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Patience Gets Us Nowhere
Capital Cities
Patience Gets Us Nowhere

I want it all and nothing less
I want it all I want the best for you
I’m telling you the truth

You are the one that makes it real
even the sunlight doesn’t feel this good
who ever said it could

I want it all and nothing less
I want it all I want the best for us
I’m telling you to trust

The world you see is on our side
take a chance and take a ride with me
from sea to shining sea

patience gets us nowhere fast

I don’t want my patience to last

Follow me
Follow me somewhere
Follow me
Follow me somewhere out there

I want it all and nothing less
I want it all I want the best for you
I’m telling you the truth

You are the kiss I don’t expect
remind me never to forget my youth
I’ll leave it up to you


If you haven’t seen the lyric video for Safe and Sound by Capital Cities you’re really missing out.


Safe and Sound by Capital Cities

I’ve heard this songs before but never saw the music video. Must say, the music video was really awesome and super original. The music is pretty decent as well. I give it a solid 7.5 out of 10. 

This is a link to the Capital Cities Vevo YouTube Channel

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10. Daft Punk – Get Lucky Ok so I admire this song and this band for bringing something into the music’s industry. Their unique robotic style mixed with some 90s style worked on everyone.

9. Mirrors – Justin Timberlake The return of the king! Even if he’s doing pop, I think that JB is able to do anything! His R&B jazz song was amazing and he proves that he was the greatest live performer of the century.

8. Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welsh Ok so this song explained my life so well that I just fell for it. The perfect mix of electro music and alternative. I knew it came out in 2012 but it became popular in 2013.

7. Chocolate - The 1975 This is the kind of song that you listen and you can’t get enough. This song owns someting special. I can’t definite what is it.

6. The Phoenix – Fall Out Boy THE OFFICIAL RETURN OF MY ROCKERSSSSS. This song is the most representing song of the group. It was the one who showed the most their old style.

5. Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood Ok this is another song that I found who was representing my life at the right moment. This song speaks to me. We can easily see that the work so hard on this song to make it perfect and, it was worth it.

4. Ways To Go – Grouplove Ok this song is one of the craziest things I have ever listened to. This happy-feeling free song can make me smile even if I have the shitest days ever. I just want to get up and make head-bangs and scream my life out.

3. Demons – Imagine Dragons When I listened to this song live, I got my eyes full of tears. This song is an anthem for all the people who lives weaknesses and are afraid to show. This song helps so much people, by putting them together and invites them to live without their fears. I believe that this is truly amazing.

2. Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore ft. Ryan Lewis Ok, this song is the most exciting song of the 2013. Each time I go to a party I need to put it right away and pretend I’m a rapper for 3 minutes. We see this song everywhere, in adds, in trailers and it makes everything so better just when I’m hearing it.

1. Safe And Sound – Capital Cities This song is perfect. This represents the 2013. This song is everything. The opening of Osheaga, the song who fits perfectly in all my road trip, I just love this song and never get used to. This represents the perfect feeling of being happy and carefree. Nobody needs reasons to explain why this song is amazing.


GRAMMY nominees for Best Music Video:

Safe And Sound - Capital Cities

Grady Hall, video director; Buddy Enright, Javier Jimenez & Danny Lockwood, video producers 

Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film - Jay Z

Mark Romanek, video director; Shawn Carter & Aristides McGarry, video producers 

Can’t Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Featuring Ray Dalton

Jon Jon Augustavo, Jason Koenig & Ryan Lewis, video directors; Tricia Davis, Honna Kimmerer & Jenny Koenig, video producers 

Suit & Tie - Justin Timberlake Featuring Jay Z

David Fincher, video director; Timory King, video producer 

I’m Shakin’ - Jack White

Dori Oskowitz, video director; Saul Levitz & Candice OvaKnine, video producer