I don’t really get this?? If I’m out with my friend as friends I don’t expect to be paid for. And if he asks me on a date, first of all I probably wouldn’t shut him down in that rude of a way but even if the date wasn’t “successful” that shouldn’t determine whether he pays or not


“I’m only not doing that because I don’t exactly like it either. I do wish they’d stop resorting to treating the best friend character like shit for laughs all the time. I just think it’s dumb. But it’s even more dumb to call it evil or say the PT are bad people for one stupid unnecessary comedy scene that’s easily ignored if you remember that. They’re. Not. Real. People.”

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In regards to Jashi hate.

I know you all seem convinced that there is some (god knows why,) morally wrong thing happening in the Samurai Jack series where him finding love equates to some  disgusting and possibly wrong relationship (that you strange, strange, children seem to equate to incest or paedophelia? Like, are you legitimately this idiotic?) because of their age difference (despite his mental and physical age being that of a man in his late 20s, and her age is at least in her early 20s and well over the “legal” limit. ) 

Well then, let me say one thing.

If seeing this upsets you?

Then I better not EVER see you posting ANYTHING About how “cute” or “sweet” or “great” this:

Or even more specifically THIS:

Because let me tell you something kiddos, the ladies in those pictures? Are well over hundreds and hundreds and possibly thousands of years older than their significant others. (With Kida being 8,500 years old, and Rose being around as far back as early colonist times and even further.)

So I better not see you praising them, and giving Jack shit for finding love. You hypocritical pieces of slime.

That’ll be all children, go about your daily lives. And maybe sit in the corner and think about what you’re doing to a damn good series and the people  that actually appreciate it.

Dysphoria is not a social construct

“gender dysphoria is caused by living in a society that harms trans people and projects it’s own negative image onto us.”

Gender dysphoria has NOTHING to do with society. This is coming from somebody who is pre-T and passes as male. I’m stealth. I go to the men’s room. I get treated the same way as any other guy my age would. This makes my life a little easier only because people’s words don’t remind me of my body out in public. But despite all of this, I still feel sick when I look in the mirror. I hardly shower because it’s painful for me to take off my layers of clothing. I don’t know much about female genitalia because I’ve only seen my own twice or so and was left with a mental breakdown and in tears.

Why do you think people bind, tuck, pack, go on hormones and get surgeries? There’s a difference between self-consciousness and dysphoria.

Can you see now why it’s so hurtful to trans people to say that dysphoria is caused by society? No matter how I’m treated, it makes no difference when I go home at night. I’ve felt uncomfortable in my body since I started puberty and didn’t have a clue that I was a guy. Ask almost any other pre (or even post) op/hormonal trans person and they will tell you the same thing experienced a little differently. Even when people don’t have strong dysphoria, and even when people don’t pass, they transition because it’s what they need to do. Not what other people tell them to do, out loud or not.

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Do you think craig has an eating disorder? Cause you mentioned you never saw him eat something in front of you :"(

CRAIG: No, Craig doesn’t have an eating disorder.
PETER: Aw, man, come on! It was only a few answers-
CRAIG: Craig used to have an eating disorder. Now he doesn’t.
PETER: I wasn’t saying anything bad, I promise!
CRAIG: Craig also used to have a roommate named Peter. Now he’s dead.
PETER: What, no! No!

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I just found your blog and holy fuck, I love the way you draw yordles, and your expressions are amazing! For the ask part, though, what do you think of Lulu x Tristana x Poppy? I love all three of them, even more when they're together, but I was wondering what your thoughts on it were. Keep up the great work~

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Doc will wear anything they think they look good in, but not during work hours (it’ll get all messy!), which is why I usually draw them in a lab coat. They can get rather fashionable in their rare off time!

they always make this particular dumb pose, though, because they think they look good in it (instead it’s just really obvious they’re posing). in addition to be a b-grade supervillain they are also a b-grade aspiring model