I have a bit of a problem falling asleep. Strangely enough it is when I can’t sleep that I tend to find most inspiration. I was up late and in the basement one night when I wrote ‘Fireflies’. I was sitting at the keyboard just fooling around, not really trying to write anything. Over the next couple of hours that song came together in the most natural way. I can’t explain it but it almost wrote itself. I didn’t have any idea that moment that I had written a hit. — Adam Young

Fireflies || Owl City

Congrats, Adam! Fireflies has over 200 million views on YouTube! [x]

Literally can’t WAIT to reblog snippets of Harry singing HIS songs. Little clips from HIS music video. Quotes from his interviews where he’s the focal point. Pictures from his album cover. Screenshots of you lot playing his songs on your phones. His vinyl spinning on a turntable. A baby crying in the backseat of a car because Harry’s voice is so beautiful. Me crying in the backseat of a car because Harry

You’ll definitely learn more about the storyline from the music videos. The songs are pretty on the nose, they’re very much about my relationship and the videos portray this more hyperbolized version of them. The songs are about me and my breakup but the videos are about Luna and Solis fighting to keep their love together. The album serves as a soundtrack to all that. They’re both kind of separate. The album is more of a consistent album where the videos bring the concept piece into play, I think.
—  Halsey on the connection between the songs on Hopeless Fountain Kingdom and their music videos

Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, tweeted about my music, so I got in touch and said thank you. We just got in touch and it got to a point where we’d done a music video for “A Team,” we’d done a music video for “You Need Me,” and it came to “Lego House” and they were like, “We need a cool concept, we need something no one has ever done before.” I was like, I’ve always wanted to get Rupert Grint to play me in a video, so shall we just get him?” They were like, “No it’ll be too expensive and he won’t have the time.” So I reached out to Tom Felton and asked if Rupert wanted to do it. He was, and he did it for free, and found the date. It was wicked.   Ed Sheeran