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Boy Band...

I guess there’s this show called “Boy Band” that’s looking for the next One Direction cause there’s been a and I quote “void in the boy band world since their hiatus” and I watched this News Feed video on it and was like…really cause…

I think

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If you

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Just look

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Hard enough

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You might just

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Fill that void 

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k-pop songs with orchestral parts!

i couldn’t find a master list like this, so i decided to make one (don’t kill me if there is but) basically this list is a bunch of k-pop songs with orchestral parts (string instrument: viola, bass, cello, violin) please enjoy!!!

Awake - BTS’ Jin

Chaconne - Ladies Code

Ending Scene - IU

Hate that I Miss You - Lee Hae Ri

Sun, Moon, Star - KNK

Because it’s You - Astro

Say Yes - Seventeen

I Blame on You - Taeyeon

Fantasy - Vixx

House of Cards - BTS

I’ll Smile even if it Hurts - Ladies Code

My Flower - Ladies Code

Eyes, Nose, Lips - Taeyang

Lie - BTS’ Jimin

Love Is Not Over - BTS

The Maze of Reality - Ha Dong Qn

Don’t Know You - HEIZE

The Romance is Over - Vixx

So Far Away (Ft. Suran) - Agust D

Last Dance - Big Bang

First Love - BTS’ Suga

Even Though - Lee Hae Ri

5:14 (Last Page) - Monsta X

Nothing - Pentagon

Last Love - Red Velvet

Badbye - Vixx

Time Lapse - Taeyeon

TopDog - ToppDogg

Might Just Die - History

 i’m sure there are more, this is just a little list, feel free to add more!


anyways, i will watch this MV and hype it until IT GETS THE VIEWS IT DESERVES bc 80s???? Colorful stuff???   for hyperactive sarcastic dancing???? 

guys, this is what got me into K-Pop in the first place; the sheer happiness and ridiculousness of it. DO yourself a favor and listen to it!!

Edit: I now started my Snuper Discovery project, so if you want to know more about them, just click here!


[MV] ESBEE _ B-DAY (Feat. RAVI)(예전같지 않아 (B-DAY) (Feat. RAVI))

That KBS Music Bank First Half of 2017 Show made me realize how much of a freaking chaotic mess my 'anything kpop' life is...

Realisations as i was watching:
•The number of groups I stan that are present makes me dizzy…
•The number of groups I stan that are NOT present makes me even dizzier…
•Rookie groups showing respect to +5 year old groups I stan. I feel so old. They used to be so tiny and not so innocent (Highlight and Teen Top)
•The +5 year old groups have their descendants with them. Again, I feel so old.
•The sheer number of albums and merchs that I actually now need to get rid of in my spare room (my kpop sanctum) just so I can fit my new ones.
•How much love and respect I have for them for pushing through despite the fear of the threat surrounding them. They are freaking brave.
•If my life is a mess now…so what. Aside from the times that I missed seeing some of them because of my laziness, I have no regrets.
•I love living the chaotic Kpop fan life. It’s….fun. lol