If I could tell her
Tell her everything I see
If I could tell her
How she’s everything to me
But we’re a million worlds apart
And I don’t know how I would even start.

If I Could Tell Her, from Dear Evan Hansen

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When you're​ musical trash and you associate everything with a musical. anyways here is a heathers/lego batman crossover drawing that I’ve been working on for a while now since I’ve watched the movie :O (I have even thought of a whole story to correspond it specifically to the batman lego universe, Along with closeups to these side sketches that ill post later) for those who haven’t heard of the heathers heres the song i based this drawing on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD7x_7tUFNI

Name Meanings!

Did you know that…

Erik - In Danish, it means ‘Powerful’. (How typical!!) And in Swedish, it means - ‘Forever Strong’ which I think is very fitting for him. But the best one is the Scandinavian meaning, which is ‘Ever Kingly’. If that doesn’t describe Erik more then I don’t know what does. 

Christine - Quite simply, ‘Follower of Christ’ which again, very fitting for our lovely girl who I believe must’ve been Catholic if her father was buried in a Catholic Cemetery? Correct me if I’m wrong! She did also believe in angels i mean come on guys… 


Nadir-  Apparently it means ‘Dearly loved’ in Arabic which is he is, by Erik, even if he doesn’t care to show it! 


Hirama Soichi as Mercutio for the promotion of the musical “Romeo&Juliette” in the magazine Sparkle vol.29.

(Scans from my own magazine. Please, credit the artist, the musical, the magazine and my tumblr if sharing. Thank you)

  • me: i love musical theatre
  • friend: oh, you must be a great singer then!!
  • me: you could not be more wrong