musical biscuits


He’s the Music Meister! And everyone just fawns!
He’s the Music Meister, and we are all his pawns!                                           And so for me, it’s destiny ‘to be the maestro of villainy!                                  Yes I’m the Music Meister, and I’m here to settle the score!

Music Meister requested by anonymous and some extra sketchies :)


If you haven’t ever gone to Camp Bisco, what the fuck are you doing with your life man?

Never have I ever experienced happiness of this magnitude. I am so grateful for such an amazing opportunity to bond with new souls and create a new family under the sky in the mountains of PA.

Camp Bisco 2017, you better be fucking ready for me ♡

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a gorgeous and heavenly song named Home from an act named Mount Dreams earlier today. The weightless, feathery dream pop song features wispy, soothing vocals by Parisian duo Anatomy. Mount Dreams is a production duo made up of LUUL from Belgium and Petit Biscuit from France. Home seems to be their debut single, a light and airy ambient electronic meets indie pop dazzler. 

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