs have made these things and I was wondering that why not to do it myself? I’m just VERY-VERY thankful for you everyone who has followed me and I just wanted to tell you a BIG THANK YOU! You have all been amazing and you all have amazing blogs and I will tag all of you and the ones who are in bold, they have been like super amazing, by that, I mean that they have started talking to me, have asked me randomly and tagged me into things, have helped me, who I see in my activity a lot and who’s writings and blogs have caught my eye the most! Of course you all are amazing and I hope next year, when I do this again, I can put you all in bold, lol :D I know that I haven’t got much followers (freaking 199), tho I have been doing things with this blog about a month, but you all mean so much to me and I respect each and every one of you! <3 AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU! I really hope you all will meet your idols one day! :D


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