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The Music Tells The True Story.

I’m listening to The Final Problem soundtrack again, because, even though we all know how the episode…resulted…the music is gorgeous and actually tells the TRUE story. THIS is why I need to make this post. 

I Had No One is Eurus explaining why she did what she did, why she became what she became.
And what do we hear at the very beginning of the song?

John’s theme. 

John’s heartbroken, lonely, lost chords are playing over a slow violin melody, in a scene where a character who isn’t related to John’s character in any way is explaining why she felt alone and NEEDS Sherlock to be complete.

If we’re going with the most probable theory that The Final Problem is John’s bleeding-out hallucination after being shot, he villainizes his love for Sherlock because as we know…John hates himself. He thinks he’s a terrible person for falling in love with the person that saved his life, so in his literal dying moments he creates a horror-movie-world in which Sherlock ignores him and he has to stand there and take the abuse, because that’s what he thinks he deserves. 

But he can’t help but admit to himself that it’s true. He’s fallen in love. And so John’s chords at the beginning of the song are literally musically heartbroken.

The music tells the true story.

[Dancing in the Moonlight] was my first choice, I made that decision when I was 12 or 13 that this was the kind of music I was going to be into for the rest of my life… I’m like that in a lot of ways, in different things, you know I watch the same TV shows, I’ll watch you know the same sports and the same channel, I’ll wear the same clothes and I’ll wear the same aftershave for five or six years, and you know it’ll take a lot for me to change. And it’s the same - apart from music is a bit more sustainable, and - yeah, I know what I like, and when I hear it straight away I know it.