3 weeks ago I did my ff for 400 and here I am now at 1,000. It is crazy how fast I got from there to here. It was a little over a month ago I was at 200. My blog has grown so fast in such a short amount of time. Thank you to all of you who have followed me, liked, and reblogged my post! Each and every one of you are great!


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anonymous asked:

I saw this on my dash today "I always streetpass you on the train in the morning and we’ve kinda been flirting through the custom greetings but now we bumped into each other face to face for the first time and oh no you’re cute AU" please make it happen with Nami and Syndra <3

Syndra stares at her DS and frowns. Whoever OmNamNam is, they and their stupid(ly cute) whale hat need to stop.

“I can’t bow to you, you’re too short!”

That’s her custom greeting. It is, presumably, in response to Syndra’s default: “Bow to the Queen” written in Korean. Which is strange, because OmNamNam’s greeting (“Magical Jellyfish Princess!”) was in Japanese. Maybe she was just a Korean weeaboo?

Either way, this cannot be tolerated. Syndra changes her greeting.

“You can bow and you will. Battle?”


Syndra stares at her DS and frowns.

Somehow, her unbeatable psychic/ghost/dark team was defeated by OmNamNam’s manaphy. What on Earth is a manaphy to begin with, where the hell did she get one, and why was it so damned strong?

It’s not fair. It’s just not right. She didn’t even get to see any of the other pokemon!

She shakes her head. OmNamNam is probably one of those people, she decides; the ones encrusted in a cheeto dust sarcophagus.

Except that even their trainer was adorable, with her top tier haircut and her super expensive clothes…

But that’s a dumb thing to think. It’s just a trainer. Anyone can make theirs cute.

It’s been three months. When she opens her DS, she’s not frowning anymore.

Today, when she sits on the bench at the subway station, she gets the familiar ping from OmNamNam. She wants to trade.

Syndra’s got a spare Litwick laying around from her frantic Chandelure breeding experiments. She queues that up and waits with some small anticipation to see what OmNamNam’s cooked up.

And then she receives it.

A luvdisc, named Sovereign, with a note attached.

“Look across the platform.”

And there she is, OmNamNam in the flesh, waving with her DS in hand.

Syndra’s heart drops right into her stomach; blood rushes to her cheeks.

Oh no.

She’s got a full sleeve tattoo, messy blonde hair, and she’s doing her best to look like a jellyfish in real life with that outfit.

And she’s cute.

She’s so cute.


I decided to do a follow forever now that my exams are officially over! This is really plain and simple but let’s put it all to the side and admire Oikawa being the adorable alien loving nerd that he is please(人´∀`* ) 

So thank you to all you lovely people for making my dash so wonderful every day! Everyone here is so cool and majestic I don’t even know why you follow a loser like me honestly but I do want to tell you that I appreciate it even if I don’t understand it! Thanks for sticking with me despite how I am!

Some of you I recently followed but I decided to put you in here too because your blogs are stellar and deserve recognition okay? Bolded are my favourite blogs and bolded + italicized are my lovely friends at least they are to me I really hope they consider me their friend too.

Thanks so much!

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Enyaa’s 666/3 follow forever

So now that (I think) I stopped losing followers because of my conversion to full anime trash and started slowly gainig again, I thought I could make a follow forever.

So first off the cool kids aka my amazing mutuals 

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I am way too lazy to arrange this alphabetically, so this is just the order in which I found you.

If anyone feels like I forgot or put them in the wrong category just tell me, because I’m stupid.

So, recently I’ve reach my current follower goal, and to celebrate, why not a follow forever?? I’ve met SO many amazing people on here, and I’m really glad to be able to interact with all kinds of unique individuals (even though I’m so awkward LMAO)! I want to show my appreciation to you guys for all the amazing things you’ve shown me throughout this year!!!  (ノ*゜▽゜*)

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Follow Friday

Hey, party people! Time for another FOLLOW FRIDAY! Here’s a list of game developers, devblogs, and artists I’ve started following recently and think you might like to check out. Best of luck to everyone who’s doing Ludum Dare this weekend! :)

Game Developers and development blogs:

Artists (some of whom are also developers):

Holy crap. I follow a lot of people. Part of me wants to make these lists less long/dense, but part of me wants to continue supporting the gamedev and artist communities by giving a ton of shout-outs. (I’ll probably keep making long lists)

Tytuł : How to bake the perfect Louis Tomlinson

Autor i link do oryginału  justgotowisharder

Zgoda na tłumaczenie : Jest :) 

Tłumaczka : Mitti 

Cudowny banner wykonała : Ola 

Ilość słów : ok. 8000

Opis : 

- Co jest następne w przepisie, Hazza?
- Hum…- mruczy unosząc głowę w górę i składa na ustach Louisa delikatnego buziaka - Złożyć kilka pocałunków, żeby uczynić to słodszym. 
- Oh, lubię ten krok. Mogę spróbować? 

(Albo nie takie typowe szkolne au, gdzie Gemma, Zayn i Louis to fajne dzieciaki, a Harry nie rozumie dlaczego proszą go o pomoc. Jednak chłopak zgadza się, bo wszystko czego potrzebuje to Louis) 

Data premiery : maj/czerwiec 2015

Krok 1 

Krok 2 i 3

Krok 4

Krok 5

Krok 6 i 7

Krok 8

praca została opublikowana jako one shot, jednak ja podzieliłam ją na kilka części

Next up for #followfriday is the incomparable @zenofneato , the man behind one of my favorite Sportsters. He makes style look easy and American iron look right. Do yourself a favor and also check out his land speed bike the BonnePan. #dailydoodle #Muchomoto #ff

Banner feito por alaskavatars

Tenho certeza que vou esquecer de alguém, por isso já peço desculpas antecipadamente mas qualquer coisa o blogroll está aí pra isso. Bom, só queria dizer que estou cada dia mais apaixonada por todos icons, headers, psds, previews, etc, que vocês postam aqui. Não desativem nunca por favor, vocês me inspiram muito, amo vocês! ♡






















































Eu fiz esse follow friday pra agradecer a algumas pessoas especiais daqui do tumblr, em parte por serem tão talentosas e por parte só por terem aparecido na minha vida e serem tão maravilhosas como elas são; eu adoro vocês, adoro conversar com vocês todos os dias, vocês são pessoas muito fofas! Não desistam, se estivem a ponto de desistir, fique por mim; i love u guys xoxo

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Eu só não coloquei mais gente porque não lembrei de ninguém; mas em fim, eu amo todo mundo!