So we now have all the songwriting credits for ‘Harry Styles’ - 

  • 7 tracks written by Harry, Tyler, Mitch, Jeff, Alex, and Ryan.
  • Carolina written by all the above and Kid Harpoon
  • Sweet Creature written by Harry and Kid Harpoon
  • Two Ghosts written by Harry, Julian Bunetta, John Ryan, Tyler & Mitch (probably the song Harry referred to as being written years ago)

[edited 6 to 7 because I was causing confusion by leaving out Sign Of The Times!]

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Hi :) I know everyone's going on about Kiwi being about babygate, but I really think it might be about the music industry in general, using stunts as an inspiration. If you consider the female in the song being the industry it makes sense because it appears in a way tempting and desireable (but in the end it's really not as great as it seems), but he is also being pushed and has no control (and will in a way regret getting involved with it). I love your blog and I hope you'll consider the idea!


Thank you for your kind words.

Your point about the music industry is a really good one. I think “Kiwi” is, in a way, about the unsavory aspects of the industry.

“MMITH” expresses the ambivalence of being caught in between– wanting to advance, but knowing there are consequences. It can be interpreted as an addiction of sorts (with mentions of morphine).

“Kiwi” offers another take on this addiction. The metaphor is an addiction to the sort of girl/ love that everyone likes.

The cigarettes, the intellect, the hard liquor, the marks of a glamorous rock ‘n roll life– the groupies, the available sex, the available drugs (so much cocaine, it can constantly fill up the Holland Tunnel!)– they all seem like irresistible lures. All the boys (the musicians) are drawn to it. These are the goodies associated with a rocker’s life, and glamorized by journalists like Cameron Crowe.

But the beautiful girl is an illusion. The music industry is a façade, like a beautiful girl who goes home to a cactus– a plant that requires no maintenance. It’s a plant for lonely people who want companionship without the work. It’s an empty life.

The girl is an actress, someone whose warmth is completely fake.

She’s like the music industry executives, managers, PR machine who talk about taking care of musicians, but really just want their baby– their music, their revenue.

“I’m having your baby, it’s none of your business.”

The music executives seduce the musicians and take their babies. They behave like prostitutes. But instead of a straightforward sex transaction, where a customer pays for sex, and the sex-worker gets money, in this case, the executives just want the product. They want the music and the revenue. They don’t care how they get it.

“It’s none of your business.”

Once the baby is conceived, the industry takes care of business, the financial aspects. It’s out of the musicians’ hands.

The ironic, bitter reference to babygate isn’t so different from this interpretation, really.

Stunts are a way for the industry boosts revenue, through PR.

Fans are interested in stunts. Stunts fan the fandom flame. Stunts keep the fandom alive when there’s no music. Stunts stir emotions.

This isn’t limited to the 1D fandom. Almost every celebrity pairing can represent a stunt, always tied to selling something– an album, a movie, a project.

Fake relationships are par for the course. We’ve seen many of them. In fact, reviewers and interviewers can’t stop referring to Taylor Swift. Stunts have legs (pun intended). A two-month stunt can create news for years. Pathetic, right? But there’s money in it.

Can stunts go too far? Fake babies, for instance?

“I’m having your baby.”

Do these words refer to a real-life situation?

The words are so specific, and so connected to the One Direction fandom, that I don’t see how they can represent an innocent metaphor. Every reviewer states that these are strange words.

But they’re not RANDOMLY strange. They’re pointedly, knowingly, bitterly, coyly strange.

The words are savage, and sung in a savage way.

The words sound like a threat and a boast.

I’m having your baby. What are you going to do about it? Nothing, because it’s out of your hands. You signed on the dotted line. You’re going to pay and pay, and there’s not a damn thing you can do.

I don’t think Harry is making fun of Louis’s situation, at all. I think he’s FURIOUS. Louis is suffering unimaginably, and Harry sees it. He suffers too. It’s a call-out to the people who put them in this situation.

Who pushed the Babygate narrative hardest? Who was earliest with the news?

Answer: the media associated with 1DHQ.

Who in the celebrity gossip media most associated with 1DHQ?

Dan Wooton.

Where is he from?

New Zealand. He’s a Kiwi.

I don’t know if this is the correct guess, but it’s something @larry-god-mother told me, and I think it’s pretty brilliant!


ABC PR: 6.20 The Song in Your Heart - Lana Parrilla interview

Okay, so we’re ALL familiar with those awkward workout videos of Sportacus where he doesn’t say anything and just silently stares at the camera with a smile on his face while he does these goofy repetitive exercises with some background music, right?

Well…imagine Sportacus having computer problems and asking Robbie or Pixel or someone to come up to his airship to help him fix it, and they accidentally click on the wrong folder and all the videos just start playing

and Sport’s just embarrassed and he can’t quite explain to them WHY he has videos of himself disco-ing alone to non-disco music pr him playing with an invisible basketball or pretending he’s a frog

Filho, Eu dei minha vida por você e Eu não te fiz para viver assim tão longe, meu filho. Filho, Eu inspirei o compositor, pus essa canção nos lábios do cantor só pra te dizer: te amo.
—  Pr. Lucas.

ABC PR: 6.20 The Song in Your Heart - Morrison and O’Donoghue interview

What was I thinking

So as much as I don’t want to deal with;

1) D & M together anywhere

2) Pics of such

3) Seeing D at a function that screams anti-LBGTQ

This is all part and parcel D. Whether it happens or not, and I’m sure it will, D is a singer, actor, lover of musical venues. And pr demands it. I have no doubt D would prefer to show up at Coachella with C flaunting his love and his preferences, but it isn’t going to happen today. Last year I watched the day unfold with a sick stomach, and bile rising in my throat with one less positive weapon in my arsenal… CCshippers. So this year I will do the same, with an addittion. CCshippers will make it better and help me feel conected to a group who knows the truth and are not afraid to say so.

This started off as a disappointment on “what was I thinking” of course D and M would attend coachella.

Now it is disappointment D and M will attend coachella for more then one reason, then… “what was I thinking” I have CCSHIPPERS to watch with and remember this is just another day of PR push and another day closer to the end.

********************** It is so much easier to watch this mess with friends right? Intelligent people who refuse to accept the lies. I’m having a tough one with this weekend. I just can’t respect the choice to attend this event. They claim to be so politically motivated. But only when it served their cause.
  • You know that point where you started out just kind of exploring a fandom and then all the sudden you're watching everything on the Internet about it and you have jumped head first into this fandom and now there's probably no way out????
  • I may or may not have just done that.

ABC PR: 6.20 The Song in Your Heart - Jared Gilmore interview

i’m grown and mature and work in music pr and in a notable magazine so seeing celebs doesn’t really phase me? 




ABC PR: 6.20 The Song in Your Heart - David H. Goodman interview


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