music: eisley

The Winter Song
The Winter Song

Eisley / The Winter Song

Walking home, with the snow,
It is falling down.
Passing by lit windows,
The people inside,
They wave from the glow.

Chimney smoke billowing,
Snowflakes on my lashes,
Oh, one starry night,
I was walking and singing this song.

It’s that day again.
It’s that time of year.
With our smiling faces,
We will sing with cheer.

I Wish
I Wish

Eisley / I Wish

I walked into this life a lover
And I was carrying a deep hope for you
A little pack of fire
I watched you from afar
A blazing, blooming star
I came alive un-designed
The tree of life is what you are

Lost at Sea (Demo)
Lost at Sea (Demo)

Eisley / Lost At Sea

Still, floating soft,
I am dreaming,
And I’m glad I’m lost,
And still, with my fingers,
Drawing circles in water,
And still you’re always there.

‘Cause we made it all the way home.
And you know that…
Until the stars fall…
I will always love you.
I will always love you…