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Ita-chan and Big brother Spain spot a handsome Frenchman approaching backstage.



How to be a successful professional musician

  • Be AMAZING at sightreading
  • Be 5 minutes early
  • Have your music with you
  • Have two pencils with you
  • Have water and a snack with you
  • Keep your calendar current
  • Check your calendar often
  • Show up with your part learned
  • Stay engaged until rehearsal is done
  • Fix your own mistake before the conductor has to address it
  • Smile and say “thank you” often
  • Be proactively friendly to conductors, ensemble members, and audience members
  • Have an exceptional work ethic
  • Learn to drink with other musicians until two on Friday night and still rock that wedding gig Saturday morning at ten
  • Make beautiful music every time you open your face or touch your instrument. Every. Single. Time
  • Be reliable
  • Pay attention
  • Kick ass at sightreading. If you can sightread you can pay rent

Check out Adrian Mann’s 18.5-foot-long piano!

He started building it in high school; today he’s a professional piano builder. It weighs over a ton, the strings are over 20 feet long, and the keys are each about three feet long. 

“A lot of pianists come along and the first thing they do is play the bottom notes and go ‘oh my goodness,’” Adrian says.

“It can be quite hard to pull some people away. I haven’t had a negative reaction yet.”