musical electrics

Hi everyone sorry i took so long to make the instruments…Here’s some progress so far, since it was a old mod i made i wanted to edited it a bit. (i had to resize the “Double bass, Cello, Violin & Music sheet stand” since it was to big)

I don’t plan on making a lot of instruments…since i’m kinda lazy

Also eemie has already made a really nice Celesta in her Classy new interior mod so i decided not to included a piano with my Instruments set. (*´_ゝ`)


Let me bless you with this new found audio of Tom Holland singing the whole song ‘Electricity’ in YouTube! It’s so beautiful! 😭😭😭


WONDER WOMAN Theme - Tina Guo

The Zodiac Signs as Instruments

Aries: Electric guitar

Taurus: Saxophone

Gemini: Accordion

Cancer: Triangle

Leo: Trombone

Virgo: Harp

Libra: Violin

Scorpio: Acoustic guitar

Sagittarius: Drums

Capricorn: Piano

Aquarius: Electric keyboard

Pisces: Clarinet


😁😁🎸🎶🎶💃🏽💃🏽 started playing with an old song again. Fun thing about off days!! 😊😜😋

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